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The Governors Have Power - Too Bad They Do Not Use It For The People

by Marguerite dar Boggia

States claim that they have no money for education, health care and the welfare of the people of their state. They are correct. The Federal government spends trillions on the Military-Industrial-Financial-Security Complex and on building underground facilities all around the world, each of which can house up to 65,000 people. Trillions are being spent on a joint services SPACE COMMAND1. But there is a solution. We can have our own STATE BANK!

What are the advantages to having our own State Bank? First we would pay no compound interest to big Wall Street banks for loans. Taxes and the cost of education could be greatly reduced. In case of a disaster requiring funds, we would not have to wait for the federal government to assist. A State owned public bank would keep borrowing costs down. This will help municipalities. State and local governments would not have to invest their tax revenue in the Wall Street Banks, that created the financial disaster in 2008, (when pension funds were slashed). Wall Street takes the money and gambles with it in the financial casinos loaning out huge amounts to hedge funds, arbitrageurs, high frequency traders and corporate raiders. They are involved in emasculating the economy rather than building up wealth. They have such power that they can bring down the price of coffee, raise the price of oil, or ruin a nation. They have no interest in the welfare of the public. Ellen Brown is not only a great economist, attorney, author and writer, but she is beautiful! Read her article on the benefits of a State Bank2.

What is the downside of a state public bank? The big private banks would lose on payments of interest, BUT, as the state prospers, more people would be employed, businesses would flourish. They could borrow from local banks. New industries could be born, especially relating to energy and clean drinking water, as is functioning in Iceland today. When Iceland was it debt, it let its private banks fail. Now Iceland is prospering. The world should follow the example of Iceland. Instead of war, greed and self-interest, we could share the new technologies and resources of the world, where everyone benefits.

North Dakota is the only State in the Union with its own State Bank. The bill creating their State Bank was passed in 1919. It was located in their State’s archives. Other states have a similar bill in their archives, if they would look for it. North Dakota is prospering! When a disaster occurred, the people did not have to wait a year or longer before they were compensated. Instead of investing in oil, they should develop FREE ENERGY, which the Federal Government PROHIBITS. It claims that it would affect the economy.3

I know that Oregon has had a bill in its legislature for a state public bank for several years, but to date, it has not been approved. What and who are preventing its passage?

The GOVERNORS wish to be re-elected. They have access to the major Media. Let them start a CAMPAIGN TO EDUCATE the public as to its problems and its solution. The banks will vociferously contest their loss of compound interest. That is the way to GALVANIZE the public into action. Legislators are like fixtures. They do not move unless they are shoved! If the public wants change they have to give up complacency. They have to make phone calls and contact their representatives demanding a State Bank. It is even more effective if wealthy campaign contributors or if organizations or Unions to which one belongs, makes this demand for a State Bank. They can urge their members to call and/or to write at the same time.

Through the internet you can find the telephone numbers and information on the Governors, all the State Senators and Assemblymen, together with their email addresses. They can also be contacted through their website, under 'contact.' Emails can be sent that way also. What is needed is a fire under their feet to get them moving. It is only through PEOPLE POWER and through politicians that care about the country, that progress will be made.

We can show the world, the harmonious way to function, otherwise we will be the sheep again bailing out the big banks at the next stock market crash4 which I, as an astrologer, expect to occur in 2020. The government will then have us create an enemy so that a new disastrous war will benefit the corporations that control the government and the economy.

Marguerite dar Boggia presently serves as Membership Secretary of ISAR, (the International Society for Astrological Research). She was past publisher of Kosmos, the ISAR Journal, as well as Secretary & Director of ISAR and UAC, (the United Astrology Congress). She is a co-founder of UAC and served as its Registrar at the first UAC’86. Her articles have appeared in the ISAR journal in addition to others. Her goal is to cooperate with the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet and to work for and to serve humanity. She offers online FREE, three pages weekly of the Esoteric Studies as was known by Pythagoras and by Plato. She can be reached at her website: www.FreePythagorasTeachings.com which she created at the age of 90:

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