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Hindrance to Self Development

by Marguerite dar Boggia

One of the greatest impediments upon the Path of Return to the One Source and one for which man (a human being) is distinctly responsible within occult limits are those animated forms which he has produced ever since the middle of the Atlantean root race when the mind factor began slowly to assume increasing importance. The selfishness, the sordid motives, the prompt response to evil impulses for which the human race has been distinguished has brought about a condition of affairs unparalleled in the solar system. A gigantic thought form hovers over the entire human family, built by men everywhere during the ages, energized by the insane desires and evil inclinations of all that is worst in man's nature,, and kept alive by the promptings of his lower desires. This thought form has to be broken up and dissipated by man himself before the conclusion of the cycle. and its dissipation will be one of the forces tending to the production of interplanetary pralaya (or rest)1. It is this piece of creative bungling, if so it might be called, which the Great Ones are occupied in destroying. Under the Law of Karma it has to be dissipated by those who have created it. The work of the Masters has to be carried on, therefore, indirectly and must take the form of illuminating the sons of men in gradually increasing degree, so that they can see clearly this "Dweller on the Threshold" of the new life, and the antagonist who stands between the fourth kingdom of nature (the human kingdom) and the fifth kingdom of the soul. Every time a son of man stands upon the Probationary Path Their work is facilitated, for it means that the small stream of life-energy is directed into new channels, and away from the old stream, which tends to vitalize and feed the evil form, and one more CONSCIOUS assailant can be trained to do-operate in the work of destruction. Every time an initiate is admitted to the Lodge degrees, it means that a new and powerful agent is available for the bringing down of force from higher levels to aid in the work of disintegration. In comprehension of these two methods of aggressive work (that of the aspirant and the initiate) will come much of vital interest to the careful student of analogy. Here lies the clue to the present problem of evil, and to the vitality of the hold which the matter aspect has on the spiritual. This gigantic thought form, the product of man's ignorance and selfishness, is kept alive and vitalized in three ways:

First, by the aggregate of the evil desires, wicked intentions and selfish purpose of each individual person. Every wrong thought, when embodied in speck of manifested in action on the physical plane, goes to swell the proportions of this evil entity.

Second, by the fostering care of the brothers of the shadow, and those representatives of what may be called "cosmic evil" who ( under the karma of the fourth or human family, in this fourth round), assume stupendous responsibilities, make possible the secondary vitalization of the thought form and produce conditions of which a dire description that under law rapid crystallization supervenes, and ultimate destruction becomes possible. Students would do well to broaden their concept as to the purpose of evil and the place the evil forces play in the general scheme.

Third, by the energy still extant and the vibrations still to be felt which is the persistence of force from irresponsibly responsive to energy currents, and theirs is not the problem of dealing with sources of energy. Therefore, the place of man in the cosmic plan becomes more vital and apparent when it is realized that one of his main responsibilities is the direction of energy currents,, from the mental plane, and the creation of that which is desired on HIGHER LEVELS. Men, as a whole are undergoing evolutionary development in order that they may become conscious creators in matter. This involves

A realization of the archetypal plan,

An understanding of the laws governing the building processes of nature,

A conscious process of willing creation, so that man co-operates with the ideal, works under law, and produces that which is in line with the planetary plan, and which tends to further the best interest of the race,

A comprehension as to the nature of energy, and an ability to direct energy currents, to disintegrate (or withdraw energy from) all forms in the three worlds,

An appreciation of the nature of the devas, their constitution and place as builders, and of the words and sounds whereby they are directed and controlled.

When the energy currents of the human family are directed from egoic (soul) levels only, when desire is transmuted, and the fifth principle (higher mind) awakened and finally illuminated by the sixth principle, (intuition), then and only then will the strength of the impulse emanating from lower levels die out and the "Dweller on the Threshold" (who now haunts the human family) likewise die. In other words, when the dense physical body of the planetary Logos (composed of matter of the three worlds of human endeavor) is completely purified and vitalized by the force of the life flowing from etheric levels, and when all His centers (formed of human units) are fully awakened, then will those centers be channels for pure force, and such an entity as the "Dweller" be an impossibility.

Facing each earnest aspirant to the Mysteries is that vitalized form which he has himself constructed and nourished during the course of his previous incarnations, and which represents the sum-total of his evil desires, motives and thoughts. For ages it has vaporized him, and for ages it has represented that which he has failed to achieve. It affects not only himself but also all those units whom he contacts and meets. In its destruction he has to pursue methods similar to those followed by the Great Ones, and through the increasing power of his solar Angel, through the force of this Ego or Soul, and through a study of law, the knowledge of the power of sound, the control of speech, he will eventually bring about its disintegration.

? ? ?

Marguerite dar Boggia is the former Membership Secretary and Director for ISAR, the International Society for Astrological Research. She is the former Publisher of Kosmos, the ISAR journal. She is a co-founder of UAC and its former Secretary and Director. Her goal is to serve humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. To that end, she offers FREE, online, three pages weekly of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings of the Trans-Himalayan Center. It later includes esoteric astrology and information from the book: "A Treatise on Cosmic Fire" which book was on Albert Einstein's desk. In the event you wish to receive these teachings, contact her website www.FreePythagorasTeachings.com, which website, she created at the age of 90.


1Pralaya is a period of obscuration or repose--planetary, systemic or cosmic. An interlude between two periods of manifestation.

2Bailey, Alice A. A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Lucis publishing Co. `1925, pp. 948-953.

For more information on clearing the Dweller see www.soul1.org

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