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5 Ways to Use Tarot Holistically for Developing Intuition, Healing & Personal Growth

by Kris Gurky

When we think of tarot, images of fortune tellers, neon psychic signs, or elaborately adorned cards with mysterious meanings may come to mind. However, tarot is more than what it appears on the surface and if we approach it holistically, it can be used as a powerful tool to develop intuition, seek guidance on various issues, and assist in discovering our life purpose or true will.

Each of the 78 cards that comprise a standard tarot deck contain imagery that tells a story, holds life lessons, and offers a glimpse into the infinite universe. The power tarot holds is not the cards themselves, but their ability to unlock the inherent power within ourselves.

When beginning a journey of learning how to read tarot, it can be quite overwhelming and often intimidating. So, what if there was a secret that allowed you to feel confident reading tarot as soon as you opened the deck? There is and it’s called intuition.

When we look at tarot beyond memorizing all the cards, we open opportunities for personal growth and healing. Using the techniques below will help to develop intuition beyond the basic level, trust your gut instincts, and empower you along the way of self-discovery.

1. Create a Personal Connection to Your Tarot Deck

It is important to create a personal connection to your chosen deck. One of the key methods to do this is by keeping a tarot journal. First, take the booklet that came with your deck, set it aside and do not reference it. Each day, draw a card and focus on it. Write down your initial feelings when you look at the card, any words that come to mind or symbols your eye is drawn to - what story do you feel the card is trying to tell? The idea is to do one card a day for 78 days until you’ve written your own interpretation guide for your deck. When you’ve gone through all 78 cards, reference the guidebook your deck came with and compare interpretations. Not only will you be surprised at what you already knew, but you will have established a personal connection to your deck that will assist you when doing readings for yourself or others.

2. Develop Intuition Beyond the Basic Level Through a Daily Tarot Practice

Practicing a daily three-card spread will help to strengthen intuition and assist in trusting initial instincts. Knowing when to trust your intuition is invaluable when making decisions in relationships, business, and personal matters. Each day, shuffle the deck and pull three random cards. Allow your intuition to pull from the imagery to gain insight into what you may expect from the day. Write down what you feel, hear, or see when you look at the cards. In the evening, compare what you wrote and see if there are any connections that happened throughout the day.

3. Manifest Goals Through Tarot Meditation & Visualization

Tarot can be an invaluable tool for self-improvement and manifesting goals when used to direct energy for a desired outcome. This can be done through meditation and visualization exercises. Begin by focusing on a goal or intention you wish to manifest, shuffle through the deck and find a card that resonates or represents the outcome you are aiming for. In a quiet place, without distraction, hold the card in your hand and focus on the imagery, then close your eyes. With the imagery still clear in your mind’s eye, step inside the card, walk around and take notice of anything that stands out. Begin to visualize what you wish to manifest actually happening. Be specific and clear with your intent. When you feel you have set your intention, step out of the card, and open your eyes. Place the card in a spot to remind you of your goal every day or make it your phone’s wallpaper as a constant reminder.

4 Find Guidance on Difficult Issues to Heal, Transform, or Instigate Change

Many find it easier to see a situation clearly for others, yet when it comes to themselves a thick fog rolls in. Reading tarot for yourself can be challenging, as it is often difficult to make decisions, see the truth, or acknowledge toxic patterns when we are intimately involved. However, consulting the cards can be a powerful instrument to access our intuitive centers and provide personal guidance on a difficult matter. Center yourself, shuffle your cards, and focus on the issue. Ask the following questions, laying the cards in the order they are pulled - left to right. Feel free to modify these questions to your situation:

1. What is the obstacle I am faced with?

2. What is holding me back?

3. What needs to change in order to move forward?

4. What else do I need to know?

5. What is the outcome?

5 Using Tarot To Help Others

One of the most powerful effects from reading tarot is the ability to help others. It not only empowers the person with possible paths to choose, but it is extremely rewarding to hear when the reading made a difference in their lives. It can be intimidating at first, however it is a solid way to gain experience and validate your intuition. Begin by reading for friends and relatives, have them ask a question out loud, and start with a simple three-card spread. Eventually, you’ll begin to draw more cards and know their question without them evening asking.

It is common to question your intuition or feel overwhelmed if you’re just starting out. When a personal connection is made to a deck and intuition is strengthened through consistent practice, it becomes easier. The most important thing to remember is tarot does not predict the future. Consulting the tarot is an intuitive ‘snapshot in time’ which provides potential paths to take. What one does with the information received determines the outcome.

Kris Gurky lives in Salem, Massachusetts and has taught various workshops on tarot, magickal herbalism, and intuitive development around the country and internationally. She will be presenting at the Witch City Tarot Gathering in historic Salem, Massachusetts. An empowering weekend of presentations, workshops and entertainment focusing on various methods, tools, techniques and applications of using tarot for divination, self-improvement, and magickal practices. The event will take place at the Hawthorne Hotel July 24-26 - registration and more information can be found at www.witchcitytarotgathering.com.

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