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Our World Needs Our Help

by Mark Landau

Manmade climate disruption escalates. The corruption of our democracy is nearly complete. We edge towards nuclear terrorism and war. We are ruled by money.

We must face these facts. Those who deny them bury their heads in the sand. And most who don’t recoil, self-medicate and watch the latest episode of Let’s Forget About Everything.

We truly are being herded to a mass extinction event by the great, hidden and obvious magnates of the world who care for nothing but wealth and power. The system they created has brought us far. But it now destroys us.

The war machine demands perpetual war. The media machine demands that we be entertained, distracted and misled. The medical, alcohol and drug industries demand that we swallow and inject all we can. The insurance industry takes our bets and provides nothing of substance. It simply plays the money game to its own advantage. The corporate machine demands the obscenest profits and strives to own and control everything. Its abuse and over-bloat diminish us all and threaten our planet.

Our world calls out for help.

Our oceans are dying. They supply a third of our oxygen and untold sustenance. The Atlantic red blooms kill millions of fish. The Pacific dolphin super-pods signal their distress. Our coral reefs become bleached boneyards.

Our bees struggle for survival. Cross-pollination produces at least thirty percent of our crops and ninety percent of our wild plants.

We really are in danger of losing these things and far more.

The ever-growing storms, floods, droughts, temperatures and fires are too numerous and obvious to ignore.

Our murder, suicide, anti-depressant and addiction pandemics speak for themselves.

New, exotic viruses are taking advantage of our new, environmental degradations.

The antagonistic polarity and hatred of red and blue tear us apart.

Unless enough of us get behind doing something about these things, they will likely reach their logical end. We really can do something. You really can do something. Together, we can turn spaceship Earth in a better direction.

The human race has lived through three ages, the hunter-gatherer, the agricultural-husbandry and the conflict-commerce. Each has been ruled successively by the first, second and third chakras. Chakras are real. They are energy centers within our body that constitute the innate infrastructure of our evolution. Each higher chakra from above our perineum to the crown of our head, contains different qualities of knowing, wisdom, character and function. Within each of us, one chakra is mostly dominant, though we all have and, to some degree, can access the qualities of them all.

As a species, we approach the end of our third chakra age. At the end of an age, the dominant qualities of the chakra(s) ruling it go berserk and spin out into excessive extremes. We are seeing this in the dying vectors of our Patriarchal Age. The brutal, masculine, power, greed, conquest, destructive, supremacy forces are having their way with us. We move towards the death rattle of our Age and are trying to advance to one ruled by the fourth and fifth chakras, the First Age of the Higher Chakras, the first to incorporate two chakras and one sub-chakra.

Millions of us have been working for this our entire lives. We need all the help we can get if we are to advance through our crisis and survive as a species.

If we succeed, we will combine, mature and balance the masculine-feminine and material-spiritual, attain a greater world/universal perspective and make foremost the higher virtues of sanctity, decency, integrity and truth. Fairness, justice, collaboration and freedom could supplant greed, dominance, belligerence and control. To some degree, Scandinavia and other places have begun to model this for us. America has fallen behind and is caught in a vicious cycle. We really can and must do something about our present state of affairs.

It is time for those of us who have been doing the inner work to get more active on behalf of our nation and planet. It is time for those who have been doing the activist work to add the inner work to more flesh out the love, spirit and evolutionary energy needed for our success. It is time for more to join us. It is time for the rise of the feminine and the wiser, more highly evolved people to take the reins from the lords and slaves of money.

There is a new, more effective form of activism manifesting in our world.

Naomi Klein joined with sixty Canadians to brainstorm The Leap Manifesto into existence. It’s a partyless platform outlining the directions in which we must go. The Leap organization is spreading worldwide. Read No Is Not Enough and see theleap.org.

Paul Hawken got serious about climate disruption. He gathered some of the world’s top researchers and they collated the hundred most effective things we can do to halt global warming in the book Drawdown. Then he helped create Project Drawdown. See drawdown.org.

On a different note, Michelle Alexander has done a masterful job of revealing the massive iniquity we have perpetrated on the blacks in her book, The New Jim Crow, that’s been hiding in plain view since instituted by Reagan. It also helps elucidate the utter stupidity of the War on Drugs and the enlightened efficacy of Portugal’s proven solution to the problem.

There are many movements like #MeToo, #MarchForOurLives, Our Revolution, The Leap, Project Drawdown, Zero Hour, Swing Left, We, The World and others that are offering a new way forward.

Our ever more surreal media-government-military-industrial complex, mostly owned and controlled by the mighty few, is a rather large nut to crack.

But Wolf-PAC is on the rightest track of all.

We have one very large, magnificent, potentially effective stick at our disposal, not a first or third chakra cudgel, lance or missile, but what could be a finely nuanced smart scalpel to cut away the rot and tip the balance in one fell swoop—the Constitutional Convention.

There has only been one in our history at the inception of our nation. When the populace has risen up to move towards another, the powers that were have buckled and acceded to their demands before it might occur. These same powers have sown the great fear in us of the Runaway Convention from their own fear that the weak would rise up and overcome their grip.

It is time we proved them right. Their time is up. Their age is hurtling us in the wrong direction. In order to ameliorate their death grip on the purse strings and policies of our nation, we must rise together and bring about a peaceful, constitutional Evolution.

The mob needn’t be mindless. We could become brilliant.

Wolf-PAC has begun the process. It was started by a Turkish-American named Cenk Uygur, a conservative turned progressive who also started The Young Turks (TYT), a progressive news and commentary program on YouTube. He has subsequently turned Wolf-PAC over to others to devote himself to TYT.

They recognize that most of our politicians have been bought and put in power by the moneyed interests, that money and the personhood status of corporations has almost completely corrupted and taken over our system, that we must bypass them all by adding an article to the constitution to restore free and fair elections to America and that this is really the only lever left to us big enough to make a difference. They need our help but we must go far beyond what they envision.

So more importantly, read A New American Evolution. Just reading it will help push the great envelope of our collective consciousness forward. And what it contains could produce miracles.

Mark Landau has devoted fifty-five years to self-help, healing and evolution for himself, others and the planet. He has written seven books on meditation, healing, sex, fantasy and saving our world. He does healing work and meditation instruction and lives in Santa Fe. www.mark-landau.com

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