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EMF's - An Invisible Threat To Our Physical And Spiritual Well-Being

by Phyllis Light, Ph.D.

Do you feel healthy as a rule?  Do you sleep well?  Do you have plenty of energy to tackle your daily routine? Or, is the majority of your time spent fighting off colds, allergies, headaches, or even depression, irritability or stress?  Let’s talk about well-being in our modern, high-tech world. We are challenged in ways that have never existed before on the planet!
Having felt thoroughly exhausted and close to dying thirty years ago, I had to find answers for myself.  My prayers pulled in a scientist who had researched the hazards of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and other high-tech frequencies, and how they weaken our immune systems, cause tremendous fatigue, and accelerate the aging process.
Fast forward to today’s world, with the advent of cell phones (now “smart” phones), wireless internet (WiFi), Sirius radio, GPS, Homeland Security (which blankets cities with particular frequencies), text messaging, 4G networks, downloading TV shows, movies, etc. onto your TV or handheld devices, etc. The air is now saturated with an unbelievable number of life-damaging frequencies, and we are all getting bombarded by about 300,000 of these PER MINUTE at this time. It’s unreal what we humans are being forced to withstand today.
These frequencies have an unnatural effect on the human body, causing it to dysfunction in numerous ways. The immune system seems to be impacted the most, as it works hard, although unsuccessfully, to fight off this invisible enemy. This is why you see so many more immune and autoimmune system disorders in our world. And technology just keeps getting more powerful and more available everywhere.
People now carry their computers—in the form of “smart phones”—in their hip or breast pocket, or nearby purse. When you have your smart phone on or near your body all the time, you are getting hit in a huge way by all the EMFs and other frequencies it is emanating. This can be seriously life-damaging.
I met a lady whose 73 year-old husband died for some unknown problem that arose in his colon, and the doctors couldn’t find anything in particular wrong with him. I asked her if he carried a cell phone and, “where on his body?” Looking shocked, she replied, “He carried his phone in his jacket pocket—the exact place where his body started having problems.” No coincidence!
The Energetic Truth
We are all energetic, spiritual beings at our core… and we reside in a physical body. We are not our bodies, but we are inextricably connected to our bodies. And, we are manifesting our physical reality continually, via our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs.
All that is going on within our energy field, gets manifested into our etheric body, which then becomes the blueprint for the actual physical body. You can’t have a weakened energy field that supports a strong physical body. The physical body is only as healthy as the etheric body it is copying.
The high-tech frequencies disrupt the natural flow of our energy field and cause it to dysfunction. Normally, we are “self-repairing beings.” That is, you cut yourself, and it may bleed, but in most cases, it will scab over and heal itself shortly thereafter. So, each time a frequency hits our energy field, it causes it to wobble or disrupts its normal functioning in some way, but when the frequency stops, our energy field can repair itself and be restored to normal.
Before 1975 and the advent of HBO and Cinemax broadcasting constantly from the sky, we got hit by about 40 frequencies a day, from only a few TV and radio station broadcasts. A frequency would hit us, our energy field would dysfunction, and then it would repair itself once the frequency went away. Then, another one would hit us 35-40 minutes later, and the same thing would happen.
The problem now:  We get hit by so many life-damaging frequencies non-stop, that our energy field never gets a chance to repair itself… so we get weaker and weaker energetically. As the energy field gets weaker, the physical body starts to break down and have problems.
We can no longer keep pretending that “all is well,” and “oh, it’s just a cold.. or allergy... or fatigue...”  We are all participating in a world-wide experiment called, “Let’s see how human beings do in a world that is wired electronically, with air that is saturated with all sorts of unnatural electronic and electromagnetic fields and frequencies.”
This has never been done before.  And we are continually headed in the direction of “more and more.” Truth be known, it came to me that in seven years, the medical establishment will have seen so much damage in human bodies that they will finally acknowledge that there is a “new” problem people are having from the overwhelming exposure to EMFs. People’s immune systems will become so “fried,” that they will not be able to repair themselves or ever return to being well.
In addition, the high-tech frequencies have a detrimental impact on the chakra system. When they pass through the 7th chakra they disrupt it and create many, small fragmentations of our energy field. These fragmentations then remain “stuck in our field” above the seventh chakra, blocking the influx of spiritual energy through the chakra system.
These fragmentations take on a life of their own, and create sabotaging behaviors in people—from overeating, to drinking, smoking, or other obsessive types of habits. As they block the energy coming in through the chakra system, they diminish a person’s ability to utilize the energy of the various chakras and disconnect us from our Higher Self. Living in this “soup” of frequencies affects us on so many different levels!
You can see how we all face an unbelievable problem in today’s world. However, armed with this new awareness, along with a determination to resolve these issues for yourself and your loved ones, you will find a way to stay healthy and spiritually connected. Never give up the quest!

Phyllis Light, Ph.D., is an author, expert in “Telepathic Healing,” pioneer in subtle energy protection, and creator of Rejuvenizers®—protective and healing devices designed to combat the ills of life in a high-tech world. She has spent over 35 years researching how to heal, repair, and normalize the subtle and physical bodies, in order to bring greater health, well-being, and spiritual awareness to all people. For more information:  (512) 301-2999 or  or  www.lighthealing.com

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