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Ask the Astrology Guy

by Reverend Jeff Pica

Hello Astrology Guy,

Hi, my name is Kate. My date of birth is
16th April 1973, 10:18am, Iruma, Japan.

Jack, my boyfriend's birthday’s is 9th July 1974, 6:13pm, Engadine,

We have known each other going on five years in July yet Matt has never wanted to commit.

Long story short ... we’ve gone through so much together ... and always come back to each other ... however Matt hasn’t been committed to me.

I’ve ended it with him ... but I’m still not over him & I am not interested in anyone else.

Do you think he will fight for me? & will end up committing to me?.. or do you see me meeting someone else?


Hi Kate,

I've taken a look at both yours and Jack's charts.

I can see how important being in a relationship is to you, with your Sun in Aries conjunct (close to) Venus, the planet of love. This conjunction receives a harsh (opposition from the planet Uranus. Additionally, both your Sun/Venus combination and make a challenging (square) aspect to your Seventh House of Marriage, setting up a more complex aspect called a T-Square (Sun/Venus opposed Uranus, both square the Ascendant/Descendant axis.) This T-Square reveals that although you desire a close, one-to-one relationship, you also need to be able to express your individuality and maintain your own personal space. If you are not aware of this inner need for independence then you will attract romantic partners who demand their own space or who are emotionally unavailable. You therefore experience the "space" I speak of but not on your own terms.

Jack I can see is a sweet and emotional man, although it may be difficult for him to tap into that because of his Sun conjunct the planet Saturn, often the aspect of those who hold themselves distant and reserved. Jack also has the aspect of Uranus square the Ascendant/Descendant axis, revealing his need to balance his desire for emotional closeness with his own need for independence.

The Synastry between your two charts (how your planets interact with his planets) shows that each of your Saturns make a square aspect to each other's Moons. This dynamic shows a history of karma between you two from lifetime to lifetime, most likely as married partners, where there was heavy involvement with each other, yet without emotional or personal growth for either of you.

A Composite chart (the midpoints of the planets of two charts) shows a sweet, strong, and desirous love (Composite Venus conjunct Mercury oppose Mars.) Unfortunately, Composite Saturn opposes the Moon revealing a blockage to understanding each other's emotional makeup or in being emotionally uncomfortable or distant with each other, and Composite Uranus conjunct the Descendant (the cusp of the Seventh House of Marriage) reveals a shaky and unstable nature to the relationship.

Right now, transiting Uranus is conjunct your Natal Venus, so it's no wonder you've written in with this type of question regarding an unstable and uncommitted relationship. What I feel is that this is the time to delve into your own need for personal space when in relationship and accept things with Jack as is, or move on to someone who is in touch with and can balance their own need for emotional closeness vs. their independence.

I hope this has helped.


Hi Jeff,

Thank you very much for your insight!

Yes ... we are both very independent versus our need for affection ... which always keeps us apart unfortunately.

I guess in reality ... it’s time for me to let go & move on with my life ...



Reverend Jeff Pica has been a professional Astrologer for over 25 years. He began his study of Astrology with two years of private tutoring and then became a student of the New York Astrology Center in New York City. He gives private Astrology readings, teaches Astrology, and lectures on Metaphysical topics. He’s a Psychic Medium, Reiki Practitioner, and an ordained Spiritualist Minister, which gives extra depth to his Astrology readings. He’s also a founding member of the Spiritualist Church of New York City.

Please address questions to jeffpicaastrology@gmail.com with Astrology Question as the subject.

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