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Land of the Giants

by Alison David Bird C.Ht. Fully Integrated Avatar Grace Elohim

These coming months will be most transformative!

Firstly, remember, linear time has indeed collapsed and exists only as a projected illusion. We have said before, you were given an extension beyond 2012, and due to the releasing of the Free Will Zone you have enjoyed many interventions by your galactic, stellar and cosmic guides.

You were gifted tools and incentives to be able to assist yourself and others to be ready at for this auspicious period. Being that there is ‘no time’, it could appear that you have looped back around on the time-track to. Look around you, see the signs that although the calendar reads 2020, the view from the bridge is indeed more as you expected of 2012.

Civil unrest, climate change, Coronavirus, fire and flood, terrorism and war! NOW the work begins!!

Initiates, adepts and alchemists who have scaled the summit to conquer their fears!

You stand like GIANTS with one foot in this reality and the other placed on the surface of another world, way out in the stars!

You stepped out of service-to-self agendas onto higher platforms dedicated to the ‘Law of One’. You have committed - in your various guises - all of you, Guardians and Volunteers - to ensure the success of this final attempt to preserve humanity on its journey into Light.

Did you know the scientific theory that supposes that what you do to one particle affects alteration in another unrelated particle, even over great distance, has been proven! A theory that is scientifically tested and proved must eventually be moved into law, in your realm. Even though, Einstein himself could not reconcile the theory with his own understanding for the role of Quantum Physics, and called entanglement theory, “spooky actions at a distance”.

Healers and Lightworkers have understood this for thousands of years, and developed techniques to impact energetic paradigms and consciousness across space-time.

They have worked tirelessly above and beyond all anticipated levels of diligence, to reverse and enhance the damaged human ascension templates, repair and re-encode consciousness grids, erase negativity, remove distortion algorithms, release un-natural seals, reconnect breakages in the axi-a-tonal systems of the 5th dimensional body template.

They redirect and disrupt corrupted ‘source’ frequencies, being poured down on our unsuspecting populations, correct negative electro-magnetic ‘spin’ points on the Crystalline Grid, and translocate to retrieve and return hi-jacked Time Vectors and Fire Letters.

They have dismantled alien technologies embedded within the human and planetary DNA templates, which were ‘rigged’ for remoted detonation at a certain vibrational frequency, as surely as if they were ‘booby-trapped’ by terrorist.

Some of you may limp bare foot and blooded, and your heads may be bowed – but only in deference to All That Is, and All That Shall Be!

Without you, this next phase would not be possible. Newly awakening among you, you stand on the shoulders of GIANTS.

For information on Practitioner Training, Spiritual Alchemy & Ascension Mechanics, visit: www.Marconics.com

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