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Our World Will Be Saved

by Marguerite dar Boggia

The book, The Ascension Mysteries by David Wilcock has so much interesting information that is unknown to the general public. On Page 312 he writes "Soon after YouTube allowed streaming videos to be uploaded to the Internet free of charge, Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan created Project Camelot. They interviewed a variety of intriguing whistle-blowers and released the videos at no cost. Certain insiders refused to go on camera or even audio with their testimonies. The most fascinating whistle-blower in this category, was a man going by the pseudonym Henry Deacon. Henry claimed to have worked in what some UFO researchers have called a "breakaway civilization," where our own military-industrial complex had secretly colonized space. Various ancient bases, such as the Moon were pressurized and re-occupied, and others were built from scratch. Local materials could be used to make pourable concrete that would be molded with plastic bags to form the foundations for buildings."

Henry claimed to have worked in a base on Mars, saying that ancient ruins not unlike those on the Moon had been discovered there and re-occupied. Henry confirmed that there were pyramids on Mars. He worked at the Mars base with 200,000 personnel and only 10,000 of them were from Earth.

The way Henry traveled to work was extremely interesting. He claimed to have used something called "the Corridor," which was a stargate-type device. He would show up for work at a military base and go through a series of checkpoints. The final barrier featured two soldiers at a desk in front of a long, cylindrical hallway. In addition to showing the proper ID, he had to have an extended, normal conversation with the soldiers to prove his identity. He would then walk down the Corridor and go into an elevator at the end that had an oversize door. The interior of the elevator had a brushed-metal appearance. He would then take an ordinary looking metal key and insert it into a small panel with a lock that was mounted on the wall of the elevator. The door would close at a painfully slow speed, taking as long as thirty seconds. The door would then immediately open again and he would be on Mars -- or wherever else his badge told the elevator to send him. The trip was painless and almost unnoticeable. There was no wormhole, no sensation of movement--just an instant transfer.

Ordinary soldiers were on the base and did not know what the elevator could do. There was a stairwell to the left of the elevator that went up to the second floor, and the elevator did function in the normal sense if you hit the button.

Henry called this a "modern" stargate system. At one time he visited a highly guarded area in Iraq that had a large stone ring just like what we see in the Stargate movie and television series. Obelisks stood on either side of the ring. Apparently this ancient gate was still used for certain purposes, and was kept under extremely high security. Henry also confirmed that working stargates have been on Earth for at least the last ten thousand years and possibly significantly longer. A variety of ETs have been coming and going from Earth using these portal systems all along. He also confirmed that they have to follow a "Prime Directive" to conceal themselves from us until we have reached a point where we are ready to see them as a collective. Henry claimed to have personally seen approximately forty-three different types of extraterrestrial species. All of them were humanlike in appearance. They would vary in size from only a foot tall to over twelve feet in height. They would have different features, including a full variety of pastel skin colors. Some had larger heads and larger eyes. Different groups required different gravitational fields, and they would be assigned to certain areas in the Mars base where the floor had panels that generated the appropriate amount of gravity to satisfy their needs. When I asked him what it was like to interact directly with these beings, he said the feeling was usually one of extreme spiritual bliss. You would often experience mind-to-mind communication and feel an exceptional sense of happiness and light.

Henry always referred to them as people, not aliens. Some had jet-black skin. Others had skin with pastel colors that could be yellow, pink, red, orange, blue, or purple. Some had skin that was pure white. Others had varying depths of gray. One group that he said was from Alpha Centauri had dark green skin, and they photosynthesized light.

I repeatedly tried to get Henry Deacon to tell me what he did at these jobs, but it was very difficult to get him to release information beyond a certain point. He did tell me that he was trained to repair certain types of advanced equipment. He would travel to various bases in our solar system and perform maintenance as required. He kept reaffirming that the work they were doing was very important for the survival of the human race, and that was part of why he did not feel comfortable going into details.

