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Paving It Forward

by Elisabeth Fayt

Everything you think about, you attract, so your thoughts have a tremendous impact on life as you experience it. Without a proven technique for staying positive, it can be easy to slip into a negative state of mind without realizing it. Even if you are generally positive by nature, life will throw curve balls. You need to be prepared. Paving it Forward will teach you just that, how to be prepared by pre-paving your future.

Pre-paving is a method of conscious creation. It is similar to the practice of affirmation but different in that it does not require repetition. A pre-pave is a statement of action or belief that you put forward to the Universe as a command. You mold your life by telling the Universe what you want. You will learn about the energy of thought so that you understand how your thoughts create. Without this important understanding of how, there can be little motivation to change. When the understanding hits you between the eyes, you will want to begin consciously pre-paving right away.


If you are a big fan of the Law of Attraction, but have spent any time at all doubting its power, pre-paving will change your doubt to belief. It is the tool that will make you a true believer. It changes the consciousness from a re-active state to a pro-active one.

In Paving it Forward, you learn the basics of pre-paving, and give you many examples of pre-paves you can use right away in every avenue of life. Personal how the energy works in different life scenarios and how you can manipulate the energy for the result you desire. Once you catch on to the technique of pre-paving, you will see how easy it is to stay positive at all times. You will be able to shift your consciousness on a dime, whenever you notice the need to change your thought.

Repetition is a big part of the learning process when you are shifting your consciousness to positive habits of thought. There are some important concepts repeated in different sections with unique analogies to drive home the point. Certain habits of negative thought may have worked against you in the past. You need to lift the needle of your attention and shift it to a new spot, dropping it down onto a place that is in line with manifesting what you want. At first the spot is slippery until it becomes a habit. This takes repetition. Some of the key points as they emerge in different situations are important to review several times in order to clearly get the full meaning of the concept. Each concept, when discussed in a different frame of life, brings on its own learning and power that will help you apply it in your daily life regardless of the context. It really is quite simple. Repetition of a few key concepts is integral to learning.

I welcome you to practice this new way of thinking. It means to pre-pave your life before and as it happens, rather than reacting as a victim to what you feel life might have arbitrarily dished out. Make pre-paving your own and allow the new energy you project change your life.


People spend more time choosing what they are going to wear in the morning than they do choosing how they will connect with people, how they will feel, or what they will accomplish.

Pre-paving is consciously choosing how you want to look, live and feel through every part of your day and every part of your life. You might say, “If only life were so simple.” I say, “Yes, it is,” and I will prove it to you.

Pre-paving is telling the Universe what you want before it happens. It is a form of intention that “lines up the energy” so that you can easily manifest what you desire. Whether you realize it or not, all day you are intending, and what you intend you create. You create with your thoughts. In essence, you are already pre-paving, although sometimes you have been pre-paving positively and other times negatively. What you have attracted is the result of what you have consciously or unconsciously paved forward. In other words, whatever you are prepaving, you are creating. Suddenly the idea of pre-paving catches your attention.

Pre-paving is about setting your intention. I am a Reiki Master, so I like to explain things in terms of energy. When you know the energy behind what thoughts do to your life, you get very motivated to make a change for the positive. Imagine that you have a field of energy immediately surrounding your body, about six inches around your body if you are picturing it. Every thought you think enters this energy field. This energy field is called your vibration. It is the sum of the thoughts, feelings and intentions that you are currently holding.

Your vibration works as a magnet, attracting to you all of the people, events and circumstances in your life. Your goal is to raise your vibration so you begin attracting the good things in life that you have always wanted. The moment you begin positively pre-paving, your vibration rises immediately.


Every thought you think is recorded in the ether and starts to manifest. It manifests according to the degree of energy, conviction and power you give it. When you pre-pave with conviction and belief, you make significant changes in your life in a short period of time. In other words, you change your destiny.

A pre-pave is a statement that tells the Universe what you will do, how you will feel, or what will happen. It is a statement that you can either say verbally (loudly or softly), or you can write it down, or think it mentally. Whichever way feels right for you is fine, but know this; the more power you put into your pre-pave, the more powerful the result.

