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The New Spiritual Activism

by David Jakyb Case (Channeler)

We have talked a lot about the mechanisms of organic spiritual awakening but have spent little time on what this means for us. That is what we as individuals, or as a group can do about it. We will lump this together under a heading we will call the New Spiritual Activism.

But what exactly does this mean, and how does activism apply to heart center awareness? One definition suggests verbatim that “activism” is: The policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change. Another definition, suggests that activism is about being against something or someone or an entity.

So how does this apply to heart-centered awareness. Does heart-centered awareness not imply a sort of live and let live, a unilateral tolerance for all things under the sun of the egoic empire that surrounds this globe and expresses throughout the universe?

That would be fine if we had not participated in a collective amnesia of sorts. That amnesia is about a simpler, what is referred to as an “organic” approach and understanding to the purpose and unfolding of this universe. The clues of which lie very heavily in the little understood process of Energetic Awakening, some refer to as Kundalini. In truth it has been energetic awakening in individuals that has laid the beginning groundworks of shaping any religious ideology on this planet. That was then coopted by city-state power in order to maintain the status-quo of social ignorance toward a greater purpose outside of the egoic identification with the matter universe.


Let us now define Awakening in our own words, gleaned from a broader and deeper understanding of its purpose. Awakening, very simply is the process by which terrestrial consciousness becomes restimulated into a state of cosmic awareness. This state of stimulation into cosmic awareness is what we call the embodiment stage. This is begun in any species component through the concatenation of numerous biological and energetic events that lead to a strong uptake of what we refer to as the Cosmic Feminine Energy or CFE. When the embodiment stage of Phase 2 consciousness liberation opened for your planet, it did so through initial uptake of CFE through the biological female- When this happened, it slowly entered into your entire species component. It was responsible for your species rather quickly “jumping” from you ape ancestry to what you currently refer to as Homo sapiens. This energetic effort has been in a state of resistance, what we refer to as Phase 2 Suspended. Phase 2 suspended is largely due to masculine rejection of feminine power and its transformative properties. Because of this suspended state, your egos* (a masculine state of matter energy)* have become cosmically aware but are incapable of balancing this awareness within the emerging energetic dynamic due to an inconsistent alignment with the Feminine energy.

The ego takes what it wants from the awakening but does not balance this awareness with overall spiritual organic purpose of consciousness liberation. The material universe is a very necessary but transitional state for development of your conscious energy or your individuality. It is an embryonic form of gestation for the Expanding UPOVC or Unique Point of View Consciousness, which is what all of you are. This includes all of the surrounding species which you generally take for granted as lesser than yourselves. Yet, if it was not for those supporting species and their cumulative success and endeavors you would not be here. Plain and simple. So not only do you owe your existence to the surrounding species of your particular terrestrial environment, you are also the path to lead all of you (including other species) into the next stage of evolution of what we refer to as Phase 3 or planet/star activation.

So the topic of this is what can you do about this. What efforts can you put forward that will help to reassert this very simple organic progression from Awakening to Consciousness liberation.

We have talked about the definition of Awakening, but now what is the ultimate purpose in each individual? That purpose is to awaken others, it is to clear them of their resistances and cumulative ancestral suppressions towards this process. The purpose of this is for the complete alignment of the ego and cosmic feminine awareness. This is what we refer to as the completion of phase 2 or the embodiment of the Authentic Self. You also refer to this as Full Awakening or Christ Consciousness. A fully awakened or one who’s egoic identity is in complete alignment with Cosmic Feminine Awareness can turn the tide on this process for everyone allowing a fast-track, if you will, of subsequent full awakenings or emergent Authentic Selves.

You already touch on this state when you energetically position your egoic consciousness into an impulsive state of healing others. This is when you as healers surrender yourselves to what you refer to as a higher power. That higher power is no more than a stronger alignment between your egos and Cosmic Feminine Energy moving towards the state of Authentic Self or Full Awakening or Christ Consciousness. This has happened only once on your planet with a first awakened female ancestor. This has been coopted throughout history as a male awakening in order to maintain the status-quo of matter-identification by the ego, most greatly expressed by your patriarchal hierarchy.

We are watching intently as you struggle with your gender politics and hope you will realize that the release of feminine energy from a history wide state of suppression is your only viable and wise action if this process is to move out of phase 2 suspension. It is imperative in the coming several years that you move quickly toward fully awakened group formation so that you can spread the awakening and begin to align with the energies of your star and your planet. Only then can planetary/stellar activation begin the process of phase 3. Then we will breathe a sigh of relief.

We need activists

We need to be activists. In doing so we enlist ourselves in the “action” of reasserting this organic process. Know that it has been suppressed throughout history by an ego inflated with cosmic purpose and identification outside of an ability to balance that awareness within an organic purpose of universal evolution.

Already we have begun actions to create supportive energies through group effort without even physically coming together. Just last week I and several other people organized a group to assemble within the comfort of their own homes on a specific date and time. This was to create a supportive energetic architecture for the alignment of Ego and CFE or the Authentic Self embodiment. In the coming months we will organize these distance meditation actions regularly, until it works!

We are all poised on this. Current cultural upheaval is indicative of the ripeness of this historical moment for an planet wide action to make this happen.

I have a website at embodytheauthenticself.simdif.com where there will be regular postings for these events to support this shift in one another. Also available are tools and exercises and resources to help make these distance meditation actions even more effective.

I encourage anyone that sees truth in these words to do the same. We must do this first through direct alignment with our heart-centers. By rebuilding the bridge of our modern consciousness and our heart-center intuitive awareness, we lay a stronger foundation for Authentic Self embodiment. I also invite you to contact me if you need any further information on organizing these meditation actions.

David Jakyb Case is a healer, channel and intuitive practicing in South Central Vermont. Through work with guides that resided on this planet over hundreds of thousands of years ago and that struggled against the tide of historical resistance of the organic spiritual process, he has taken on the role of a spiritual scientist. Aligned with this expansive wisdom and guidance and the driven desire to “get it right”, he has been effectively “cracking the code” on many aspects of healing and energy work, as well as the spiritual history of planetary and universal evolution. He is now practicing out of Wisehands at 896 VT Route 30, Dorset VT. As well as The Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center, 120 Merchants Row, Rutland VT. You can inquire or book an appointment with him atkundalinirevolution@gmail.com or call 802-235-1240.

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