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You Creative Spark of God

by Phil Levesque

You and I and all living things are Soul, individual, creative sparks of God. Soul exists because God loves it. The purpose of our existence here on Earth (and wherever else we find ourselves) is to learn to give and receive love. In the process of learning about love, we learn about our relationship with God and all life and we eventually come to live to serve life. We recognize that our world is created by what we hold in our attention. As we consciously co-operate with life we experience Spiritual Freedom and Divine Love in every facet of our lives.

I’ve packed the above paragraph with some of the basic beliefs of Eckankar, The Path of Spiritual Freedom, my chosen spiritual path. I woke one morning seeing these words laid out this way for this article. My aim is to share a perspective on how Soul creates its world. This helps me stay in balance amidst the challenges of the world. 

So, you may have noticed, the world and its’ people have been going through some wild, erratic changes. The Goldilocks state of the world that we have enjoyed for thousands of years is tenuous. Earth can become too hot or too cold and has many times throughout our history. Soul is always seeking its balance in an ever-changing world.  I’m referring to the geopolitical environments that we have manifested. 

Yup, manifested. Remember Soul, the creative spark of God. We manifest our personal world by what we hold in our hearts and minds. So, why don’t we have all we think we want?

We may want to believe that we can all live a life of abundance. The outer evidence may suggest otherwise. We are distracted, sidetracked, and derailed by doubt, feelings of unworthiness, fear, and worry which all contribute to our “seeming” poor skills of manifestation. The truth is we ARE manifesting all the time. 

Much of what is in our hearts and minds is swayed by TV, world news, stories of conflict, and our old patterns of belief. So we manifest from a mind under the influence of a world out of balance. What’s the answer?  

For me, the answer is to come back to my essential nature as soul again and again. I want to align myself with Holy Spirit and put attention on my highest aspirations, my greatest love. Come back to Love. (God IS Love.)

I devote some of my attention each day to what’s most important to me - my family and friends, my music, my work and getting out in nature, and self-improvement. 

Keeping priorities in heart and mind attracts the opportunities for getting what is best for our spiritual blossoming. We then need to stay alert for those opportunities to unfold our spiritual petals, to then, serve life better.

Find your spiritual path within yourself and follow it to your next step. Only you can recognize your truth - you creative spark of God.

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