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5 Tips For A More Spiritually Empowered Life

by Cassendre Xavier

Many of us enjoy reading and enjoying the many spiritual materials available to us. But enjoying a book, audio, or video is not the same as enjoying on a day-to-day basis the feeling of spiritual presence in our lives.
Here are some ways I have learned to have that feeling, and to see the results of my time and efforts in spiritual study.

1) Look for Love Everywhere
No, I don't mean "looking for love in all the wrong places!" I mean to look for the love in every person and in every situation. Usually you'll find it. Once you see the love in a person, you can then try to engage with that. You may find a solution to a problem, you may find something lovable in a person who is getting on your nerves. You may have sudden compassion for someone who is bellowing out towards you in anger. After all, an angry person is just hurting. Sometimes you need to just turn around and step away from that person, but most of the time engaging in a loving way, with a non-abusive angry person, can be the best move.

2) Listen to music more often - the angels reside there.
I have been many years away from listening to guided meditation and affirmation audios, due to a lack of having moved from CD listening to MP3s or whatever the kids are using these days! Sometimes I use YouTube for this, but I don't do it often, and I rarely listen to music for enjoyment anymore. As I type this article, I am listening with headphones to music via the YouTube app on my phone, and I'm crying a little because it's making me so happy.
If you're like me, in your 50s, and not listening to music as much for the same or a similar reason, let's do ourselves a solid and get hip to the groove, shall we? Let's be as we were in our younger years, listening to music that made us feel happy. Music is the primary address of the angels, and they want us to visit - often!

3) Watch your language, young lady/man/non-binary/gender non-conforming individual!
Recently, I've been noticing there are certain phrases I've been saying that hold a negative vibration and could be creating a self-fulfilling prophecy situation.
For instance, this morning I was thinking about an offer I had to reside somewhere, but with circumstances that would be unhealthy for me, I thought, "It's great that I attracted this, since I need a place to live..." Then I noticed the feeling I had when I said "need a place to live" wasn't a good feeling. I changed it to "...since I am attracting a good residence...."
Do you do this? Notice how you speak, and consider upgrading to more positive speech. One of my favorite examples is transforming "Kill two birds with one stone," to, "Plant two trees with one seed."

4) Be mindful during Mercury Retrograde.
My sweetie told me something I hadn't known before: Mercury in retrograde isn't the devil!
I used to think when Mercury went into retrograde you should run! Hide from the Mercury Retrograde boogie man! Don't sign anything! Ignore all contracts! Make no decisions! Don't travel! Expect all electronics to malfunction! Step awayyy from making any big changes in your life! Now is
*not* the time!!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, it's all good :)
You don't have to be that afraid. Mercury retrograde is a marvelous time for introspection, for pausing, for thinking and re-thinking things. For observing. For so much more I don't know about yet because it's a new concept for me, but you can Google it!
I have been very excited to know this and it's helped me a lot. (Anything that removes fear and replaces it with hope and positive action is very welcome in my world!)
At the time I'm writing this, Mercury has just gone retrograde and will be in full swing for the next few weeks. And guess what? I won't be stressed out about, or afraid of it as I have been in the past. Learn what you can about Mercury retrograde and see if it doesn't make a positive, spiritual difference in your life!

5) Make a vision board, and not just one, either!
Last year, I made a vision board on my birthday. This was at a workshop held at the health center I go to several times a week for individual and group psychotherapy, and a weekly session with the "mind/body educator" there (who also happens to be a New Age spiritual person with professional certification in healing with the angels - my kinda person!).
This year I attended the workshop and made a board for a specific goal. (A therapy group makes a board for various goals, and reaches them more quickly and easily that way!)
Vision boards are easy to make (paper, magazine cuttings, rubber cement, markers, etc., and
*feeling* are all it takes). They can be simple or detailed as you like. They tend to be highly effective in helping to clarify and accomplish goals. And as we know, goals are what helps make dreams happen!

I hope these things can help you make some significant, positive changes in your life, and help you feel more spiritually empowered and connected as you do so. Best wishes!

Cassendre Xavier has been writing on various topics for Wisdom Magazine since 2009. She is a multi-media healing artist, whose work and calendar you can visit at https://cassendrexavier.wordpress.com

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