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Psychic Horoscopes for December 2019

by Elissa Heyman

The month begins under the influence of November’s new moon in Sagittarius. Sagittarius has an optimistic and idealistic nature, and combined with planet of creativity Venus going into Capricorn when the moon is new, no one should give up hope of their highest aims, their most inspiring dreams. Give it a shot this month, and take good care of yourself so you can do whatever motivates you.

November 26th New Moon: Helpful realizations and some of your best ideas yet precede this new moon in Sagittarius – especially about making money and acquiring the lifestyle you want (Venus enters Capricorn today.)

The next day on the 27th, Neptune goes direct, and that triggers reality checks in various areas of life. Illusions can fall away, and hidden agendas are revealed; this can come as a revelation about your inner motives, or out in the world, greater clarity about who is trying to do what to whom.

Breakthrough Conditions: By November 27th both Mercury and Neptune are direct: it’s not so easy to get distracted and scattered as it has been. There is a sense of “finally!” as people move forward. People begin to wade out of the deep and make their way to higher ground.

From October/Fall 2019 newsletter: November 26th New Moon: “Wow! So much is new for so many! New directions are able to be taken by newly-emboldened people.”

The Message of December’s Pictograph: The creative potential for December 2019 feels like people face a wide open playing field… the changes they go through more thoroughly separate them from their past. There’s a strong awareness of the end of a cycle. What can’t come together is clear, meaning many are starting over in different areas of their life. The messages on the pictograph are about “the formation of new foundations in December 2019”, as people head towards new frontiers.

Getting Off to a Good Start in December: Messages for the Fire, Water, Air and Earth Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Fire Signs: One day at a time – be thorough, as a stitch in time saves nine this month. Keep track of your to-do’s the first half of the month. Generally, it’s a period of stabilization, and creating a foundation.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Water Signs: It’s best to be going with the flow, allowing things to happen, and acting very, very Zen.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Air Signs: You’ve got that new moon lucky energy going for you, giving you a new beginning and a new chance.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Earth Signs: Success is in your future! Expect good fortune and better health. (… but you must keep your eye on the prize, and what you need to work on and get done.)

Out in the World: These messages are about “what’s in the air”, and not yet in concrete earthly form. They are potentials, and all seem to be about the U.S., except where noted:

East: The aura and collective consciousness of the country gets dimmer and less considerate and inclusive. South: More prisons are built. West: Dissipation of order, unity, and mobility among “the people”… the party that represents the needs of the people. North: An arc of communication connects the U.S. and Russia, an outreach from the White House to Russia that lays the groundwork for a new world order and form of government.

Elissa Heyman is a psychic counselor and healer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in professional practice since 1979. She works by appointment from her plaza area office, and consults by phone with clients anywhere. For booking information or to read Elissa’s monthly prediction and psychic guidance newsletter, please visit www.elissaheyman.com or call 505-982-3294.

Elissa Heyman

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