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Magical Times for January & February 2018

by Bob Makransky

            Planetary transits – in conjunction with Planetary Hours – are a simple way to plan your activities to take advantage of the karmic ebb and flow of the cosmos.  These favorable / unfavorable times to act(or refrain from action) hold true for everyone; but they are particularly effective when a celestial event occurs on or opposite a planet or angle(Ascendant or Midheaven) in your natal horoscope.  You can ascertain the positions of the planets and angles in your natal horoscope for free from astro.com.

   Best times to initiate / pray / cast spells for healings (white candle, visualize sick person healthy and happy NOW); these are also the best times for moving or departing on journeys (time of leaving home or takeoff): 1/10/2018 between 8:31-9:23 pm; 2/7/2018 between 1:59-2:49 pm.

1/02/20189:19 am Uranus Stationary Direct @ 24° AR32’ = An unexpected (serendipitous or calamitous) event may shake you out of your ordinary routines and doldrums.  It’s a message to relax and go with the flow.  Use New Years Day to clean your home of negative influences.  Negative thought forms collect especially in rooms where fights have taken place or where evil people have been; and they tend to aggregate around windows, doorways, pictures on the wall, bookshelves,etc.  At precisely 12:08 pm on Monday in NYC (11:54 am Boston; 12:14 pm Philly) light a censer with an acrid incense such as copal or patchouli, and walk around each room wafting the smoke this way and that, especially at windows, pictures, TV and computer (especially the TV and computer), furniture, etc.  As you waft the smoke, intend the cleansing of the room and its objects of negative thought forms.  This smoke cleansing should actually be done more often than once a year, and especially after there has been fighting, or visits from negative people.

1/06/20185:06 am Mercury Greatest Brilliancy @ 23° SG 54’ = heightened understanding: this week favors resolving intellectual problems (ask for the solution before retiring at night); signing documents /contracts; and opening / restoring blocked communications (approach others Friday 8:15-8:48 am; 1:41-2:06 pm; or 8:27-9:20 pm).

1/06/20187:39 pm Mars conjunct Jupiter @ 17° SC 55’= good for bold, daring action, risk-taking, speculation.  Launch new ventures now, or cast spells for money, courage, protection (for yourself or another) in war: between 9:00-9:33am or 2:28-2:51 pm Saturday light a red candle, visualize the person you are praying for as if he or she was standing right in front of you looking you in the eye.  If you are doing this for yourself, visualize yourself in the midst of war with a feeling of calmness,courage, and confidence in your own abilities. Take a deep breath and blow all your worries and doubts away and leap forward with abandon!  Spread your arms wide and cast a white light of protection around the person (or imagine that white light is descending from above to surround and protect yourself). 

1/09/20182:02 am Venus superior conjunction sun +Pluto @ 18° CP 57’ = Brings up issues of intimacy, self-worth, relations with others generally.  May bring disagreement, conflict, intense, obsessive feelings in intimate relationship.  Your credibility or reputation may come under attack, or in some other way your self-image is bruised.  You must stand up for yourself or decisively reach out to fulfill your own desires (Monday 4:48-5:37 pm).

1/13/20182:04 am Mercury conjunct Saturn @ 2° CP 49’= There is a call for sobriety and serious-mindedness.  You may need patience in dealing with others,but you can understand their viewpoints objectively and are called upon to facilitate or teach (Friday 8:32-9:25 pm). 

1/15/2018 – 10:36 pm Jupiter sextile Pluto @ 19° SC/CP 17’ = This entire week rewards shrewd attention to undercurrents and bringing hidden or unspoken feelings into the open,especially for people with planets in 20° of water or earth signs (best time to make money is 9:00-9:33 am or 2:32-2:57 pm Monday).

2/17/2018 – 7:27 am Mercury superior conjunction sun @ 28° AQ 47’ = New information comes to light which gives you a surge of confidence and self-certainty; a burst of insight or understanding.  Act Friday between 2:02-2:36 pm or 8:56-9:45 pm.

2/19/20187:29 am Venus heliacal rising @ 10° PI 42’= This is a very favorable week for the affections: good for following your own impulses and being receptive to what comes along.  A new beginning or an opportunity opens up in a personal relationship or creative endeavor. Schedule parties, socials, exhibitions, recitals – or ask someone out on a date – on Saturday between 10:27-11:04 am; 4:42-5:15 pm; or Sunday between 2:02-2:36 pm or 8:55-9:43 pm.

2/21/20181:42 pm Venus conjunct Neptune @ 13° PI 31’ = Good for romance and for creative inspiration and artistic activities in general.  Good day to cast a love spell: at exactly 12:48 pm in NYC (12:37 pm Boston; 12:53 pm Philly) light a pink candle and imagine that you are right there in front of your beloved (or if you don’t have a beloved, a beautiful stranger).  Look him or her directly in the eyes; take his or her hands in yours; and say everything that is in your heart.  Then listen to what he or she has to say; let the thing flow as it will.  Then embrace and kiss as if it were really happening right now, and feel yourself filled with joy and happiness!  Then with a sigh,squeeze their hands, wish them well, and let them go.  

For the past 41 years Bob Makransky has lived on a farm in highland Guatemala where he studied Mayan astrology and shamanism with his teacher don Abel Yatuntil don Abel’s death in 2009.  You can subscribe to Bob’s free quarterly astro-magical ezine by sending an email to: MagicalAlmanac-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.  Bob’s award-winning basic course in white magic is available for $14.95 from: https://www.createspace.com/4780358 
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