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Magical Times for March & April 2018

by Bob Makransky

Planetary transits – in conjunction with Planetary Hours – are a simple way to plan your activities to take advantage of the karmic ebb and flow of the cosmos. These favorable / unfavorable times to act (or refrain from action) hold true for everyone; but they are particularly effective when a celestial event occurs on or opposite a planet or angle (Ascendant or Midheaven) in your natal horoscope. You can ascertain the positions of the planets and angles in your natal horoscope for free from astro.com.

Best times to initiate / pray / cast spells for healings (white candle, visualize sick person healthy and happy NOW); these are also the best times for moving or departing on journeys (time of leaving home or takeoff): 3/7/2018 between 2:08-2:46 pm; 4/3/2018 between 10:55-11:41 am; 4/30/2018 between 5:42-6:50 am or 1:52-3:00 pm.

3/04/20188:54 am sun conjunct Neptune @ 13° PI 56’ = Heightened intuition and inspiration. An excellent time to initiate spiritual practices; to invoke spirits, and to cast spells asking for spiritual enlightenment and understanding. If you are not already channeling your spirit guides (or tutelary deities such as Jesus, Krishna, Buddha) via automatic writing, what are you waiting for? It’s easy, and it is your point of entry into the world of magic – of doing it instead of just thinking about it or wishing for it! At exactly 6:30 am Sunday in NYC (6:20 am Boston; 6:34 am Philadelphia) light a white candle and follow the instructions posted at: http://www.dearbrutus.com/donjeronimo/channel.html.

3/04/20181:05 pm Mercury conjunct Venus @ 27° PI 13’ = Get things straight with a loved one or friend (7:27-8:06 am), clear up misunderstandings (8:24 -9:03 am). Don’t let communications problems bog you down; plan to enjoy yourself. A good day for dating, travel, recitals, art exhibits, parties, children (Saturday between 4:57-5:34 pm).

3/09/2018 – 0:46 am Jupiter Stationary Retrograde @ 23° SC 13’ = You lighten up and take a positive, optimistic attitude towards your current situation in life; let go of worries and look at the bigger picture. This is a good day to pray or cast a spell asking for money: between 1:09-1:48 pm or 8:03 -8:45 pm on Thursday light a green candle, take a deep breath, and vigorously shake your body to shake off all your money worries. It’s better not to focus on money qua money, but rather on what you need the money for; that these needs are being abundantly met; and you are joyous and positive about your future! It’s important that you see yourself as being wealthy enough to give money away and help others, rather than imagining yourself pigging out.

3/22/20188:19 pm Mercury Stationary Retrograde @ 16° AR 54’ = A breakthrough, perhaps quite unexpected, in your current situation or relationships. You see yourself in a new light, in a new role vis a vis other people, and need tact, aplomb, and confidence in your own abilities. Good day to address intransigent people or tackle intractable problems (10:48-11:48 am or 6:12-6:56 pm).

3/28/20188:48 pm Venus conjunct Uranus @ 27° AR 19’ = You may feel unexpected attractions or receive sudden creative inspiration and new ideas. It’s a good day to boldly approach that certain someone, or to make prayers or to cast spells to bring romance: between 1:21-2:19 pm or 8:31-8:47 pm light a pink candle and imagine that you are right there in front of your beloved (or if you don’t have a beloved, a beautiful stranger). Look him or her directly in the eyes; take his or her hands in yours; and say everything that is in your heart. Then listen to what he or she has to say; let the thing flow as it will. Then embrace and kiss as if it were really happening right now, and feel yourself filled with joy and happiness! Then with a sigh, squeeze their hands, wish them well, and let them go.

4/01/20181:53 pm Mercury inferior conjunction sun @ 11° AR 57’ = Something that was hidden comes into plain view, giving you deeper insight and understanding about a current problem or relationship. You realize that you must go it alone, make it on your own, not depend on or rely on other people. Decisive action on your part may be required to be true to yourself and hold your own (between 8:50-9:34 am).

4/02/201811:45 am Mars conjunct Saturn @ 8° CP 57’ = Conflicts, obstacles, delays, frustration are rife now. If you must be confrontational, arrange to do it between 9:37-10:39 am, but best avoid making forward moves or contacts. It is a good day, however, to break things off (especially with older or intractable people), or to cast a Scat spell (to cast out demons, banish negative thought forms, and get rid of bothersome people): between 7:48-8:32 am light a black candle, take a deep breath, and imagine yourself confronting the oppressive person or situation with cold detachment and indifference. You don’t visualize something bad happening to the person, but rather feel how happy and light you feel now that person is gone or that situation is behind you! It’s really important that this spell be cast in a spirit of releasing and letting go (rather than anger and getting even), because the latter mood tends to pull the oppressive person towards you, which is exactly what you don’t want.

4/15/20185:21 am Mercury Stationary Direct @ 4° AR 47’ = A new departure or new outlook on your current affairs. You may get past a blind spot or something that was hindering you, or launch new projects or relationships which become important later on (Saturday between 7:36-8:15 pm). You are able to take things in stride, let go of a hang-up, lighten up and be joyous.

4/17/20183:00 am Venus opposition Jupiter @ 20° TA/SC 58’ = Inflated hopes or expectations may bring disappointments. There may be estrangements or misunderstandings with intimates or family members. If you must approach, do so Monday between 7:36-8:15 pm. This is not a good time to borrow / lend / invest money.

4/17/20189:48 pm Saturn Stationary Retrograde @ 9° CP 09’ = You must confront obstacles directly now (11:54 am-12:43 pm or 7:36-8:15 pm). You cannot shrink from difficulties but must hold your ground and secure your position in life. Good for making a new start after things have bogged down (or telling someone to go to hell).

4/18/201810:00 am sun conjunct Uranus @ 28° AR 29’ = Surprising news, or a breakthrough or critical moment in which you have great clarity and decisiveness. Good time to make a complete break or radical change in your situation or relationships to free yourself of encumbrances (3:12-4:02 pm Tuesday).

For the past 41 years Bob Makransky has lived on a farm in highland Guatemala where he studied Mayan astrology and shamanism with his teacher don Abel Yat until don Abel’s death in 2009. You can subscribe to Bob’s free quarterly astro-magical ezine by sending an email to: MagicalAlmanac-sibscribe@yahoogroups.com. Bob’s award-winning basic course in white magic is available for $14.95 from: https://www.createspace.com4780358

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