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Uranus Opposes Saturn: A New Age Is Dawning

by Lou Valentino

Life as we know it has come to an uncertain halt. In September of 2008 a sudden and unexpected decline in the value of the stock market was enough to elect a whole new generation of political leaders.

Many wealthy individuals now feel as if the last 25 years of hard work has been diminished considerably as extra money they counted on to put their children through school or that extra retirement account is no longer a stable commodity.

Uranus is the natural ruler of Aquarius and creates unexpected changes. It is also the planet considered by astrologers to be the rebel of the Zodiac. The changes it creates can be sudden as if lightening has just struck and thunder is about to explode. Uranus creates new and innovative approaches to technology and is prominent in many of the inventors that started the industrial age. It is considered to represent youth and electricity. Uranus is also strong in astrologer’s charts.

Like all planets that move (transit) it aspects different planets while it is moving. Uranus takes 7 years to move through one constellation (Sign) in the Zodiac. Presently it is in the sign of Pisces. It started to move through Pisces in April of 2003 and will start to move through the sign of Aries in March of 2011.

Presently, Uranus has been forming an opposition to transiting Saturn. Oppositions create two planets or energies that are trying to find balance and learn from one another.

Saturn is everything opposite of Uranus and presently moving through Virgo the opposite sign of Pisces. Uranus wants to change things and create excitement. Saturn loves traditional things in life and creates structures which last a long time. Saturn can create long lasting outcomes when it influences life. It is considered the elder unlike Uranus which represents youthfulness.

Uranus began to oppose Saturn at the end of October of 2008. The presidential election voted for change. Saturn is losing the battle with Uranus because the traditional ways of doing business has become greedy and self-serving. Uranus wants to create something new in order to bring people together. After all a New Age is about a new life. A different approach than the old way.

Presently as I write this article on March 3, 2009 humanity senses a gap between the old and the new. Pluto’s move into Capricorn is certainly helping to transform the old model of Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn but Saturn has been in retrograde motion over the last few months and will turn direct on May 17th, 2009. When it turns direct we should see new benefits to our economy.

The second opposition between Uranus and Saturn was in the second half of January through the first half of February 2009. The third opposition will be around September 11, 2009 and the last one is around the middle of April through the middle of May of 2010.

Both Uranus and Saturn need this time to make a complete adjustment to a new model of life that is based more on humanitarian needs instead of big business and government which Saturn controls.

We will see many greedy Wall Street executives with no where to hide as the underground planet of Pluto exposes those who have been hiding behind closed doors. Pluto will dismantle the old system, Uranus will bring new ideas and Saturn will begin building again. But by the time the Uranus/Saturn opposition is over Saturn will now be working with Uranus rather than trying to be the authoritative figure.

Barack Obama has the perfect chart as the leader of this new energy. His rising sign is Aquarius and Uranus is sitting right on his 7th house cusp. The 7th house is how the public views him. Therefore, he is the young rebel whose motto is to change (Uranus) the present system into something new. With all of his Leo energy in the sixth and seventh houses he has great leadership qualities and his Moon placed in Gemini gives him sound communication skills. He is also young which reflects the Uranus energy.

As both Uranus and Saturn try to work out their differences the result by June of 2010 will bring us back to thinking smaller rather than bigger. Community living that we used to have back in the 1940’s and 50’s will emerge again. Small family groups will help each other and new technologies will make education available in homes where the cost will be minimized considerably.

Healthcare will take on a new meaning also as Saturn moves through the sign of Virgo which is the sign that rules healthcare. Holistic healthcare could emerge as equally important to traditional western medicine by June of 2010. This will bring more love into the world and slow the fast pace of greed down that has divided our families and offered little stability to our children who are the foundation to future generations.

I close with thoughts and feelings of hope and inspiration. Uranus offers the family of humanity a new vision that needs attention if we are going to move forward into a new age. We can let go of the old and embrace all of the wonderful new that the universe has for us. To find balance between opposing ways of thinking and unify as a whole human race. To melt all of the differences into a unifying appreciation of life. So be it say’s Uranus with a wink of a cycle. 

Lou Valentino has been giving astrological readings since 1995 of both Western and Vedic (India). Many clients have commented that his readings are full of information to clarify their life's path when dealing with difficulties. He currently lives in Connecticut.To schedule an appointment call 860-664-9247 or email lsoma@aol.com


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