Pete Peterson was there in the formative stages of the same secret space program that Henry Deacon was a part of. He helped design some of the craft and other technologies they use. This included advanced computer chips that are far more powerful than anything we have in the commercial world, featuring photon-based transistors instead of those using electrons. Pete's chips have a staggering 133 cores each, running at speeds vastly in excess of any current technology. The chips can be printed on conventional multilayer silicon wafers at dirt-cheap prices. Since photons have quantum non-locality, they process countless calculations simultaneously. Eighty-five percent of the components of a typical smart-phone can be eliminated with just one chip, and it requires so little power it can be run off a lemon with wires stuck into it. These chips are so powerful that they demonstrate what Pete's insiders call "electronic intelligence." .

Pete revealed that a gigantic, Moon-sized sphere drifted into our solar system in the early 1980's, terrifying the Reagan administration. None of the ETs they were in contact with, at places like Area 51, had anywhere near this level of technology. They called this sphere "the Seeker." It was predominantly white, but its surface had geometric lines much like a soccer ball. Hugh portals would open on its sides, creating eight-hundred mile wide holes into an interior that was too dark to see very clearly. Ships would fly in and out of the portals and explore our planets and moons. The Seeker came into our solar system and began circling each of the planets, one by one. it eventually left when it got to Jupiter.

The most important thing Pete shared with me is the existence of an Alliance that formed to end the UFO cover-up. The two most prominent movies that reveal the Alliance's agenda and prepare us for disclosure are Iron Man 3 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. (118) A surprising majority of the people in the Pentagon want the secrecy to end, particularly after 9/11, which is widely known to have been an inside job. The Cabal is still using lethal force to prevent the truth from being revealed. As a result, the pro-disclosure elements of the Pentagon have quietly worked with foreign countries to create an international alliance. I have extensively covered the battle between the Cabal and the Alliance on my website, ("Divine Cosmos") and the story is constantly shifting and evolving as time goes on.

Despite all the negative press about him in the Cabal-controlled West, Vladimir Putin has been a key figure in the Alliance, working directly with the positive elements in the Pentagon. A positive ET group apparently gave Putin some of their peace-keeping technology. Corey Goode revealed that this technology causes metal to suddenly enlarge while it is activated. As soon as the beam is turned off, the metal returns to its normal size. Putin has demonstrated the ability to completely power down any and all US military hardware, including the latest, greatest Aegis-class aircraft carriers. Every effort is being made to prevent loss of life, and to create a peaceful transition that leads to disclosure.

One of the most surprising stories Jacob ever told me concerned a man they called the "Black Jesus." He said this was highly classified and he was definitely "talking out of school" to tell me about it at all. Apparently in the 1960s a man appeared in Africa who had full ascended abilities. He could read people's minds, materialize objects out of thin air, communicate telepathically, levitate himself and teleport his body from one location to another. He was a spiritual teacher who emphasized love, peace, service to others, and forgiveness as the common core that unified all the great religions. The Cabal does not want anyone to develop these abilities, and if they find out that someone has them, they will hunt those people down and terminate them with prejudice. The Cabal made several attempts to assassinate this man. He consistently regenerated his body after each attack, no matter how lethal it seemed to be.

Finally the man was told that they had given up. He was far too powerful. There was nothing they could do to stop him, and they were going to surrender. They invited him to a major world summit and told him they would reveal him to all of humanity so he could share his message. He was brought on board a military transport aircraft. Once airborne, he was shot repeatedly. His body was divided into many different sections, each of which was stored in a super-high tech energy-shielded container. Jet aircraft rushed up to the plane in sequence and scrambled the containers all over the Earth, as far apart as possible. The contents were then thoroughly and completely destroyed. It was hoped that this would prevent him from being able to regenerate himself.

After this was done, the man materialized directly into the offices of the people who had ordered his murder. There were no visible signs of damage to his body. He said, "Your desire to prevent me from living on Earth is so strong that I am forced to honor it, for now. I will be leaving you shortly. However, in the future many more people will develop abilities just like me. Once that happens, you will no longer be able to stop us from making this world a peaceful place for everyone."

