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Intuitive Impressions of Fall and Horoscopes

by Elissa Heyman

Intuitive Impressions of Fall 2017: Everything changes, things get more serious; people realize and re-assess what is important, who is important, and what’s important for them to do now. 

Another era starts, the “It’s what you make of it”, “It’s what you do with what you’ve got” era. We are changing for the future…2020, here we come!

Fall’s energy can feel especially urgent in 2017. It can be a real plus… there’s a fire in the belly to get things done, or to get to the bottom of things.  

Mercury trines Pluto the very first day, an omen that we’ll tend to deeply and comprehensively dive into things this Fall. Your realizations and understandings can reveal the crux of the matter, the preliminary to forward movement!

Another association of Mercury trine Pluto is that things can finally be dealt with and revealed.  What’s been hidden  can come to light, such as the murky case of the assassination of JFK in 1963. Also on the Fall Equinox, September 22nd,  one headline read “We’re on the verge of learning who assassinated JFK”, about the coming full disclosure of never-made-public details. 

WHAT CHILDREN NEED MORE OF: An emerging priority can be making life as normal as possible for kids.  What’s regular and routine can be a blessing for young people sensitive to chaos that may be in their environment. Create comfort and order through activities kids can count on.

NEW CONSTRUCTION: It doesn’t take any intuition at all to make this prediction considering the obliteration going on from natural catastrophes, but “Construction, construction” is what shows up as a major activity this Fall. 

BLACK SKY: So far no divination has shown me the North Korea and the U.S. will go to war.  I do see the image of a very black sky for some Fall event, but I associate it with terrorism in the middle East if it’s bombing, or when a volcano turns the sky black.  Lots of fires this Fall in the West and generally where it’s been burning a lot already. Another season of emergencies!

AND THE GOOD NEWS…Many in the world leading their lives in and out of the fray are wondering what to do, and that collective intention is gathering steam. In the air are future collectives that network and problem solve in new and effective ways. The genius of many is unleashed on today’s problems. It could take one little kid with an invention in a poor country to create a revolution in health and well-being – that’s the age of miracles we live in. 

FOR PERSONALLY FULFILLING RELATIONSHIPS: Make new friends! Good and healthy friendships can form under the Fall stars.  For the best relationships, accept the space people need to come back to their own center, and accept their different needs for time away. Subtle revolutions can be rippling under the surface in people even if it looks like they’re doing the same old thing. 

BE ON TIME: It’s those little signs of respect for order that make everything go ‘round better now…be on time for your commitments. 

MERCURY RETROGRADE END OF FALL: On a full moon in Gemini, Mercury goes retrograde from December 3rd to 22nd, and that can cause reversals – this is not a good holiday season to overextend yourself.  Mercury retrogrades in the critical degree of 29,, which means that people can be worried about the big picture and feel a sense of urgency. Other aspects that day warn against escaping into addictive behavior. The combination of elements point to the potential for  intense wildfires in California.

“The Material World and Your Horoscopes for Fall 2017” (coming newsletter horoscope preview)

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire Signs:  “How to Navigate the Murky Waters of Success?” It could be that it is due to what comes calling, or, you’ve created some way to have a longer reach, a more powerful presence. You see a way to do business that gives you new ideas, new visions, new possibilities, so upping your game or finding new ways to make money looks inspiring, and,  you are just at the beginning.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water Signs:  The way to be OK for the water signs is to first get all your ducks in a row…some organizing is required. You can be left hanging because things are unfinished in what you’re acting on and furthering. This can go on from September until December. Expect a more concrete manifestation of success in December, when the evidence mounts that doing what you want to do bears fruit.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air Signs: Something is finally over…there is a settlement, and peace of mind. Fall Story:  “There were a lot of possibilities about how things could go, but they were escalating in directions that were causing an awful lot of fights. Whatever it is that happens as a result happens this Fall; it allows this to be a chapter that is over and done with. There is some consequence in your life that brings you peace of mind, where you can say, “All is well.”

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth Signs:  …in answer to the question, “What’s the simplest way to get ahead?”  It’s to be working on what’s new, what is a work in progress and you should keep it up. This is some new direction that feels good now.  Financially, it can bring more than what you are doing, so it’s worthwhile to be working on the new and not-yet-brought- out.

Elissa Heyman has a private psychic counseling and healing practice in Santa Fe, NM, and by telephone internationally. Elissa’s new mobile friendly blog has guided meditations, a weekly psychic guidance column, and information about appointments and intuition workshops at http://www.elissaheyman.com/blog Call Elissa at 505-982-3294 to book a session and for more information.

Elissa Heyman

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