Think of a hypnotist in action. A hypnotist puts the conscious mind to sleep and within thirty seconds can have you thinking you are a red fire engine. We hypnotize ourselves every moment of the day with the thoughts we choose to hold and the words we choose to speak. The sub-conscious mind cannot distinguish between reality and a wish. It also cannot take a joke. When you think or say something, the sub-conscious mind says “Okay, let’s support this because it must be true”. Even when you are joking around, saying things in jest, you are creating what

you are saying.

The sub-conscious mind carries within itself your entire belief system. It works on automatic

pilot. It never stops, even when you are sleeping. It creates what has been programmed into it by

your conscious mind. If you say things like “I can’t afford it” or “That’s the story of my life”, the subconscious mind takes this as reality and orchestrates everything around you to make it come true. If you are joking around with your spouse and you say something to the effect of “I do everything around here,” the Universe will manifest more and more situations where you are doing more than your share around the house.

This is where pre-paving comes in Prepaving is a conscious, positive programming of the sub-conscious mind When you place a positive command into your sub-conscious mind, it starts working immediately toward making it happen This is the power of your thought and spoken word This is the power of pre-paving Positive pre-paving is consciously choosing your thoughts and words for a specific result When you set a pre-pave in motion, it physically “lines up the energy” for its manifestation.

What does it mean to “line up the energy”? Let’s look at the analogy of your daily commute to work If you get in the car and pre-pave safety, the Universe will physically orchestrate circumstances around you in order to keep you safe On the other hand, if you do not pre-pave safety as you start your car, you personally may not have accident-consciousness, but the driver next to you may. The result is that you could wind up in an accident situation just for being in the

wrong place at the wrong time How many times have you found yourself there, “the wrong place at the wrong time”? This is not by chance These things can be avoided by positive pre-paving When you pre-pave, you are never in the wrong place at the wrong time, because the Universe “lines up the energy” for you to be in the right place at the right time.


You do not need extra time in the day to pre-pave. You are already doing it. It is a matter of practicing it consciously, practicing it positively and choosing pre-paves to create specifically what you want.

The most powerful times to pre-pave are first thing in the morning and last thing at night. These are the times that your consciousness is most powerful for creating. It is when the consciousness is changing from the wakeful state to the sub-conscious state and back again. Unfortunately, this tends to be the time that most people worry. Worry is a negative pre-pave. Worrying at this time of night and morning is the worst negative pre-pave of all. The comforting thing to know is that a positive thought is one hundred times more powerful than a negative one. Don’t beat yourself up if you have a fleeting negative thought. The next time you have a negative thought, immediately turn it into the opposite, positive pre-pave. Know that in an instant, you can wipe out the negative thought, one hundred fold. Imagine your life if you could turn all of your worries into positive pre-paves.

There are times when you will want to pre-pave a specific outcome that you desire because you have so clearly etched into your mind what you want. In this case, the more clearly you picture it and know what you want, the better. There will be other times, however, when you will want to pave forward an outcome that is open-ended, not to limit yourself. I have found my greatest achievement to be when I have left the results open, shooting for the stars and reaching the moon. You will understand more as you read on and begin to practice for yourself.

Pave it forward with conviction. Feel it and mean it. Your pre-pave will be as powerful as your passion and belief. My life has been dramatically changed with pre-paving which is why I have made it the focus of my teaching. I have personally recovered from addictions, moods and a string of self-sabotaging tendencies. My life went from mediocre to phenomenal with this amazing technique of conscious creation. In my classes, I have witnessed what it does for people. Pre-paving makes a shift in your consciousness, so much that if you could see energy, you would physically see your vibration change as you instigate each positive command.


When you understand the principles of pre-paving, with a little practice, you can literally pave forward every segment of your day to receive the outcome of your choice. This is your ultimate goal. It brings you into a state of constant awareness. When you can spend your entire day in a state of conscious creation, then you can truly say you are awake. Otherwise, you are spending part of your life sleepwalking with your internal switch on auto-pilot, creating by default.

A good place to start is to take things one day at a time. That is why prepaves are most successful, especially in the beginning, when you include today in your promise. The goal is not to practice just one day, but to practice and experience your power with baby steps. Give it your all, and watch things change around you according to your changed thought. It is much easier to promise to live according to a certain plan for one full day than it is to commit to a lifetime of perfection. However, the goal is to turn the positive pre-pave into habit. This comes with daily practice in today mode. If you do enough today pre-paves, eventually, sooner than you think, you will be able to accomplish your goals as life-long habits. You must believe what you pave forward in order for it to work. To believe it, you make it simple by making changes one day at a time. By practicing it daily over a period of time, you will be able to confidently believe that you can continue its practice over the course of your life.