After the super-Earth was destroyed 500,000 years ago, Corey's intel revealed that the protective grid for our entire Local Cluster went down. This allowed a mass immigration of different groups that had been excluded up until then. The second major incursion to arrive on our planet was of the Draco, or what the Law of One refers to as the Orion Confederation. According to Jacob, this is a group of six different reptilian humanoid species. He told me they have genetically intermingled so much that each of the six is actually a different gender, and that they "trend" from male to female. This was not thoroughly explained, other than that these different "genders" could look like completely different species. According to Corey, there is a master race among them that is twelve to thirteen feet tall. The top leaders are white. Another high-ranking group is sable black. The warrior caste has red scales. Still others have skin that is a combination of tan and green scales. Contrary to popular belief, none of these people are strictly green. They are very warlike and according to Jacob they have been largely defeated throughout the galaxy already. Our Local Cluster is one of the only places left where they can live. According to Tompkins, there are two massive underground caverns in Antarctica that hold huge highly populated cities of the Draco. Corey's Secret Space Program suggest the number of Draco in our solar system is comparable to Earth's own visible population of 7 billion people.

The Draco feed off the energy of fear, sadness, depression, selfishness, narcissism, anger, hatred and jealousy. They are utterly dependent upon this energy for their survival. The Cabal calls this "loosh," and directly associates that word with Lucifer. Hence they have a saying, "Give Lucius his loosh." As outrageous as this must sound, the Draco are ultimately controlling the Cabal. Although the Draco have been around for 375,000 years, many insiders confirm that they made a deal with the Nazis, beginning as early as 1913. The (Reptilian) mission was to take over the planet, kill off all of the ones that were a problem, and make slaves out of (everyone else). The second phase was to leave the planet with large squadrons of UFOs, after you've got them all built, and do the same thing to other stars' planets.

Another bizarre piece of intel that has come to light from Corey Goode and others is that the Draco have been aggressively using mind control technology against us ever since our origin on Earth. Corey specifically said this technology is stopping us from being able to form a telepathic. collective consciousness. According to Jacob, the technology uses an artificial intelligence to monitor our thoughts and steer us away from any information that would help us grow spiritually, such as by making us suddenly feel tired. Part of this technology involves the use of large spacecraft that are cloaked in low earth orbit, as well as other systems inside the Earth and the Moon. The patriotic militaries of the United Sates and other nations now have the capability of shooting down the orbiting craft and deactivating this technology through advanced weapons strikes.

However, once the grid goes down, we will all get a sudden change in consciousness that could be extremely disturbing, even lethal, to some. People who tend toward violence, irrational behavior and fear could have those qualities greatly amplified. Others who are positive within the supercharged interstellar energy cloud we are moving into, these changes would apparently have already happened to us if Draco technologies were not being used against us. It does not appear that our militaries can turn off the Draco mind-control grid in stages. Once they attack it, or perhaps once the solar flash destroys it for them, the entire control system disappears from our minds -- and we experience a quantum consciousness shift. This may sound ridiculous to you, but for the people in the classified military programs, it is a highly serious issue. They do know the grid will go down, whether by their own strikes or from massive electromagnetic pulses that are expected to emanate from the sun.

What is most informative to me is that Henry Deacon's data included information about the "high energy cloud" our solar system was moving into. He was aware that spacecraft had been sent out to view the cloud and study its energetic properties. He confirmed that it was expected to trigger a dramatic evolutionary event on Earth, including an epic solar energy release of some kind. This information coincides with the information from the Hindu and Zoroastrian sages, to the effect that we will enter into a Golden Age in the Age of Aquarius.

Most religions are awaiting the reappearance of the Messiah. His personal name is known to the Buddhists as Maitreya, whom the Christians call the "Christ." He is known as the World Teacher to esoteric students. He is at the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. When this event occurs, which could be in July, 2037, the Lord Maitreya will bring with him all of the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy and great Devas who will teach us how to obtain food from the ethers, etc.11 Great changes will occur including a new economic system. Peace will be based on justice, freedom and goodwill. For more information on the Christ see my article: The Forthcoming Golden Age and also The Next War is Inevitable under Articles in my website: www.FreePythagorasTeachings.com.

Marguerite dar Boggia is the former Secretary, Membership Secretary and Director for ISAR, the International Society for Astrological Research. She is the former Publisher of Kosmos, the ISAR journal. She is a co-founder of UAC and its past Secretary and Director. Her goal is to serve humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy of our planet. To that end, she offers FREE, online, three pages weekly of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings as was known by Pythagoras. These teachings include information that Albert Einstein received. To receive these studies, she can be contacted through her website www.FreePythagorasTeachings.com, which website, she created at the age of 90. These teachings prepare us for discipleship.

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