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Difficult Transitions & Letting Go of Material Possessions

by Cassendre Xavier

I don't know if this is happening in your life, too, but it seems a lot of people I know, myself included, are going through a major life transition while simultaneously also having to let go of many of their "things."

 In my article I wrote last month, "Angel Healing & Spirituality: When It's Time to Leave a Place, the Angels Will Help You" about giving my notice that I was leaving a difficult co-working space. Now, I'm going through actually moving my many items which I stored here over the 4 1/2 years.

 It was very difficult at first to think about all the things there and also at my storage unit, that I would need to move. It was overwhelming. 

 Then I thought about it and talked with friends and partners and felt better. I would like to share what has helped me, and I hope it helps you too!

If you have things you are paying to store and it's becoming overwhelming, consider:
* How much have you paid in total, to store them? Could you replace everything for less than that? 
* Think about how many people live with so few things. Check out minimalists on YouTube and see how happy they are. Think about people who lost their homes in natural disasters, and how they are able to move on. 

If you are going through a divorce or separation, and are:
* "Losing" your house/home and relationship, don't think of it as "losing," but as gaining a new and different experience. Perhaps now is a time to think about dreams you may have had, to travel, to go RV-ing, to go camping, to downsize. You may find your new life is richer, with more love, companionship and adventure than you ever dreamed!

Remember that material possessions over time can possess you!

Take this as an opportunity to give things away. 

You will feel so much better for it - I know I do!

I went from being very worried about packing my things to realizing I could give many of them away, and once I did that, I thought of two easy ways and places to give them away, and things magically happened to make it even easier, with two rides offered to me, and a laid back schedule that gave me plenty of time to do it.
 If you have a hunch to give something away, do it - don't hold on to it. I recounted to a friend of mine today a story that pastor/author Joel Osteen told in his book "Your Best Life Now". In it, he had a riding mower he didn't use anymore, because he and his wife had become more prosperous. 

 He knew he ought to give it away, but he enjoyed looking at it and what it represented. He delayed and delayed until one day he received a divine message to give it away or else he would be using it again! He gave it away that day!

 Giving things away clears space for you to receive. When you give things away, you're making Christmas for someone else! It lightens your load, practically, and spiritually.

I would like to share some things my mentor Doreen Virtue said in her recent video "Are You Going Through Changes"... (Warning: There some God-speak as Doreen has moved from New Age angel teacher to born again Christian. "Take what you like, and leave the rest," as is said in the 12 Step movement!)

In this video, Doreen shares how she and her husband Michael are downsizing significantly, to follow their spiritual path. She says:
"I was really propped up by material things, in a lot of ways. I got a lot of pleasure from them. But I had been getting the message that the true path of love isn't anyting external, it's only within. And of course I'd known that intellectually for years, probably my whole lifetime, but to experience that, and to find actually when you let go of material, we're happier, because you don't have to worry about your possessions, you don't have to worry that someone's going to steal it. I never liked when people were envious, that was the just the worst feeling in the world and I didn't want that. And so just to let go of that is so freeing. So I'm really in a change right now, Michael and I are going to sell everything and follow Jesus."

She also talks about going with the flow of what we sense is best. That's not the way she said it, that's the way I say it :) She says do we try to resist when we hear what God wants us to make a change - do we try to control things. I call it sensing what is right, and resisting that. How much better it is to go with the flow.

Here Doreen says that if we "love and trust God with all of our heart, mind and soul, and we are called to make a change, God will back us up. God's not here to make us rich, famous, or make us have a smooth, fairytale life happy ever after. But God promises to walk with us on the path of change. 

Best wishes on your path of change, and may you find freedom, joy, and strength, in releasing material possessions!

Cassendre Xavier is a $15,000 Leeway Transformation Award-winning self-described “multi-media healing artist” who writes, records music and guided meditations, and creates community cultural arts events. She has written for Wisdom Magazine’s webzine since 2009. Visit her storefront of recordings, and books of poetry and inspiring essays  at http://cassEndrExavier.wordpress.com

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