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Unleashing the Field of Infinite Possibilities through the Akashic Records

by Pat Hardman, ARR & Josephine Hardman, PhD

The Akashic Records can be defined as an archive of everything that has transpired through all directions of time and space. Taken from the root word “Akasha,” meaning “book of life,” the Records contain both collective and individual information for the entire history of the universe. This includes past, present, and future events, as well as the infinite possibilities of events that transcend our human constructions of linear time and delineated space. Akasha is the field of infinite possibilities itself, contracting and expanding throughout time and across space. We can also understand Akasha as ether, as pure consciousness, and as an interconnected web of information. In other words, the Akashic Records are an infinite source of information that we can access to learn more about ourselves in our current, parallel, and past incarnations. The Records are accessible to all of us, as long as we proceed with the utmost respect and have been trained to open and read the information contained within. The "book of life" is therefore not secret, but sacred -- and we must always take the Records' sacredness seriously and use them only to serve others' (and our own) highest good and healing. If working with clients, we must also ensure that people are ready and open to hear the information that shows up, which can often include uncomfortable or painful images of past life experiences or karmic events. It's also important to use any past life information that arises in a way that benefits the present and opens up the future. We're not just accessing information for its own sake, but to use it productively and wisely in the present moment to craft a more intentional and abundant future.

The Records can also assist us on our journey of evolution, both individually and collectively as a human species. Ascension is a complex, divine, and sacred process whereby our physical bodies progressively open up to absorb light, new information, and an increasingly subtle set of frequencies or vibrations. Ascension sparks and supports our transition from a specific Merkaba configuration to a brand new one. As a portal into the field of all possibilities (or the zero-point field), the Akashic Records can help reduce the discomfort and pain we sometimes experience as we evolve. This field of infinite possibilities holds all the necessary information to complete and understand our individual and collective journeys. The information stored in your own individual Records tells the story of you as a soul, as a momentarily incarnated human in the third dimension, and as a special being recovering your own power. Akasha is also the information stored in your own DNA, available to you at all times. Opening your Records regularly can significantly help you shift your own consciousness and transform your life in empowering ways. Having access to and discovering this information is your divine right.

Practical Applications: Three Ways to Use the Records for Personal Transformation
1. To heal past life and karmic issues.
Have you been dealing with the same or very similar issues for a long time? Have you tried to heal them using a variety of approaches and strategies, but they still show up in your life? You're probably facing past life issues or karmic patterns, which are very difficult to resolve. The Akashic Records are ideally suited for addressing these kinds of issues, since the Records allow a full picture of the situation to emerge. In many cases, simply having a full understanding of the past event that initiated the pattern or issue is enough to resolve it. In other cases, further work will need to be done: for instance, the revoking of old vows or contracts, the setting of firmer boundaries with family members or friends who were also present in that problematic past life, or the gradual releasing of addictive habits and behaviors tied to that past life.
2. To clarify your life purpose.
The Records can serve as an accurate and powerful reminder of your various roles and experiences throughout time and space. Typically, some of the archetypal roles you have fulfilled in past lives are revealed, including identities such as warrior, nurse, nun, priest, witch, and so on. Understanding your purpose in past lives often helps to understand your purpose in your current life -- and whether you are continuing to play out old patterns that are no longer relevant to where you are today. For example, if you spent one or two past lifetimes as a nurse, it's likely that you will play out a role as caregiver in your present lifetime... whether you want to or not! Once you have a clearer understanding of your past, you can examine whether you are embodying an older role that you no longer identify with (but still feel compelled to fulfill). From there, you can figure out the kind of role and experiences you consciously wish to have in your current life.
3. To identify and release old vows/contracts.
When we fulfilled specific roles and identities in past lives, we often made powerful decisions about the future. For example, if you experienced a few lifetimes as a cloistered nun, you may have taken on vows or contracts of poverty, silence, and chastity. These vows become "engraved" in your DNA, cellular structure, and personal history -- and they tend to recur throughout future lifetimes unless you consciously and intentionally revoke them. The number of vows we could have made is infinite, including vows to block creativity, to self-punishment through bad jobs or unhealthy relationships, to limitations of time and money, and to protecting/helping everyone else before we help ourselves. These vows are powerfully encoded in our Records, so accessing this kind of information allows us to become conscious of the contracts we've made and then revoke them using a specific protocol. From there, we can deliberately create new vows that liberate us from the burdens of the old vows. New contracts are much more freeing and expansive. For someone with an old vow of poverty, a new contract could be: "I choose to open up to receive all the abundance the universe has for me." You are only limited by your own imagination in creating a new and empowering vow for yourself.

In the field of all creation there is an infinite range of possibilities and manifestation for you. You are the master and commander of your own being and you can actively and deliberately choose the kind of life you wish to live. You have the power and the power is love.

Pat Hardman, ARR is a certified Akashic Record reader, Marconics practitioner, Angel therapist, and spiritual coach in Delray Beach, FL. She has 30 years of experience working with individuals and groups as a licensed psychotherapist. To learn more, visit her website at www.purefieldweb.com

Josephine Hardman, PhD offers energy healing, spiritual counseling, and Akashic Record and Tarot readings in Western Massachusetts and via phone/Skype. Visit her website at www.purefidlwebmass.com

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