I say this most sincerely; if you can even take one pre-pave and practice it wholeheartedly once, you have made a shift in the right direction! The mind is a tricky thing. When you are paving it forward, you are in control. You are the magician in charge of the trick. If you are not conscious of what you are paving forward with your thoughts, then you are creating by default and the trick is on you.

To begin the process of making pre-paving a habit, ask yourself these two questions several times throughout the day: “How do I feel?” and “What do I want?” These two questions are the most important to tune into and consciously create, because if you are going to create something, you need to know what you want. If you want a dream to come true, you need to have a dream.


Use your emotional guidance system to tell you when you need to pre-pave. Negative feelings are a blessing, a gift. They tell you when your thoughts are not on track. When you feel a negative feeling, it is a sign that your thoughts are not taking you in the direction you want to go. When you ask yourself throughout the day, “How do I feel?” and you discover you are feeling a negative emotion, you have the opportunity to change your thought immediately before it has a chance to manifest! You then ask yourself “What do I want?” and change your thought by putting a positive pre-pave into your consciousness to receive the result you seek and you do this according to what it is that you want. “How do I feel and what do I want?” In other words, “I’m feeling this way, how can I feel good again?”

There is nothing more important in the Law of Attraction than feeling good, because what you are feeling, you are manifesting. Asking yourself what you want will tell you what you need to pre-pave. Always listen to the first thing that your mind brings forward. This is your Intuition speaking to you. If you do not know what you want, then practice any pre-pave that will take you to the positive. Then intend that you will discover what it is that you want at a later time. Methods of strengthening your Intuition are discussed in a later chapter.

To recap, once you have identified a negative feeling, this is the perfect time to pre-pave. Send a command of what you want out into the Universe. For example, if you discover you are feeling lonely because you don’t have a life partner, then pre-pave with conviction that you will find the mate of your dreams. Believe that this person is being drawn to you right now with the power of your command. Visualize what this person might look like. Feel how happy you would feel enjoying his or her company.

The alternative is to remain in the negative state. Wallowing in negativity pushes away the very thing you desire. This is the most important time to prepave! Do you see the blessing in being aware of your feelings, acknowledging them and pivoting them to the positive by pre-paving? Feelings are marvelous. Allow them to guide you.

Your feelings have the greatest power to create, more than anything else, but you must realize where feelings originate It is a common misconception that feelings are a result of circumstance On the contrary, your feelings are a result of your state of mind; a result of the thoughts you choose to think When you think a certain way, you will feel a certain way Your thoughts are by choice not by chance In essence, your feelings are something you choose, they do not happen because of your surrounding environment.

Continuing with the same example, if you choose to think about how you haven’t met your soul mate yet, projecting that you will be spending the next holiday alone again, you will create feelings of loneliness Instead, focus on being the best you can be so that you attract a wonderful person Pre-pave that this person is being drawn to you and you will begin to feel happy You put yourself into alignment to receive your mate This is why pre-paving is such a powerful technique of creating consciously You choose your thoughts by pre-paving You choose your feelings by your thoughts Practice and memorize the pre-paves in this book that resonate with you the most In your times of greatest emotional need, they will be there in your consciousness, ready to “line up the energy” for success.


What do you do when you have pre-paved something, but the Universe seemingly sends you something different? This is the time to hold on to your conviction. Be sure first that what you are intending is what you truly want, then hold tightly to your desire. Sometimes past bad karma or the result of past negative thoughts will bring into your current experience something that appears to go against what you want. If you acknowledge it as a manifestation of past thought and keep focused on your current positive pre-pave with sustained effort, you will create what you want. I have heard it said in this way: what you have in your life right now is not who you are, it’s who you were. Who you are right now is what you are thinking about right now.

Often people give up too soon, surrendering to a plan gone wrong because they lose faith. They lower their vibration with their frustration or disappointment. When you pre-pave what you want, no plan can go wrong, it is Law. Pre-pave what you want and sustain your thought on the positive, despite any evidence to the contrary. It will, and must, manifest. The moment you launch a desire, it is already being created. But when you doubt or question how it will materialize, you send a message to the Universe that cancels out your creation. Doubt is a negative pre-pave. Remember this.

