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Horoscope Compatibility

by Nancy Kahn

I really love compatibility astrology. It’s a great way to get to know yourself and your partner better. You can actually compare your chart with anyone. It can be a love connection, a husband or wife, a friend, or a child and parent.

In order to do this, you need the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth of you and the person you want to be compared with. With this information the astrologer can compare you for past life connections, sexual compatibility (if relevant), mental and emotional compatibility, as well as how well you take action together, how your philosophies jibe, how you help one another, ways you may limit, constrict, or deceive each other, how you handle change, and whether you have a spiritual connection. The astrologer can also look at how power is used or abused within the relationship.

When the astrologer sees problems between the two people, the astrologer works on finding a way that the two people can work with the problem areas. This can be extremely helpful. Counseling focuses on helping you to make adjustments to facilitate mutual growth and happiness.

If you have the time of birth of the person you would like to be compared with, the astrologer can also do a Relationship chart, or a Composite chart which shows the purpose of the relationship, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship. Some astrologers use the Relationship chart, and some the Composite chart. Both have great value.

I usually begin a horoscope compatibility session by doing a mini-reading of the charts of the two people. In this part of the reading I’m looking for strengths in relating and also issues that will come up in a relationship. I’m also looking for what areas each person triggers most strongly in the chart of the other.

Next, we look at sexual compatibility if this is relevant. I look especially for the aspects between Venus and Mars, and Venus and Pluto.

Following that, I look at all of the aspects to Mercury between the two charts. Mercury shows how we think and how we communicate. If, for example, the Mercury in one chart is squaring (a stressful aspect) the Moon in the other chart, the Mercury person may seem cold to the Moon person. The Moon person may seem overly emotional to the Mercury person. To heal this, both people need to develop the ability to communicate about how they feel with each other.

Next, we look at Emotional Compatibility. This is done by looking at all of the aspects to Venus and the Moon between the two charts. If the Sun in one chart aspects Venus in the other chart, we know that there is a possibility for a deep love connection. If Venus in one chart trines or sextiles or conjuncts Venus in the other chart, we know that the two people have similar attitudes about relationships.

The planet Mars rules the way we take action. In compatibility astrology we look at the way Mars in the charts aspect the planets in each other charts. This will show us how the two people take action together. It will indicate whether or not it is easy to get things done together, or more of a struggle. If there is a struggle the astrologer counsels ways to deal with it.

Jupiter rules our philosophy, as well as ways in which we strive to help each other. Jupiter is a feel good planet, and aspects to Jupiter in the two charts reveal the way in which their philosophies jibe, as well as ways in which we try to help each other.

Saturn in the chart reveals ways in which we organize ourselves to assist each other, or ways in which we squelch each other or disapprove of or criticize each other. Counseling here shows ways to work with the more problematic aspects of Saturn.

Aspects to Neptune between the two charts show whether or not the two people have a spiritual connection, and whether they are elusive, evasive or deceptive in dealing with each other. Counseling here emphasizes the need to communicate clearly with ourselves and be up front with each other, rather than being elusive or evasive.

Pluto between the two charts reveals how power is used or abused within the relationship. Counseling addresses the abuse of power and how to work with that together.

By the end of a session you usually have a pretty thorough understanding of ways of improving your relationship and getting the most out of it that you possibly can.

If you are debating whether or not to get married, the reading would probably show you whether there is enough compatibility to make a go of it.

A horoscope compatibility session is a great way to get to know yourself and the other person much better. I highly recommend that you give it a try

Nancy Kahn has 40 years of experience as a professional astrologe. She can be reached at 206-992-6091, Nancykahn9@gmail.com, or, please visit her website, www.astrologyforliving.net.

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