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10 Simple New Years Habits for Soul Inspired Business Owners

by Elizabeth Genco Purvis

Resolutions come and go. Habits are forever! This year, make abundance and better business stick by adopting a few powerful, tried-and-true habits.

As you read the 10 ideas below, notice how simple most of them are! Turn even 2 or 3 of them into new habits and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you make shifts in your life and business.

1. Reconnect with your passion. If you’re a soul-inspired business owner, chances are you’re driven to do what you do – that is, you have a reason why. Maybe you’ve lived what you teach and now you want to help others. Maybe want to spend more time with your family. Write down your why and read it often. Your passion is the fuel that makes your business go. Passion is also absolutely magnetic to potential clients.

2. Reconnect with your vision. Where would you like to be 1, 3 or 5 years from now? If you’ve never created a vision for yourself, now is a wonderful time to make one. Be sure to write in the present tense. “I am so happy and grateful that…” Keep your vision close to you and read it on a regular basis (once a day is ideal). Reading your vision should light a fire in your belly. If you’re not excited after reading your vision, it’s time to change it.

3. Commit to “just one thing” daily. To keep marketing simple, stick to basic, tried-and-true strategies and adopt a truly magical practice that I like to call “just one thing”: every day, do just one thing to build your business, no matter how small. “Just one thing” uses the Japanese principle of kaizen: big results come in continuous small increments over time. Commit to just one thing daily and you’ll never have to worry about where your clients are coming from ever again.

4. Track everything. We all know that what you focus on expands, right? Simple, elegant, and it works. Ideas:

  • Your income (track your income and you’ll get more)
  • Clients (track clients and you’ll get more)
  • Signs from the Universe that you’re moving forward (track your progress and you’ll get more)
  • Things you’re grateful for (give thanks for what you have and you’ll get more)

Like “just one thing,” the key to tracking is that you’ve got to DO it! Take a little of that holiday cash you’ve set aside for gifts and parties and buy yourself a notebook. Start tracking and make it a habit. This small gift to yourself and your business will pay you in ways you you’d never imagine.

One thing you’ll definitely want to track is where your clients come from. That way, you can keep your focus on what’s working and release what is not. Your time and money are precious, so keep your marketing accountable!

5. Go for the relationship, not the sale. The best cure for a recession economy is better relationships, pure and simple. It can be hard to focus on creating a relationship when you need clients and income now. But the more you do, the faster both will come (and the better you’ll feel, too). Better still, by building relationships, you’ll create a business that sustains you long after the crisis point is over.

6. Follow up with potential clients. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met someone whose service I really needed, told them I needed them, and never heard from them again. Lack of follow-up is a money leak, plain and simple. Potential clients want you to follow up because it’s one less thing they need to remember. Make service your top priority and follow up consistently.

7. Reconnect with current and past clients. It’s well known that it’s much easier to get repeat business than new business. Your best clients are one of your most precious assets: emotionally, spiritually, and of course financially. They deserve a little love! Make a new habit of checking in from time to time. They’ll appreciate it, and you’ll both get the benefit of working with each other more often.

8. Be ruthlessly positive. Being positive isn’t just about making you feel good – it’s good business. Good news is like acknowledgment and approval: people long for it. I don’t know about you, but personally, I’m sick of hearing that the sky is falling! So are your clients. Turn the experience of working with you into a blissful, healthy alternative by shifting your attitude.

9. Reject excuses, embrace solutions. Excuses keep you stuck. Solutions move you forward. Time to replace the old habit of slipping into excuses mode (“That won’t work”, “Nobody will pay for it”) for a habit that supports you. When you catch your mind feeding you excuses, give it something else to do: find a solution to the problem. Ask, “How can I make this work?” or “What would make it worth it to them?”

Your left brain is thrilled when you give it problems to solve. Better yet, when you give your brain a problem to solve and a little bit of time, it will help you! Instead of roadblocks, you get a clear path to whatever you want.

10. Gratitude. You know it feels good. You know it works! Now all that’s left is to make it a habit. One day at a time.

Elizabeth Genco Purvis a.k.a. “The Marketing Goddess” teaches spirit-and-soul-inspired entrepreneurs how to grow their practices, make more money and take more time off - all while staying in integrity and not sounding like a pushy salesperson. To claim your free 90-minute interview on getting all the clients you need while staying true to your calling, visit MarketingGoddess.com.

Elizabeth Genco Purvis

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