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Astrological Probable Alerts for the United States in 2018

by Kushal Kumar

Editor's Note: The  article  was  received  on  11  October  2017

This Vedic astrology writer has been predicting yearly alerts for more care and appropriate strategy  in US for some  years   past, which have  come  out   to be of great success.  As such,  covering   such  alerts  for  US   in year 2018, the following astrological inputs have been taken into account :-

(1) Movement of Saturn during year through sign Sagittarius of the sidereal zodiac, where it is in retrograde motion from 19 April to 6 September and in direct motion during the remaining periods.

(2) Jupiter : It is in the sign Libra of the sidereal zodiac, becoming retrograde on 10 March 2018 till 10 July 2018, shifts to next sign Scorpio on 11 October 2018  remaining  there  for  the  rest  of  the  year.

(3) Rahu – Ketu (Nodes of the Moon) :- Rahu, also known as Ascending node or Dragon’s head or North Node of the Moon, remains in sign Cancer during the year.  On the other hand, Ketu, also known as descending  node or Dragon’s fail  or South node of the Moon, passes through sign Capricorn.

(4) Mars :-  It is in sign Sagittarius, moving over  to  Capricorn on 2 May 2018   where  it  continues  its  journey  till 5 November.  It passes over to Aquarius on 6 November 2018 and then over to Pisces on 24 December 2018.

(5) Movement of remaining fast moving planets may be noted from yearly ephemeris. 

(6) Eclipses :-  There will occur five eclipses during the year, two being lunar and three being solar.

(7) Sign Aries of the sidereal zodiac has key role to play during the year.  

The analysis of the planetary inputs referred to before for US in year 2018 can be read to mean that which follows here :-

(1) January to about mid – March in 2018.    While some issues of strategic importance or warfare may continue to be of substantial concern, certain result-oriented economic measures may bring some kind of happy news whatsoever moderate.    General picture in the country could be somewhat encouraging.  Trading or partnership issues could also be within successful reach, may be somewhat short of fullness.  Much depends upon quantum and quality of correct efforts to tap impacts of a key planet moving in right direction  for  US.

(2) Mid – March 2018 to 30 April 2018. US economy looks to be presenting a happy picture while some kind of hidden or behind the scene areas of substantial concern may remain. Past  errors  or  slips   are  likely  to  impact  trading  or  commercial  aspects  in  some  way.  Travels  ,  communication  systems  ,  cyber  ,  such  industries   as  deal  with  scents  or  cosmetics  could  be  in  focus.  Psychology  or  mental   health  related  concerns  or  cases  may  call  for  better  care  or  upgraded  expertise.   These  concerns  could  also  reflect  during  July- August 2018.  Such aspects of life as art, music, cinema, entertainment, historical things, things of tourism interest, significant agreements of partnership or cooperation with some country or countries could be made final or  be  in the news.  Women are likely to hear cheerful news for them.  Upward trend in trading activity may be there.  More than one States like Tennessee may probably get highlighted in relation to one or more   positive   or  inspiring  aspects brought out here.  

(3) May – June 2018.    These months look to be presenting some necessities of increased manoevering of strategic nature in national and international scene.  Some friendly countries could show tendencies of less cooperative nature or present demand for increased protection or help.  Obviously, such circumstances call for a well-considered strategy and more skill for taking decision so as to avoid risk of any probable wastage or something which ought to have not  been undertaken.  There may arise need to deal with some widespread diseases in one or more vulnerable  States or  regions as follow for July – August in 2018 here in this article unless prompt measure are put in place at the initial stage when such a scenario appears on the scene.  So a close watch in that direction by the concerned health departments in the Govt could be useful.

(4) July – August in 2018.   These two months of year 2018 look to be calling for increased watch and care.  It may be alright to take prior measures against likely earthquakes, massive floods, hurricanes, storms and tornadoes in vulnerable States or regions.  Some States which may keep a watch on any developing such scenario in one or more vulnerable States or regions like Georgia, New Jersey, New York, Hawaii Island, North Dakota and South Dakota, Utah, New Hampshire, Wyoming.  Increased watch in one or more of said States against likely volcano eruption, fire, earthquake, leakage of one or more of such commodities as nuclear-energy, chemicals and gas could be meaningful.  Economy looks to be not moving forward while there could be need  to guard against its slow-down during these months.  It could be in the fitness of things to also keep a careful watch on ethnic or racial passions in vulnerable States or regions in one or more of the aforesaid States also.  Health hazards or epidemics in vulnerable States or regions could call for special attention.  Last but not least, WW3 could either happen or may be closer to happening, if it did not happen in October 2017.

(5) September to December 2018.   While there looks to be some respite from the stresses and strains described here before for July-August in 2018, the painful aspect of the year 2018 appears to be that once certain issues or problems arise, these do not disappear sooner, easily or completely, taking somewhat longer period of time to go stock and barrel or be sluggish in pace while bowing out.

(6) Overall Trends During year 2018.   The salutary part is that, during the year, helpful planetary impacts are poised in key and powerful position while those planetary impacts seeking to unhelp or create obstacles are relegated to comparatively less powerful positions, suggesting that, by and large, the year has well-sailing tendencies even though obstacles or opposing trends could continue to be side by side in some measure.  Rather, at times things may be trending to show up impressively covering such aspects as economy and general rate of success or achievements.  Second half of the year could call for more vigil and prompt attention in relation to health hazards or substantial instances of weakening physical immunity system, racial or ethnic concerns.  However, much depends upon the quality and quantum of right efforts and appropriate strategy brought to play for dealing with the said planetary impacts.

(7) It may be made clear here that, while every effort is made to present a picture which may guide readers accurately, still human beings are apt to slips and errors.  Further, these alerts are based on trends likely to take shape while more care and appropriate strategy by concerned people can tend to either reduce the gravity or mitigate the happenings. So human effort and appropriate strategy has weight.  In the light of  these  circumstances, the alerts of likely trends amount to neither deterministic nor having claim of certainty and are aimed at wake up call for more care and appropriate strategy.

Kushal Kumar, hailing from Sansal of District Kangra in Himachal Pradesh State of India, is presently resident of Panchkula, Haryana State of India.  His articles about practical spiritual life and Vedic astrology have been published by the Mountain Astrologer (TMA) from California, Dell Horoscope from New York.  He can be reached via kushal1948@gmail.com

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