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June 2019 Psychic Insights and Personal Horoscopes

by Elissa Heyman

The theme for June 2019 is “different paths”, meaning people consider taking divergent paths from their own past and habitual social networks. One thing about June, you don’t want to make any decisions based on making up for something in the past, getting even, or resentment of any kind. The strongest impulse this month is to create a plan, a path, and a place to go, and what works out the best is to be guided by your heart’s desire, and what expands your world and makes you feel free. If possible, just make a commitment and take on a responsibility if it inspires you.

This month the psychic messages for the astrological signs reflect the spirit of individuality people exhibit: only the Earth signs have a collective message.( I don’t know why they got one and no one else did – this is psychic astrology, an “ask and ye shall receive” process that rarely uses the same methods each time.)

Aries: You are getting centered, and as you do, you are asserting roles you want to play that are likely new. The focus is on “dominion”: where you belong, what’s in your environment and how it might support you, and what areas of your life and even within your own self, over which you want more power and control.

Leo: You feel loose and free… what frees your spirit so you’re lighter and happier? It seems that you’re not so worried or fixed on the future - there’s less focus on where you’re going and how things end up. Which could be hard to know, and that’s a message about how your fate can change! You’re happy with living life more in the present, and you have no reason to look further than that.

Sagittarius: Move away fast from what’s weighty and what’s not yours to bear. The way the best emerges is by not choosing anything that is not. You are getting freer to do and build what you really care about!

Cancer: Do you have something that you’re not excited about yet… are you not thrilled with the plan or happy where things are at? Give it time. Don’t be quick to choose or anxious to settle on anything… if you’re looking to expand yourself in some way, it’s not well thought-out enough yet.

Scorpio: Take a pass for now although there’s something that you might be thinking of doing. Just make sure your plan is well received and still what you want to do after the July 2nd new moon solar eclipse in Cancer…you’re too close to that change-making event to know what’s what in terms of big decisions.

Pisces: What’s helpful to know? Whatever decisions are made that affect your plans, whatever it is that you may have given thoughtful attention to, it doesn’t look like it’s in your hands, it looks like something cannot happen that was expected to happen, and there’s nothing to do but work around it or find another way… the Universe talks back in a final way in June, suggesting some things must just be accepted.

Gemini: Previous predictions declare your birthday year will be stellar! In June there’s a move towards freedom… you expand on what you’re imagining is possible for yourself, and may see anew the appropriate, even cosmically right, role you can play in life. It’s as if there’s more oxygen in your system and consequently a bigger world to fit into, in which partnerships have a bigger role.

Libra: Is there something that you want to try that’s different, that you’re now more excited by? Oh yeah, go for it! Even if it’s just in your imagination at this point, happy times are here again when it comes to your creative and emotional fulfillment. Partnerships might turn out differently than you expect but they’re still helpful and good.

Aquarius: Don’t worry, things are going to work out, it’s just a little topsy-turvy when it comes to finances, or what you’re going to get, or be awarded… there’s some acclimation process going on that works out fine, but things seem unsettled in the beginning of the month.

Earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn: Earth signs might feel gypped, but for June 2019 I got a message for all of you rather than for each sign: First, you’re asked to save, not spend. Also, recognize where you’re going or what you’re doing in life is probably going to cost more money. You could certainly be going to a better place financially, yet you’re asked now to be wise, practical, and not quick to invest with cash even if you’re on your way to make more. Short story: Be practical, be logical, and especially: take your creative goals and whatever you’re trying to manifest very seriously now. Time to make it happen through sustained effort! There’s some kind of growing up that you’re doing.

Elissa Heyman is a psychic counselor and healer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in professional practice since 1979 with an international clientele by phone, and a downtown office in the historic Santa Fe plaza. For guided meditations, published articles, global predictions and psychic insights, and to make an appointment, please visit www.elissaheyman.com or call 505-982-3294.

Elissa Heyman

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