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Time is of the Essence

by By, Alison David Bird, Avatar GRACE ELOHIM

Did you FALL, and become trapped in the Earth matrix?

Are you Atlantean, or Lemurian?

Were you sent down to the surface of the planet in the aftermath of the destruction of these great civilizations on a rescue mission in one of the waves of volunteers?

Or, are you Angelic? Did you FALL from Grace post Lyran - Elohim wars, at the beginning of this Universe? Because as you ascend up the Krystal spiral in your return to Source – you will be returned to your point of origin!

Whether you are here to redeem yourself, or are among one of the Indigo tribes here to assist in the redemption of this planet, don’t find yourself on the wrong side of the ‘veil’ at this crucial time.

The Atlanteans and Lemurians among you ready to shift into 5D, will be re-inserted onto the Atlantean time-track (represented in sacred geometry as the center of the infinity symbol) prior to the FALL of Tarra (the Atlantean/Lemurian planet) to rejoin your lost Ascension path to 7D Gaia.

Do you understand that in linear time at least, Atlantis is both behind you historically - as has been recorded by your philosophers - and also in front of you in the spiral of vertical time?

Yes! In a linear experience such as you have here on Earth, Atlantis is in front of you on the time track, meaning it has not yet happened! Be forewarned!

Those of you who descended into the Earth matrix via Fallen Angelic experiences, are also approaching re-insertion into the time track pre-fall of VENUS! A failed project to provide individualized biological soul-carriers for higher light forms in the material realm.

As each faction gains access to the 6D anti-matter time matrix they have the opportunity to re-write the script and erase negative potentials with the intention of being able to avoid the cataclysm and instead branch off along positive timelines and parallel experiences with higher potentials for success!

You love to say, “Potentials are infinite”, but this is not so within this Earth matrix; all timelines are foreseen and mapped. As you become Master Time Travelers manifesting Heaven on Earth from the etheric 6D corridor, you will discover how to manipulate timelines, and even jump from one to another, creating new consciousness grids, and expanded experiences.

When you ask, ‘How do I do that?’, it is important to understand that you only need align your desires with the vibration of existing templates, pre-set within the unified field of connectivity by Lightworkers and the advanced spiritual alchemists among you, and pull down particle waves to manifest your new reality.

However, if you have not cleared ancient and pre-programed fear frequencies, then you may create powerful, instantaneous manifestations of your worst nightmares.

Opportunities to re-join the 5D track, pre-Atlantean fall, will close in approximately two linear years. Beyond that you may have another 15 years to complete an Ascension into 7D.

Miss this bus and there won’t be another one for 2000 years.

For more information about Marconics workshops and practitioner training, or to purchase, “Marconics: The Clarion Call,” visit: www.marconics.com

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