To help see your creation through, after pre-paving what you want, make it a habit to hold onto a thought of gratitude that it is already done. When you pre-pave with gratitude, it is sure to manifest.

Another way to keep your thought on a high plane, especially if you feel doubt creeping in, is to take your mind off what you are creating momentarily. Focus your mind on anything that will raise your vibration. An example is to think of someone or something that makes you happy. Filling your energy field with positive thoughts will raise your vibration and you will be given many signs that the Law of Attraction is positively working in your life. As humans, sometimes we need proof to truly believe something with conviction. Raise your vibration and you will receive all of the proof you need to show you that you are the creator of your life.


The first step is awareness. You are affirming all of the time, either in word, speech or action Become aware of what you are projecting. Change your inner and outer dialogue to that of a positive pre-pave where you are in control of your destiny The goal of pre-paving is to consciously create When you put positive thoughts into your energy field, you raise your vibration Your vibration is your magnet.

Study the pre-paves on the following pages. Connect with those that resonate within you the most. Commit to practicing them regularly. Create your own tune into your emotional guidance system and make pre-paving not only a daily, but a moment-to-moment habit. Even just a few words, positively pre-paved, will put you in a different state of consciousness immediately. It can change everything.

Pre-pave with conviction and a feeling of gratitude. In changing your thoughts, you change what you resonate out into the Universe and, hence, what the Universe brings back to you.


in Health

There are seven major energy centers in the body, from the base of the spine up to the crown of the head. If you could see them, you would see funnels of energy projecting out of the top, bottom, front, and back of the body. To be in perfect health, energy must flow freely through these energy centers without obstruction.

Every thought you think enters your energy field immediately. When you think a negative thought, it puts a little dark cloud into your vibration. When you sustain that thought, or add other negative thoughts to it, the dark cloud gets larger and starts to block the flow of energy around your body. It works like a snowball effect.

When the block gets large enough to completely stop the flow of energy, it then enters the body. It has nowhere else to go. In essence, negative thoughts start in the energy field, then manifest in the body in the form of ill-health. This could mean a mild headache, an ulcer or even something as serious as cancer. Studies have been conducted proposing a link between cancer and feelings of anger. If you hold sustained thoughts of anger in your mind, imagine what that does to your energy field. This field is your vibration, your magnet that attracts to you everything you have in your life, including your state of health.

On a positive note, there are ways to instantly raise your vibration toward health. The moment you smile a sincere smile, your entire vibration lights up, becomes brighter and expands. This is also true when you are in a state of appreciation, when you are expressing true love for another, when you are praying for someone, or when you are focusing on healing yourself or others. Any positive emotion will brighten your energy field and immediately start to attract good health to you. You are a powerful being. You can make yourself ill or well, right within the realm of your inner thought.

PRE-PAVE in Health

I pre-pave good health.

Have you asked for health? With our choice of thoughts and words, we end up in a certain state of health because we have unconsciously asked for it Ask and you shall receive Your vibration is always asking, and the Universe is always providing. You ask with your vibration Wake up in the morning and prepave good health Tell the Universe how you want to feel and

what kind of health you want.

Ask and you shall receive.

– Jesus Christ

PRE-PAVE in Health

I think, speak and act of health.

Regardless of how you feel, if you want to change your health for the better, you must start thinking, speaking and acting as though you were already healthy now. I have heard people speak of a recent surgery. When I comment on how quickly they have recovered, they share with me, “Oh it was over twenty years ago”. They speak of it as though it were just yesterday. We can make ourselves ill by re-hashing past ill experiences. We can make ourselves well by choosing to release past pains and move forward toward good health.

If you find yourself with a headache, this is the perfect time to pre-pave good health. The tendency for people is to tell others they have a headache, which tells the Universe to keep the pain coming. I know it is tempting to talk about it. It is natural to look for sympathy. But what could be more tempting than feeling good instead? The moment you get even the slightest indication of ill-health, focus your thoughts and words on a pre-pave toward wellness. Believe it and it will come true.

If you do this and an hour later the pain persists, do not succumb to the temptation of talking about how you tried to change it with your mind but it didn’t work. If you do this, you are giving the Universe another signal to keep it coming. You get the picture. Despite any pain you might be feeling, keep paving forward good health and it must manifest. It is Universal Law.

Every human being is the author of his own

health or disease.

