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Eclipses Give the Timing of an Event

by Marguerite dar Boggia

Astrologers who forecast events use various charts such as the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart, for the timing of events. That chart covers a twenty year period.  Eclipses give the closer timing of an event.

 Solar and Lunar eclipses repeat every 18-20 years. Certain eclipses are more relevant to a chart.  The solar eclipse at 00 degrees that occurred 6/21/2001 occurs again in 2020 and 2040.  The effect of an eclipse can occur even two years following the eclipse.  In the chart for the U.S. used by many Vedic astrologers, that eclipse aspected, what is called ‘the descendant’. The descendant connotes, open enemies.  What occurred? We had 9/11, the devastation of Iraq and the passing of the Patriotic Act by Congress.   That same eclipse is prominent in the charts of the World Bank and the IMF. 

In 2020-22 that eclipse and another will present a great challenge to the Federal Reserve. It will be battling for its survival. Why? The public may become aware that it is not federal at all. It is formed by 12 private banks for the benefit of the private banks. They create money out of thin air and lend it to the U.S. Treasury at compound interest. There is no transparency. No agency can govern it. It is an octopus strangling humanity.
The stringent policies of the World Bank and the IMF that require an austerity policy, will also be revealed. The Public will begin to demand that failed big banks should not be bailed out as was done in 2008. 

Banks are allowed to gamble with quadrillions of dollars in derivatives, especially related to oil. They bet if the price of oil will go up or down. If a bank fails, according to the Omnibus bill passed on December 14, 2014 by the U.S. Congress, the funds of depositors and pensioners will have to bail out the bank.  Ellen Brown’s article gives further information.

In 1988 Japan’s banks failed.  Instead of bailing them out, they were nationalized and Japan prospered.  Iceland did the same thing.  Today this is not possible. Congress does not represent the people. It works for the corporations owned by the global elite. 

Before the Federal Reserve will give up its hegemony, it will cause a world-wide stock market crash in 2020. The Democratic Party will win the next election. The FED will then throw the world into a  war with Russia. Russia refuses to be a puppet of the global elite controlling the finance of the world.  The charts of other countries in Europe and the Middle East for 2022-23 are most ominous. The global elite have the money and the propaganda of the major media.  It is a lose-lose situation for the people, but a temporary win-win for the global elite also called the Cabal.

The book, The Rays and the Initiations by Alice A. Bailey was written in 1947 before the State of Israel was created, when Ukraine was still part of the Soviet Union and when Yugoslavia was not balkanized (partitioned). Actually the book was written by the ascended Tibetan Master, D.K. through Alice A. Bailey through mental telepathy.

 On Page 430 of that book, it says:  “In the maps which are to be found in the Archives of the spiritual Hierarchy, the entire area of the Near East and Europe—Greece, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Palestine, the Arab States, Egypt and Russia—are under a heavy overshadowing cloud.  Can that cloud be dissipated by the right thinking and planning of Great Britain, the United States and the majority of the United Nations or—must it break in disaster over the world? Will it present a task too hard for correct handling by that inexperienced disciple—Humanity?” 
Astrologically I foresee a disastrous war in the Near East and Middle East possibly commencing in April, 2023, when there is an eclipse at 29o+ Aries or in 10/23 or even in early 2024.  President Putin’s 4 day visit to the Valaam Monastery in late April, 2014, has terrified the Kremlin. He had a ‘vision’ of a nuclear war where Russia would be alone in battling the US.

Perhaps the younger generations at the time of the 2040 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction may realize that we don’t need wars over the global financial system, oil, gas, water, land, etc. Free energy as developed by Nicola Tesla is now available, but is prohibited by the government which supports the oil, gas and nuclear industries.

In 1925 the Tibetan Master, D.K., wrote "A Treatise on Cosmic Fire" through his amanuensis, Alice A. Bailey. Together they wrote over nineteen books.  On page 211 under Footnote, The World Teacher, is the following: "The Buddha held office prior to the present World Teacher, and upon His illumination, the Lord  Maitreya took his place. The occidentals call him the Christ."

In 1945 the Tibetan Master, D.K., wrote through Alice A. Bailey, “The Reappearance of the Christ”. At that time it was not known how He would come. Would He overshadow disciples? Or appropriate a body of his Initiate? Be born in a body? Today He has created His own body, called a mayavirupa.  He comes as the World Teacher and not to start a religion. He is known by various names: The Christians know him as the Christ, the Jews, as the Messiah, the Moslems as the Imam Mahdi, the Hindus, as the reincarnation of Krishna, and the Buddhists, know him as the Lord Maitreya Buddha. They know his personal name. The major Media blocks this information, as they would lose their power; but we are destined to have world peace based on economic, social and political justice and freedom. The great Ones and many dedicated groups are currently working to bring it about. For more information, including miracles in the world see www.share-international.org 

Humanity has so many blessings in store for it as soon as the Lord Maitreya can make His presence known through the major Media.  Then, all 49 Ashrams of the Masters which includes their Initiates and disciples, will externalize on the material plane, as they did 98,000 years ago. Their vibrations are so potent.  It means the Kingdom of the Soul will now be on earth.  In addition great Devas will teach men how to heal with color and sound, how to nourish the body and how to draw from the surrounding ethers the requisite foods.  This will be the beginning of our destined GOLDEN AGE.

Marguerite dar Boggia presently serves as Secretary and Membership Chairperson of ISAR (the International Society for Astrological Research).  She formerly served as publisher of Kosmos, the ISAR Journal  and as Secretary and Director of ISAR and UAC, (the United Astrology Congress).   She was a co-founder of UAC. At this time she offers FREE of charge three pages weekly online of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings as was known by Pythagoras. If anyone is interested in these teachings, they can contact her at her website which she created at the age of 90:  www.FreePythagorasTeachings.com

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