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Your Weekly Horoscope By Element - August 10-17, 2008

by Elizabeth Joyce

Week of August 10th – August 17th

Air, Fire, Water and Earth

Remember, your Guardian Angel is always working on your behalf in some very mysterious ways. The upcoming two August eclipses will dominate the summer so take the time now to play. Regardless of who you are, you will find yourself pulled between extremes throughout mid-fall.

The Air Signs

Gemini - Libra – Aquarius

Give yourself leeway this week. You are usually cool and savvy in the way you approach life, thanks to your Air element Zodiac sign. You think first and emote later. Your brain leads your heart and not vice versa, and you are able to analyze your own actions very easily. On Saturday, you are due for a big change in your emotional life as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place in Aquarius. Get ready for a tidal wave of emotion to overtake you. You will be affected by the powerful Eclipse energy both before and after the weekend, so make sure you keep that in mind as you go about your daily routine. You will have a tendency to blow events out of proportion and to be oversensitive in general. Give yourself a lot of leeway this week, and don't expect too much from yourself or others. Try to wait until next week to make any decisions if possible. You might want to consider taking in a movie marathon or reading a good fantasy or science fiction book, and zoning out for a bit. This is a good time to channel your emotions into art or writing projects.

The Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Take care of your health this week, Fire Signs. Your astrological signs are fire, energetic and powerful, but that doesn't mean that you have supernatural powers or that you are a superhero! You are still a human being, and if you don't take care of yourself, you will start to become run-down very quickly, even though you have a strong physique and a lot of stamina. On Monday, the Moon in Sagittarius squares Uranus and Mars, and you may experience health issues. Once that happens, you will realize just how important it is for you to eat right and get the proper rest. You will be back on your feet soon, but you still need to continue to follow doctor's orders. On Sunday, your anger is easily triggered as combative Mars in Virgo squares potent Pluto retrograde in Sagittarius. Try not to get hot under the collar if someone cuts in front of you in line, or you could find yourself involved in a situation that escalates very quickly. Look for all the reasons you have to feel blessed in your life.

The Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

You will have a new experience, Water Signs, and be guided by logic this week. Your intuition is not up to speed and that might throw you for a loop emotionally and mentally. You usually rely on your inner voice and insight, and that's fine because you are considered the most perceptive signs in the Zodiac. But right now, you need to let your sixth sense take a back seat and allow your logical mind to guide you. On Monday, the Moon in fiery Sagittarius squares Uranus in Pisces, and your emotional barometer goes on the fritz. You may not understand yourself and your own feelings, let alone the emotions of your associates. Saturday's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse affects your Sixth Sense, and your hunches are not as on target as they normally are. You may have to ask the people in your life questions and wait to receive answers as opposed to relying on mental telepathy, your favorite way to communicate. On Sunday, you are pleasantly surprised when one of your most cherished desires is granted as Mercury trines lucky Jupiter. You may decide to thank the Universe and do a good deed for someone you know who needs a helping hand.

The Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

This week you are revved up and ready to go, Earth Signs, as the Moon in lively Sagittarius squares Mars in Virgo on Monday. You usually have a reputation as a rather unassuming soul, and you tend to take a backseat at times. Not this week! You will be happy to assert yourself and your needs to anyone and everyone you meet. Just try not to go overboard in your quest for self-expression. Your logical mind clicks away on Friday, thanks to Mercury in Virgo conjuncting wise Saturn. You sense that there is a destined path for you to follow; you just aren't completely sure how to find it. Hold fast to your intuition because it will lead you to your destination very soon. Stay open to suggestions, and make sure you listen to your inner voice. On Sunday, you have issues with a family member as Mars in Virgo squares Pluto retrograde. Your interaction with your relative may clear the air and signal the start of a new understanding between the two of you. It's also possible that you will decide to part ways for a while until you both cool down a bit.


Psychically gifted since birth, Elizabeth is a professional Astrologer, Spiritual Counselor, Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient who interprets dreams and utilizes the Tarot as well as Astrology in readings Named one of the World's Greatest Psychics, she is a spiritual healer and gives personal readings worldwide. Her TV Appearances include Unsolved Mysteries, Beyond Chance, and The Psychic Detectives. Ms. Joyce’s first book Psychic Attack -Are You A Victim was released in October 2007, IUniverse Press. Her website — www.new-visions.com is one of the top-rated in her field. Elizabeth has trained with Dr. Eric Pearl and completed the course as a Reconnective Healer. She is located in Doylestown, PA. 201-934-8986 (24 hr. service) E-Mail: Elizabeth.joyce_316@yahoo.com  

Elizabeth Joyce

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