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Have You Been Putting Your Life On Hold?

by Laura Norman

Do you ever feel like your life has been stuck in the mud?

Maybe you’re waiting for the perfect time to do what it is you’ve always wanted to do. Or you think, “Just one more promotion and I’ll be able to enjoy my life.” Perhaps you wonder if you even deserve to take time for yourself when there are so many things that your family needs.

Regardless of your reasons, waiting for “someday” or holding out for the “right time” often means you miss out on the happiness and sense of fulfillment you deserve.

Is there another choice?

You bet.

Choose what you desire for your life right now.

Not tomorrow.

Not someday.

Use these five simple action steps to get started on your path to living a great life now:

1. Take Time to Dream

Many of us have felt stuck because we were uncertain about what we’d like to see in our lives. So take some time to dream. Think about the things you desire. The things that bring you joy just thinking about them. Make lists. Let yourself dream big. Jot down your short-term and long-term goals.

2. Clarify Your Vision

Once you have some ideas, start to narrow things down. Which options bring you the most joy? Which can you begin working on now? Commit to working toward them by writing them down and telling someone you trust about them. Create a vision board with images that keep your dreams in your consciousness.

3. Create Your Map

With your new-found clarity you’re ready to map out how you’ll reach your destination. It’s amazing how, when you are focused, you can see your path clearly. Write down the steps you plan to take, key milestones and a timeline. Share your map with your friend from Step 2 to further strengthen your commitment.

4. Take Action

It’s time to start bringing your plan to life. Choose which actions you can take right now to begin making progress toward the goals you’ve set. Grab your calendar and write down guideposts for these steps so that you know what you should be working on at each stage of your journey.

5. Have Fun

Enjoy the steps along the way. Remember your sense of excitement and anticipation when you got clear about your vision? Your journey should be just as joyous. Take the time to celebrate each milestone along the way. Feeling good empowers you to keep moving forward and achieve your vision.

My vision was about bringing Reflexology to the world. Through planning, taking action and being sure to have fun along the way I’ve been able to train thousands of Reflexologists who are now following their vision of supporting people to experience better health and well being.

Whatever your vision is, I’m happy to talk with you about your path.

Keep these five steps in mind as a guide for moving forward. Take your life off ‘Hold’ now and create the life of happiness and fulfillment you deserve.

Laura Norman, M.S., LMT, offers private Holistic Reflexology and Inspired Life Coaching sessions and Holistic Reflexology Training Programs starting September 22nd in North Chatham NY. (See our ad this issue for our complete class calendar) Foot, Hand and Face Reflexology Instructional DVDs and natural aromatherapy products are also available.Beautiful instant gift certificates available online for all occasions. www.lauranorman.com • Call 413-854-2615 • 212-532-4404 • Text 917-331-0428

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