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Magical Times for September & October 2019

by Bob Makransky

Planetary transits – in conjunction with Planetary Hours – are a simple way to plan your activities to take advantage of the karmic ebb and flow of the cosmos. These favorable / unfavorable times to act (or refrain from action) hold true for everyone; but they are particularly effective when a celestial event occurs on or opposite a planet or angle (Ascendant or Midheaven) in your natal horoscope. You can ascertain the positions of the planets and angles in your natal horoscope for free from astro.com.

Moon-Jupiter conjunctions: best times to initiate (or pray / cast spells for) healing OR to move / travel (time of leaving home or takeoff): 9/05/2019 between 7:18-7:58 pm; 10/03/2019 between 11:52 am-12:31 pm; 10/31/2019 between 5:19-6:13 am.

9/02/20196:43 am Sun Conjunct Mars @ 9°VI41’ = You may have to take decisive, committal action, but you have the confidence and élan to bring it off. Good time to take risks, and to ask favors of men (Sunday between 2:04-2:51 pm if father / boss / authorities; Sunday between 8:06-8:59 pm if brother, husband, lover, male friend). Latter time is also good for casting a spell for protection in Going to War: light a red candle, visualize the person you are praying for as if he or she was standing right in front of you looking you in the eye. If you are doing this for yourself, visualize yourself in the midst of war with a feeling of calmness, courage, and confidence in your own abilities. Take a deep breath and blow all your worries and doubts away and leap forward with abandon! Spread your arms wide and cast a white light of protection around the person (or imagine that white light is descending from above to surround and protect yourself). Imagine that the person is standing calm and self-assured inside this white light of protection. Then wish the person well and bid them on their way into the light.

9/03/20199:40 pm Mercury Superior Conjunction Sun @ 11°VI16’ = New information comes to light which gives you a surge of confidence and self-certainty; a burst of insight or understanding. A good day for travel, for joining together or communicating with others, and for making forward-going progress in personal and business relationships or casting a spell for Success in Studies: between 5:16-6:04 pm light a blue candle, take a deep breath, and imagine that you are in school and are feeling confident and pleased with your understanding and progress! See yourself reciting in class and feel that you are making a good contribution to the class and have the esteem of your teachers and classmates! You are so happy to be in school because you are learning so much and are having lots of fun!

9/04/20197:27 am Venus Opposition Neptune @ 17°VI/PI28’ = Expectations of others are likely to be disappointed now. Try to be aloof and unconcerned (rather than to indulge your worry and fear) since things aren’t as bad as you might think.

9/10/20193:24 am Sun Opposition Neptune @ 17°VI/PI19’ = There may be some deception going on, especially vis a vis men, superiors, authorities; deal with them Monday between 6:09-6:54 pm. It’s easy to fall for delusions now; you have to face up to reality, not pursue fantasies or will-o-the-wisps.

9/14/20191:26 am Mars Opposition Neptune @ 17°VI/PI12’ = This may bring deception, duplicity, or general worry and paranoia. Avoid drugs and alcohol. Don’t be too trusting or too credulous; don’t believe everything you hear.

9/18/20194:46 am Saturn Stationary Direct @ 13°CP55’ = You may encounter obstacles which have to be confronted directly. You cannot shrink from difficulties but must hold your ground and secure your position in life. Good for laying foundations, beginning long-term projects, and dropping bad habits (Tuesday between 6:58-7:40 pm).

9/19/20192:02 pm Venus heliacal rising @ 6° LI 26’= This is a very favorable week for the affections: good for following your own impulses and being receptive to what comes along. A new beginning or an opportunity opens up in a personal relationship or creative endeavor (9:53-10:35 am Thursday).

9/21/201912:44 pm Jupiter Square Neptune @ 17°SG/PI00’ = May be some over-optimism which leads to disappointment / betrayal, especially for people with planets in 18° of mutable signs. Better pull in a notch this whole week and be cautious and frugal instead of seeing through rose-colored glasses.

10/03/20192:44 am Pluto Stationary Direct @ 20°CP38’ = May bring events of a disorienting, transformative nature. You have to take command, rise to the occasion, get on top of things; and you have the clarity of mind and objectivity to bring it off. A good day to tackle something you’ve been putting off.

10/12/20196:07 pm Venus Opposition Uranus @ 5°SC/TA14’ = This may bring sudden estrangements or disruptive actions by a friend or family member. It may be best to leave the other person in peace and go your own way; unavoidable contacts should be made between 5:23-5:57 pm.

10/28/20194:16 am Sun Opposition Uranus @ 4°SC/TA37’ = This may bring tension, conflict, and stress, especially vis a vis father, boss, authorities, men generally. Keep your cool. If you find that you must confront, do this on Sunday between 1:37-2:09 pm.

10/31/201911:41 am Mercury Stationary Retrograde @ 27°SC38’ = You see yourself in a new light, in a new role vis a vis other people, and need tact, aplomb, and confidence in your own abilities. Your optimism and enthusiasm are fired up and you are able to make progress in the realization of your life goals (between 11:01-11:35 am – also a good time to cast a spell for Success in Studies (see 9/03/2019 above).

For the past 41 years Bob Makransky has lived on a farm in highland Guatemala where he studied Mayan astrology and shamanism with his teacher don Abel Yat until don Abel’s death in 2009. You can subscribe to Bob’s free quarterly astro-magical ezine by sending an email to: MagicalAlmanac-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Bob’s award-winning basic course in white magic is available for $14.95 from: http://www.amzn.com/1499279337 http://www.amzn.com/1499279337.

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