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Life Spectrum Conference:

A Retreat That beats Expectations!

by Faith Zimmerman

Have you thought about attending a retreat, but aren’t sure where to find one that’s just right? That’s what happened to me, and then I stumbled upon one that met all of my needs! I attended the Life Spectrums Summer Conference last year and I have to say, it was one of the most life-changing and fulfilling experiences I have ever had.

I was looking for a retreat where I could interact with warm, welcoming, interesting people who would help me advance on my spiritual path. But at the same time, it was very important for me to have time to be alone so that I could turn within for reflection. This retreat presented such a wonderful blend of both worlds. I was free to join in and interact when it worked for me, and I could also be more solitary when I wanted, allowing me to create the perfect retreat for what I needed at that particular point in my life. Another nice feature was to be able to come for one day or all 5 depending on my schedule.

I also wanted a retreat that offered a plethora of activities and workshops. This retreat was unique because they offered activities throughout the day and night that you could choose to take part in if you felt called to. But once again, it was nice to be able to decline some of the activities when I felt called to spend my time differently. The workshops were long enough in length that we could get deep into the topic, but short enough that we were able to experience a variety of interests.

I really felt that this organization offered a variety of topics, activities and experiences so that I could do what I felt called to do in the moment. My creativity and inspiration were constantly being stimulated by all of the products offered in the metaphysical book store. It was a delight to take a break and browse the bookstore, and I was amazed that it always led me to a special product or book that would help me in my current path. There were also opportunities throughout the retreat to have different types of readings and spa treatments, another way of adding more self-nurturing and inspiration to my retreat.

Of course, I was seeking a retreat environment that would enhance my experience by allowing me to encounter the beauty and oneness of nature. The Pocono setting was the perfect place for this retreat, and I was free to explore the walking trails, go horseback riding at the near-by stable or just enjoy the exhilarating feeling of being in the mountains with the blue sky and abundant natural beauty surrounding me.

One thing I couldn’t believe when I found out about this retreat was the pricing. The amazing price of the rooms included all of your meals, allowing you to be free from having to think about what you were going to do for breakfast, lunch or dinner. And the incredible price of the retreat was unbeatable.

The most exhilarating part of the retreat, of course, was the life-transforming aspect. This retreat accelerated my spiritual path and reinforced my current ideas and aspirations. I received answers to literally all the questions I was seeking at that time. I set my intentions for what I wanted to get out of the retreat before I went and then I watched in wonder as it all revealed itself to me so elegantly.

When I got home, I felt like I had had a relaxing vacation, but I also felt transformed and I had learned so much and grown in ways I could never have imagined in such a short amount of time. With the 2008 Life Spectrums Summer Conference coming up July 9-12, 2008, I can tell you that I won’t miss it for the world!

Written by Faith Zimmerman, Life Transformation Coach. www.lifecoachfaith.com


Workshop at Life Spectrums Conference


The Dream Incubation Practices of Ancient Greece

As A Road To Higher Consciousness


Arielle Guttman will reacquaint us with the dream incubation process as practiced in classical Greece. Using our astrological chart as a mandala of archetypal symbolism, we will learn how to perceive our dreams as an archetypal language of symbols and apply this to our personal evolution and the attainment of higher consciousness. As 2012 approaches, what better opportunity do we have than to gather together our community of elders, visionaries, healers, therapists and teachers than now—to collectively share the dream of global transformation and healing? The dreams that speak to the changes we are making as a species and as a planet will be of particular concern during this two-day workshop at the 2008 Life Spectrums Conference in Pennsylvania.

Arielle Guttmann, of New Mexico, is an author of two volumes of Mythic Astrology. Inspired by the practices of ancient Greece, she weaves the archetypal language of astrology and dream symbolism in a unique dream healing approach. www.sophiasantafe.org  

For more information about the Life Spectrums 29th Annual Conference at The Inn at Pocono Manor, PA, July 9-12th, contact Sharon Reichlyn: sreichlyn@mdp.state.md.us   or visit www.lifespectrums.org


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