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The Truth About UFOs is in Cherry Hill, NJ

2018 MUFON Symposium July 27-29

by Cheryl Costa

In the United States there is an average of ten thousand UFO sightings report-ed annually to either the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) or the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC). Some of these reports are filed by trained observers, like pilots and law enforcement officers, but, overall, the vast majority of sighting reports come from every day citizens.

The sighting reports range from brief one-liners to long detailed essays. Some of the reports are clearly misidentified aircraft or other natural phenomena. Many other reports require deeper examination and analysis by trained field investigators. Still other sighting reports defy explan-ation and are truly exotic sighting events; these are the mysterious unknowns.

Top investigators with MUFON tell me that about 5% of the annual reported UFO sightings fall in this mysterious unknown’s category. Percentage wise that means nationally we have about 500 of these mysterious unknown events yearly, with an average of about 40 per month; that’s a big deal. Imagine 500 close en-counter events per year somewhere in the America.

Let’s take a peek at the UFO sighting statistics for Pennsylvania and New Jersey areas. These statistics were measured using the combined data from both the MUFON and NUFORC sighting databases: 2001 through 2015.

Interestingly, both Pennsylvania and New Jersey rank in the Top Twenty of all States for UFO Sighting Reports.

Pennsylvania ranks 5th in the USA and logged 5,176 UFO sighting reports, or an average of 345 per year. Which sightings were the 5% exotic ones? About 259 might be exotic based on the 15 year study, or about 17 per year in PA. The top five counties for UFO sighting reports in Pennsylvania are: Allegheny-477, Bucks-397, Philadelphia-336, Montgomery-298 and Westmoreland-212.

New Jersey ranks 16th in the USA and logged 2,567 UFO sighting reports, or an average of 171 per year. Which sightings were the 5% exotic ones? About 128 might be exotic from the 15 year study, or about eight per year in NJ. The top five counties for UFO sighting reports in New Jersey are: Ocean-249, Monmouth-248, Middle-sex-207, Bergen-170, and Camden-144.

It should be noted that Cherry Hill in Camden County, NJ will be hosting the 2018 MUFON Symposium July 27-29. So in that light, let’s take a quick peak at Camden County’s top five municipal sighting report locations. The 144 UFO sighting reports in Camden County break down with these top five municipalities: Cherry Hill-26, Sicklerville-19, Black-wood-11, Berlin-8, and Pennsauken-8.

As a journalist who reports UFO stories, I get mail all the time from retired folks who tell me they want to know the Truth about UFOs before they die. Likewise I hear from who people ask: Where is the Proof?

Well if you are hoping for a crashed alien space craft to be displayed in the parking lot at the 2018 MUFON Symposium, you’ll be sadly disappointed. But if you do attend, you’ll get to hear eleven excellent speakers present on their specialty in the field of Ufology. After listening to these experts, I think you’ll find that the preponderance of their evidence is as good as it gets!

Personally, if I ever had any lingering doubts about UFOs, the whole topic matter was settled for me at the 2016 MUFON Symposium in Orlando with a presentation called "UFOS and Nukes" by Robert L. Hastings. His presentation shared dramatic documented evidence that UFOs were loitering around our nuclear missiles sites in Montana and elsewhere. The unnerving part was that these UFOs were responsible for shutting down or disabling clusters of these missiles. Believe me when I say that the MUFON Symposium is worth the trip!

In an effort to help educate the public about the UFO topic, this year the MUFON Symposium is offering an unprecedented FREE Friday on July 27th. Everyone is welcome to attend that day for free. It is designed to have something for all age ranges! So, what do you get on Free Friday?

First off, doors open 9:30 am. From 10am-noon; Dr. Lynne Kitei, will give a superb presentation on the famous 1997, "Phoenix Lights", followed by a Q&A. (Arizona ranks 7th in the country for UFO reports, and Maricopa County, Arizona, the home of Phoenix, ranks #2 in the country, and the City of Phoenix ranks #1 nationwide for UFO sighting reports!)

From 1-3pm on Free Friday, Travis Walton will talk about his logging crew’s encounter with a disc shaped craft in an Arizona forest in 1975 resulting in his 5 day abduction experience. The logging crew’s experience inspired the 1993 motion Picture "Fire in the Sky." Travis will take your questions afterwards.

In another unparalleled effort to bring UFO awareness to the general public, the 2018 MUFON Symposium is making their UFO Film Festival on Saturday and Sunday, FREE and open to the public. Saturday’s featured films will include award winning documentary films the "Phoenix Lights" with the filmmaker Lynne Kitei at 10am, and "Travis - The True Story of Travis Walton" at 2pm.Each film will be followed by a Q&A after screenings with producers, filmmakers, and participants.

Finally, the MUFON Symposium is opening up its Vendor Room and Art Exhibits all free for the public, all weekend long. So if you are searching for your personal truth about UFOs, the place to be is the 2018 MUFON Symposium at Crown Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill New Jersey on July 27 to 29, 2018! www.mufonsymposium.com

One last suggestion, if you pay attention to the symposium badges of the attendees in the hallways and in the vendor room, you are guaranteed to see many a MUFON Field Investigator walking around. Why not attend the 2018 MUFON Symposium meet and chat with some of the finest guys and gals who perform the best UFO field investigations in the world? You’ll be glad you did! Google it: www.mufonsymposium.com.

Cheryl Costa is a journalist with the Syracuse New Times and writes the weekly UFO blog: New York Skies.

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