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Your Weekly Horoscope By Element - Week of Jan. 5 - 11, 2009

by Elizabeth Joyce

The Air Signs

Gemini - Libra – Aquarius

You’re on top of the world in 2009 Air Signs. This is a great year for you in all sorts of ways. Jupiter moves into Aquarius on Monday, bringing many opportunities and good fortune your way. This is a year to dream big, to decide what you want, and to go for it. Your social life is going to be very exciting. The people you meet and the interactions you enjoy will open doors for you into experiences that will change you forever. Your friends may be a key part of your life. Networking will also be very beneficial and something you should do on a regular basis, whether online or off. You're likely to be having some profound thoughts about the direction your life is taking. You will also be moved to help others less fortunate than you. A Full Moon on Saturday is going to bring some interesting issues to the surface as well as plenty of emotion. If you find yourself eating more as a way of stuffing down your feelings, then stop yourself. It is better to find the root of the issue and remove it once and for all. It is also time to think about your lifestyle and to find activities that nurture you on all levels.

Your Love Week - Air Signs:

This week you're as light and airy as a snowflake - literally! And someone is desperately trying to get your attention, so it's time to ground yourself. If you don't, you may miss a love opportunity that may leave you guessing but will certainly leave you in a better state than before. Don't miss the passion. This person can't wait to make your acquaintance. Thinking of playing hooky with that special someone? The stars are in your favor this week. A day away will prove to be very therapeutic for you both. Love, sweet love is in the air, and any recent bouts with disappointment will seemingly dissipate into thin air. So enjoy the star alignment, stoke the fire, and rekindle your passion!

The Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Jupiter moves into Aquarius on Monday, where it will stay until 2010. It will bringing many opportunities your way, Fire Signs. If you're a computer ace or Web wizard, you could be particularly successful. The year 2009 is excellent for advertising campaigns and for selling anything and everything. You have the gift of gab and it's going to work wonders for you. If you've thought about writing a book or starting out as a professional writer, this is the best time to begin, as you'll get plenty of positive feedback. This is going to be an excellent year for partnership and romantic issues. Despite the issues and problems you've had to deal with in your relationships in the past, this, of all years, is when you may decide to get married, engaged, or perhaps commit to your lover on a long-term basis. You're also going to be doing a lot of socializing, and this is going to bring many new friends into your life. You're going to have a lot of fun. The Sun aspects Uranus on Friday, and it may bring an opportunity to close a lucrative deal. This may come out of the blue, so you need to be quick off the mark to catch it. However, Mercury turns retrograde on the 11th and may put a spanner in the works. You need to be careful when signing agreements and closing deals, as the terms and conditions may change before the ink has dried. It would be much better if you could possibly wait until Mercury turns direct on February 2nd. However, if you're not worried, then go ahead and go with the flow. You may be pleasantly surprised at the way things turn out.

Your Love Week - Fire Signs:

What did you learn from this? Make a note of it, because this seems to be a repeat love offense on your part. It's a new year and time for you to be true to yourself. Is he or she really who you've been dreaming of or simply someone to fill a void in your soul? Regardless of your charm, your partner can see right through your façade and notice your indifference hidden behind smiles. Remember, "to thine own self be true." Thank you, Shakespeare. This will get your true love light shining again! Reconsider your perspective. A loved one really needs you to be open to suggestion, especially this week! You've been a bit distant as of late and he or she has noticed. Patience is waning. It's a New Year and time for you to snap out of it. Passionate evenings abound this week if you can get your head out of the clouds. No need to look any further. What you're dreaming about is right in front of you. So, Fire Signs, stop being “too busy.”

The Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

As the New Year opens you will know that synchronicity rules. When Jupiter moves into Aquarius on Monday, Elizabeth, it brings you the chance to become more acquainted with your dreams and dreaming life. You may be drawn to experiment with various gadgets that help you to meditate deeply, remember your dreams, or even train your brain and encourage it to function more harmoniously. You may find visualization exercises, guided meditations, self-hypnosis CDs, and other such products particularly helpful to you. Mercury will turn retrograde on Sunday, so from this point until February 2, be very careful when tuning in to your intuition. It may be all too easy to get it muddled up with ego desires. If you're taking a risk, make sure you get feedback first. Communication issues may seem to be out of your control, but synchronicity and coincidences may thrive under this placement. If you navigate your life by taking note of these events, you'll find yourself able to flow more easily. A Full Moon on Saturday is going to bring a lot of emotions to the surface. You may find it much easier to share how you feel and to talk heart-to-heart. You're going to have a lot more lucky breaks associated with your home. If you've wanted to sell it, you may get more for it than you first thought. If you're looking for a new home, you're likely to find the perfect one for you. The buying or selling process should go a lot more smoothly. The same is true if you're applying for a mortgage. Luck is on your side. However, Mercury turns retrograde on Saturday and it isn't a good idea to sign any contracts associated with your home during this time. Try to hold back until the beginning of February when things should go a lot more smoothly. If it's impossible to wait, then you need to be prepared for changes to your schedule. The Sun aspects Uranus on Friday, so an online meeting may turn out to be a lot more fun and interesting than you imagined. You may also get a brilliantly creative idea that could be the answer to a difficult problem. At the Full Moon on Saturday you may be drawn to explore subjects that have a special fascination for you. If you happen to be away on vacation, this could be a night to remember. Have fun!

Your Love Week - Water Signs:

Did you see it? Do you believe it? Why not consider it? So, it may not be what you expected, but this person certainly is worth a test run, don't you think? You may be surprised. Love comes in many different packages. Don't be afraid to unwrap the unfamiliar one this week. The package that has been hiding in the shadows of the evergreen will prove to be rewarding! The onset of the New Year tends to make you a bit wishy-washy about recent affairs of the heart. The energy radiating from the planets makes it easier for you to address the status of the relationship between you and your lover. You know instinctively that your partner has something they need to say, and because of your natural sense of compassion you are willing to help them work through it, not only by being an attentive listener, but also by having the courage to raise the subject in the first place. Remember, those are hearts that you're toying with, both yours and theirs. Also, "you reap what you sow." Understood? So be kind and honest. The rewards will far outweigh the intensity of the moment of truth.

The Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Jupiter moves into Aquarius on Monday, and into your work and health zone. It's going to bring plenty of opportunities for promotion or perhaps a chance to do something more rewarding and exciting. Teamwork will be a key component of the work you're involved in over the next twelve months. Making sure your computer skills are up to date will be equally important. If you already work in this field, you could experience great success. The same is true for scientists, metaphysicians, and astrologers. New love relationships are going to be very intense but very worthwhile. January will begin quietly with a chance to regroup and get some organizational things done. The weekend will be fast paced and full of activities. Be realistic about romance even if you're feeling passionate. The Moon on January 5th will bring good concentration and the ability to work well with details. You'll make good progress on a large project, but expect a few surprises. Be willing to listen and learn from someone more experienced on Thursday. You'll be more emotional and sentimental than usual on the weekend.

Your Love Week - Earth Signs:

Creativity abounds, and that goes for your love life, too! This will be a week to explore new territory, whether in your present relationship or if you're seeking a crush. It's the perfect time for you to explore new places, people, and things to spark romance. It will work and it will be beneficial to you both. So enjoy the change of pace and lay off the intensity trip. You may need to plan a winter escape. Even if you can only manage a two-day getaway, it will refresh your spirit. This is the perfect week to do it. The holidays are over and winter energy abounds. What could be better for any relationship than to cozy up away from home for a night or two? Your partner will certainly appreciate the attention. If you're single, go away with some friends. Partnership is in your cards this week!

Psychically gifted since birth, Elizabeth is a professional Astrologer, Spiritual Counselor, Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient who interprets dreams and utilizes the Tarot as well as Astrology in readings Named one of the World's Greatest Psychics, she is a spiritual healer and gives personal readings worldwide. Her TV Appearances include Unsolved Mysteries, Beyond Chance, and The Psychic Detectives. Ms. Joyce’s first book Psychic Attack -Are You A Victim was released in October 2007, IUniverse Press. Her website — www.new-visions.com is one of the top-rated in her field. Elizabeth has just trained and become a Reconnective Healer. She is located in Doylestown, PA. and Bergen County, New Jersey. For an appointment call 201-934-8986.

Elizabeth Joyce

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