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Metaphysical Qualities of the GI Tract

by Hart Brent

Our sense of physical well-being arises from our bellies.  So our pervasive GI complaints can be seen as reflecting our unsettled relationship to the Earth, to life.  We no longer trust our physical environment to be supportive, and so are trying to control it with more and more technology.  Technology cannot satisfy our desire to dissolve into the Oneness.

            The GI mucosa is wherein our body we interact with and sample the outside world. The well-being of our GI tract therefore reflects our relationship with all other life.

            When our GI tract is disrupted, our inner spaciousness is calling for our attention. Our inner spaciousness wants us to discover the cosmic spaciousness of Oneness. Our“little” metaphysical field wants to dissolve into the “big” metaphysical field. In ancient Chinese Daoism, they speak of humanity's goal as bringing together Being with Source.

Energetic Individuality

             Every individual will express this desire for wholeness in their own way. In my practice I have come to recognize that healing demands a focus on the individual's “constitution” primarily, and ontheir physical complaints secondarily. By constitution, I mean the gestalt of that person, being aware of their individual characteristics as well as the vibrational qualities held in their energy field.  This makes sense if we understand that we are six vibrational energy bodies surrounding one physical body.  Often physical complaints are actually more a reflection of the psycho-spiritual quantum reality than of the body reality.

            I know of no medical technology that explains to us our quantum individuality.  We may get glimpses of our energetic individuality in meditation or dreams, but this perception arises from the intuitive right brain, not the logical left brain our culture trusts  first.  Each case is personal to that one individual and involves details of their recurring past and current life choices and events. I could recount what remedies were used but that would be only half the story. The deep “why” belongs solely to that individual.  The protocols would not make sense to a reader without the psycho-spiritual back story.

Quantum Healing

            CarlosCastenadas discerned a metaphysical net spreading out from our navel which anchors us into the life force of the Earth. Our planet has a pulse, the Schumann Resonance 7.83 Hz the frequency of OM (see www.schumannresonators.com). If we spend time with this frequency of the Earth's pulse, it helps to restore the well-being in our gut.  The Schumann Resonance is thought to repair,rejuvenate and heal. You can experience this resonance, for example, with tuning forks (www.biofieldtuning.com) or standing on one of the Schumann lines that cross the Earth's surface. 

            The most significant impacts hampering our vibrational being are in order of importance: limiting beliefs and vows have the highest impact.  Our emotions, karma, past life traumas, EMF's/radiation/microwaves each carry secondary impact.  Many of us feel if we look inside there is something dark or bad within us.  The Dalai Lama describes this as our self-loathing.  Changing that dark into light is our ultimate healing.

            So what are antidotes to our negative and limiting beliefs, our “dark”:

Best are:  self-awareness (www.thework.org), constitutional homeopathy, and Five Element acupuncture. Next in potency are: empty mind meditation, tuning forks,and acupressure with essential oils. Supportive are: qi gong, detoxing, herbal and nutritional support and inhaling essential oils.  Essential oils rubbed onto acupuncture meridian points opens our physical being to receive the metaphysical potential held in our auric light field.

For more information on Hart Brent and visit www.healthcallsus.net


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