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Elements of the Periodic Table Promote Personal Growth

by Hart Brent

Do you feel stuck in your life?

Would you like support for the challenges you are experiencing? 

Homeopathic research from the Netherlands has shown that remedies made from the elements of the periodic table can boost us in our life’s challenges.  Since we are literally “of the earth”, we are physically comprised of the same elements as the Earth, it is logical their nurturance could provide needed support at critical points in our lives.  In his books on the elements, Jan Scholten outlines how to select the most supportive element for life’s transits and sticking points.  The resonant element will align our physical, emotional, mental and metaphysical realities so we can progress in our personal growth to self-realization.  When self-actualization is our goal, the elements make very powerful allies on that journey.

Scholten opens his Homeopathy and the Elements with “I dedicate this book to humanity’. His is indeed a humanitarian undertaking: to outline humanity’s life stages from gestation to aging with each phase supported by an element of the periodic table.  He describes how our focus shifts over time from self to family to community to country to world/universe as we grow.  Scholten clarifies which elements will support our personal growth through each transition.

For example, the Silver Series of elements (5th row of the periodic table) can support a creative endeavor through its phases of development until completion. The stages of creative endeavor would be: enthusiasm, doubt, experimentation, announcement of start, preparation, trials, refining, perseverance, and finally launching to the public. We may not need support at every stage, just where we get bogged down.  Then another creative cycle begins and/or the individual moves into more of a leadership/management role supported by the elements of the Gold Series (7th row), or focuses on self-discovery and creating autonomy supported by the Lanthanides Series (6th row).

Disease patterns can be described as expressions of the cultural and societal values/issues of that time and thus are epochal-specific. The 19th century in the West was characterized by plague and infectious diseases reflecting the prevailing group consciousness. The elements of the Iron Series, 4th row of the periodic table, deal with group orientation issues.

Modernization of the 20th century was characterized by the emergence of individual expression and so we have the personal diseases: cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  With cancer, according to Scholten, we see the creative force has “taken the wrong turning”. The Silver Series of the 5th row of the periodic table addresses individual creative expression.

Post-modern hypersensitivity and inflammatory autoimmune diseases reflect the body’s confusion in differentiating inner from outer, self from other. The 21st century individual can lose connection to their inner substance and sense of self in the sea of myriad media images and consuming choices that do not align with or support the core values of a spiritual self.

The individual’s confusion in separating what is real and authentic to the Self is reflected in the immune cells’ inability to discern what is self or what is alien.  The 6th row of the periodic table, the lanthanides support self-knowledge on the path to reconcile and heal this inner-outer conflict.

Homeopathic remedies become so diluted in processing that there is no longer present in the finished pellet the physical substance of the original element.  What remains is the energetic fingerprint of that element which is somehow potent enough to shift an individual’s role within their culture’s trajectory.  After 28 years practicing homeopathy, I continue to be awed by the healing potential held in a single homeopathic. The challenge for the practitioner is to match the individual to the one element that resonates most closely with that individual’s essence.  Jan Scholten’s elucidation of the periodic table has been a valuable contribution to this process. 
There will be workshops discussing in more detail how to be supported in your personal growth by the elements of the periodic table beginning in December 2017 on Saturdays at the Nonotuck Mill, Suite B12 in Florence.  Check the website for the elements workshop schedule: www.healthcallsus.net.

For 28 years Hart Brent has taught and consulted on empowering self-healthcare as a clinical herbalist and homeopath.  Hart opened her practice in Ashfield MA with live blood cell analysis but has been farming and seeing clients in VT for the last 23 years.  In her HealthCalls practice she illuminates both the physical and metaphysical causes of illness.  She is described as “the one you consult when no one else can figure out your health problem.”   Her office is at the Nonotuck Mill, 296 Nonotuck Street, Suite B12, Florence, MA 01062. www.healthcallsus.net. hart@vtlink.net

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