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Astrological Forecast for February 2019

by Lou Valentino

Venus, which brings attentions and attractions for abundance and all forms of beauty, will enter the sign of Capricorn on February 4th at 5:29 PM EST. If you have Sun, Moon or rising in Capricorn Venus can help you with its charming influences. A great time to ask for a raise at work. A great time to fall in love if you are single. A wonderful Valentine’s gift. This influence lasts till March 1st.

Venus also help the federal government get along better as Capricorn is affiliated with big business and government bodies.

The new Moon in Aquarius at 15 degrees is at a midway point. This new Moon falls on February 4th, just after Venus moved in Capricorn, and new Moon’s represent new beginnings. If you have Sun, Moon or rising in Aquarius, you are moving into the team player’s energy that Aquarius is affiliated with. Remember, our last full Moon lunar eclipse was in the opposite sign of Aquarius, Leo, which is more about individual empowerment rather than group empowerment.

With this new Moon being at 15 degrees, midway as the normal degrees of houses and signs is 30 degrees, the sign of Aquarius is ready to make choices about what is more beneficial to themselves AND their friends and the people they work with.

With Venus now in Capricorn and this new Moon in Aquarius at a turning point, we should see the federal government working together to solve the issues we have been hearing about since the start of the 1st government shutdown and hopefully this more co-operative energy will avoid a second shutdown.

Mercury moves into the dreamy sign of Pisces on February 10th early in the morning hours. Just in time for Pisces to wake up. God knows we love to sleep in. Mercury will remain in Pisces till April 17, 2019 because Mercury will turn retrograde at 29 degrees of Pisces on March 5th prolonging its stay in Pisces.

Mercury in Pisces connects with a higher calling. This is wonderful for deep meditations especially when it turns retrograde. Many creative ideas can come out of this combination if you have Sun, Moon or rising in Pisces. Any planets in Pisces in you natal chart or houses ruled by Pisces will allow your thoughts to be focused on the issues represented by that house. Pisces is affiliated with photography, music, the fine arts, dancers, movie screen and all forms of media including how to seduce and sell a product.

The downside is if you have afflicted planets in Pisces, you may feel the need to escape more from reality through drugs, alcohol, sex, eating disorder or depression. Keep up with your spiritual practices like meditation, yoga postures, breathing techniques as well as a healthy diet to allow your thoughts (Mercury) to be inspirational to you and to others around you. There is nothing more pathetic than an addictive PIsces who wants to wallow in sorrow and bring others down. That song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” is the advice Pisces needs during Mercury’s travels through the highly sensitive and etheric nature of Pisces.

Mars moves into Taurus on Valentine’s Day making it a hot romantic night of physical expression. Mars is the physical dynamic energy of the planets. In Taurus it is in its detriment, meaning it does not feel comfortable.

Mars wants to move and Taurus wants to move slowly. If you have Sun, Moon or rising in Taurus, Mars will give you that extra amount of energy to keep up with everyone else. If you have a partner for Valentine’s Day, it can be a very fun filled evening out and create dynamite in the bedroom. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.

Sun enters Pisces on February 18th at 6:04 PM EST. Happy Birthday to Pisces.

The full Moon is at zero degrees in Virgo on February 19th at 10:54 AM EST. Virgo is the opposite sign to Pisces. Here we have the razor sharp practical thinker at zero degrees balancing out the Mercury/Sun in Pisces which is very dreamy and etheric in nature. Balance between these two signs till the next new Moon on March 6th which will be in Pisces at 15 degrees.

This combination has Pisces more than Virgo making plans/choices for themselves. Virgo is also included. It would be wise for PIsces to seek out the sign of Virgo for practical advice as the Moon heads towards full in March and Mercury turns retrograde in the latter degrees of Pisces a day before the full Moon in Pisces.

The sign of Pisces is getting extra responsibilities at work and all areas of life so they need the Earth signs around to ground them and keep them from escaping from all the pressures that will be surrounding them all the way till the middle of April.

Virgo is the healing sign of the Zodiac and often they serve others rather than themselves. The tendency to be critical of self and others will be increased from February 19th till March 6th. Avoid this if you have Sun,

Moon or rising in Virgo. “I AM PERFECTION, ALL ARE PERFECTION, I AM ONE WITH MY ALL”, could be the affirmation for the sign of Virgo. Healing abilities will increase during this time also.

All planets are still in direct motion and hopefully we can get through February without too many major snow storms which we have avoided so far here in New England in December and January. Wishing everyone a wonderful February 2019.

Lou Valentino has been giving astrological consultations for over 25 years in both Western and Vedic astrology. Go to www.yogavisionaries.com for services. Call 860-574-9467 to set up a consultation or if you have questions about his services. Namaste.

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