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Considering a Career Change? 6 Simple Steps to Discovering an Inspiring New Career You’ll Cherish

by Laura Norman, M.S., LMT

This month we celebrate Independence Day in recognition of our victory over the tyranny of having to live by someone else’s rules. When I chose a new career in the 1970’s, a choice that back then was considered “off the beaten path”, I likewise declared my own independence. No fireworks or marching bands, yet my choice created a sparkling path for my life.

Most of us have thought about a career change at some point or another. Whether it’s a conscious choice or an ‘involuntary’ one, the thought of a new career path can be both exciting and daunting. And evaluating the risks and rewards can be challenging.

How are you supposed to pick the right career for the rest of your life?

To ensure your success, consider these steps before changing your career:

1. Be clear about why you wish to change careers. You’re dissatisfied with your current career, but why? Too many hours? Job not satisfying? No flexibility in your schedule? When you understand what’s motivating you to change careers you can ensure that your new path won’t re-create the same situation you’re leaving.

Make a conscious decision about your future and move toward it.

2. Understand what you’re looking for. Research shows that what people love about their work fall into some general categories. The specific job characteristics are far less important. Helping people, the ability to be creative, having autonomy, and feeling personally fulfilled are just a few examples.

Focus on opportunities that speak to the life that you crave.

3. Think out of the box. Once you can imagine the life you desire, a whole new world of possibilities show up. Many of the 1,000’s of graduates from our Reflexology Certification Programs came from corporate, retail, sports and entertainment backgrounds. They used their new insights into what truly motivates and fulfills them in their careers and their lives, and chose alternative health as their new path. And they never looked back.

Shift your thinking from what you’ve been doing to the amazing life you envision.

4. Determine the skills and education you need for your new career. Do you need a new degree? Certification in a new set of skills? Guidance or mentoring?

Begin developing the necessary skills as quickly as possible.

5. Stay put until you have a new path. When possible, wait until you have another position before you leave your current job. It’s surprising how quickly a savings account can be depleted when you don’t have an income. Ideally, look for opportunities where you can start by working part-time while you transition from your present job to your new career on your schedule.

Minimize your risk while you prepare to jumpstart your new career.

6. Make connections in your desired field as soon as possible. Do you know anyone in your prospective field? Can you do an internship or volunteer? Is there a part-time position available to get your feet wet? Find someone you can talk to and begin networking.

Invest time now before changing careers. Once you understand what’s missing from your current career—and your life—you can find a new career that ticks all your boxes. If your vision includes alternative health, I would be happy to support you as you explore the possibilities.

Laura Norman, M.S., LMT, offers private Holistic Reflexology and Inspired Life Coaching sessions and Holistic Reflexology Training Programs starting July 21st in Chatham NY. Foot, Hand and Face Reflexology Instructional DVDs and natural aromatherapy products are also available. Beautiful instant gift certificates available online for all occasions. www.lauranorman.com  • Call 212-5324404 • 413-854-2615 • Text 917-331-0428

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