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Journey Into Awakening

Most of us can agree that the world is at a point of environmental, humanitarian, political, interpersonal, and spiritual distress. Many of us have been exploring ways to download the stress, nurture our health, and develop techniques to be able to maintain our equilibrium and positive states of mind to the best of our ability. More and more of us have a sense that bringing Peace and healing into the world begins with Peace within us, but how do we “do” that? The questions always seem to boil down to: Where do I go? What approach will give me the most lasting results? Amidst the external chaos that we humans are experiencing at this time, how can we be fully Present and participating in the world without taking on the Suffering of the World?

In the early 1990’s in the Province of Andre Pradesh, India, two Spiritual Avatars, Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan began sharing their mission of ending the suffering of Humanity...to bring humanity out of the sense of separation from families, our loved ones, the world at large, and ourselves...to bring us into Oneness. These two spiritual leaders began embodying and introducing ways of being in our external world at Peace with ourselves and those around us regardless of our life circumstance. Initially the programs and events were attended by Indians, often 100,000 plus at a time. In 2004, the international deepening programs and processes were opened to all countries and all sectors of life. No matter what the race, political beliefs, language differences, religious practices, or lack of religious practices; each individual participant was supported in a safe loving environment. Instead of seeing our differences, we began experiencing our collective oneness. Attendees began moving into high states of Consciousness, began healing old patterns and wounds, and began increasing their capacity to feel connected to all there is. Simply stated, we were making inroads into our capacity to be loving, present “Presences” in a less than secure nurturing world. The icing on the cake was the majority of us were continuing to grow in these areas when we returned home. We were able to resume our everyday life with a heightened sense of awareness and gratitude. We were beginning to make breakthroughs in living the answer to the question; how can we be fully Present and participating in the world without taking on the Suffering of the World?

Recently, the international body has been presented with the great Gift of receiving access to Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan’s teachings, meditations, and processes in our respective countries. We no longer need to travel to India to receive their Grace. On July 9th, over 40 locations in North America and Canada will be hosting “The Journey into Awakening.” This one day immersion retreat will be live streamed directly from India and taught by Awakened Teachers. These dasas (or guides) will use both ancient and modern teachings infused with ‘mystical processes’ that will transform our consciousness in these areas:

+ Practical tools--Discover the nature of inner struggle and receive activations that allow us to embody our highest potential by staying present and undefended.

+ Shift in Consciousness—Experience deeper wisdom and divine presence coming alive and stabilizing from within...finding true fulfillment.

+Anchoring Inner Peace—Deepened awareness and witnessing that releases obsolete stories, barriers and defense mechanisms while bringing continuous stillness, calm and clarity.

+Sacred Meditation for Awakening—Experience the full power of grace as layers of suffocating patterns and mindsets disappear, ego identities unwind and resistances release to experience who you truly are.

The feedback of participants from other countries who have attended the course have been overwhelmingly positive. A few responses from the Moscow course are that they: game up mental game playing, experiencing inner calmness, observing inner emptiness and joy, feeling calmness and acceptance of everything happening, a silent mind, loss of need to attract status from others.

We are especially fortunate to have The Journey into Awakening Course offered at 4 New England venues on July 9, 2019. Registration for these locations can be made through Eventbrite.com.

Fairlee, VT + Burlington, VT + Hyannis, MA + Augusta, ME

For more information on Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan’s mission and the Journey into Awakening Course, please visit:


Subject: Preethi events bio
Preethi’s Bio:

I have journeyed the Spiritual path for many decades. 20 years ago I discovered The Golden Age Phenomenon. While completing many Courses & Deepening Processes taught by God Realized Spiritual Teachers in India... I have Experienced Profound Inner Peace, Growth & Transformation.
I initiate participants to connect with their Higher Self. Offer Guided meditations that enable Flowering of the Heart.
Participants also experience Silence of the Mind.
I am committed & devoted to facilitating seekers and communities, experience shifts that will transform their lives.
Love traveling to offer Courses, Processes at group gatherings, events and retreats.

To inquire about booking Preethi’s services, contact her at : Preethi Naidu <preethimnaidu@yahoo.com>

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