– Buddha

PRE-PAVE in Health

I replace my bodily cells daily with new healthy cells.

Cells in your body are constantly regenerating themselves. The you that is sitting here does not have even one cell the same as the you that would have sat here seven years ago. Does it not stand to reason then, that we can heal ourselves by creating new, healthy cells every day where there might have been cells of ill-health before? This is much of the focus of Deepak Chopra’s teachings.

We get what we focus on. What would happen if you spent a few moments every day, completely focused on replacing your body with healthy cells, by intending it with your thoughts? How do you think this would affect your state of health? In my audio CD called Transformation there is a wonderful healing exercise called the Rainshower Meditation. I urge you to practice it. It uses a Reiki technique of totally cleansing the body’s cells, washing away any negative dark clouds in your vibration and replacing each cell with a healing vibration.

PRE-PAVE in Health

I fill my body with Light.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of energy healing that has been termed the “laying on of hands.” A traditional Reiki session is performed on a massage bed. The practitioner places his or her hands on the various energy centers of the body, usually focusing on the seven main centers, but spending the majority of time intuitively on the area that needs the most healing. Most Reiki Masters can either see or feel energy. I am a Reiki Master, which is the driving force behind the focus of energy in my talks and writings.

Every thought you think hovers in your energy field. A Reiki session can be likened to receiving a “bath of light.” Imagine what that would do in cleaning up your vibration and helping you to attract good things. Reiki Masters can sense and remove large blocks of energy from the body or energy field surrounding the body. When they are removed, you feel incredible.

I like to teach that we are all healers, not just those who study or practice a formal method of healing. You have healing power in your hands. If you have a stomach ache, place your hands on your stomach with the intent of healing yourself. You will be able to feel heat emanating from your hands. This is healing energy. It fills your stomach with light. You can use this method to heal any part of your body as well as ailments of the mind such as a feeling of being overwhelmed, or a broken heart. Intuitively ask yourself what area of the body is represented by your pain. The first answer that comes to mind is the correct answer. It could be your head, your heart, your throat or wherever you are guided. Place your hands on that spot and intend that you are sending light there.

Why does a mother instantly place her hand on her child where it hurts? Children will intuitively grab the hand of the mother and place it on their painful spot. You can heal yourself by sending healing light through your hands to the afflicted part. For an overall healing of the body, you can intend for your entire body to be filled with light. You will be able to feel the light entering your body. It feels like a warm, soothing wave, or sometimes a tingling feeling, or even coolness. Everyone will experience something unique but similar, and you will definitely be able to feel it if you practice sincerely.

I never go to sleep at night without filling my entire body with light by placing both hands on my head. I feel the wave of energy enter my body and visualize the light cleanse me from head to toe. You do not need to be a Reiki Master to do this. All you need is a desire to be healed and intend that you have the power to heal yourself.

PRE-PAVE in Health

I pray for the healing of others.

The Masters of India teach that one cannot reach Enlightenment without including and helping others along the way. It means caring for others as you care for yourself. Praying for others is integral to your own health, happiness and success. Your thoughts are so powerful. If you spend time every day sending healing light to others, you will change their lives and your own.

It is important to know how to pray effectively. Perhaps you have a friend suffering from cancer and each night you pray that he or she be free of cancer. If you picture this person suffering in a hospital bed, you are not praying effectively. You are filling your vibration with negative thoughts. This is really important to know. The Universe works on Law. It will bring you what you focus on. Even though you may think you are doing a good deed, when you focus on the cancer, you are actually attracting ill-health to yourself and you are truly not helping your friend.

The most effective way to heal others is to visualize them surrounded in light. This also surrounds you in light. Imagine what you can do for yourself and others by practicing this every day. Visualize their body immersed in light; the light penetrating every cell with a healing vibration. Visualize them happy, healthy and whole. Picture them as you know they would like to be. This is, by far, the most powerful thing you can do to help a friend in need. It is more than anything physical you could do for them. As you help others, your own vibration is raised, purified and healed.


About the Author: Elisabeth Fayt is an international speaker, owner of RnR Wellness, and bestselling author of the new book Paving it Forward. One of the featured speakers in the movie The Opus, Elisabeth is both a prominent abundance expert and a successful business woman. To order Paving it Forward and to find out more about Elisabeth at www.PavingItForward.com, or email her at info@ElisabethFayt.com.

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