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Astrological Forecast for November 2009

by Lou Valentino

It is the fall season and time to turn the clock back one hour November 1st. It’s all saints day also on November 1st so if your want some favors from up above pray and meditate on your chosen deity.

The planetary energies are pointing to the signs of Taurus, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Leo and Pisces.

The full Moon on November 2nd is at 10 degrees around 2:14PM in the sign of Taurus. The full Moon has some tension to clear out as planetary aspects show tension in a grand square which also brings manifestations in the material world.

The grand square is in the fixed signs of Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio and Leo. These signs have come to a breaking point as Mars opposes a conjunction with Neptune and Jupiter and squares the Moon, Sun and Mercury. What does this all mean?

It means that till November 16th the fixed signs will be ready to manifest and expand and it could be like a volcano going off where the top gets blown off and the hot lava starts to move and anything in its way will end up being harmed or killed.

It is imperative that the fixed signs handle the manifestations of the material world around them with some spiritual discernment or they could get themselves into all kinds of business and personal relationships they may have not wanted. Try to separate the wheat from the chaff. Don’t take on too much responsibility that you end up with so much work with no time for romance and friendships.

Chiron is forming a conjunction with Neptune and Jupiter for a second round of spiritual insight internationally which could lead to changes in international policies such as the war in both Iraq and Afghanistan. There is going to be tension between what the government wants and what the people want regarding new policies regarding troop activity in the Middle East.

President Obama is headed for a tough first half of this month as Americans begin to question why he continues down a path of war when Americans want to see the troops pulled out of war and money being spent more on creating jobs in America. Trouble with terrorism may also increase in new areas like Pakistan.

The health vaccine surrounding the swine flu virus is also going to come to a place of tension with not enough to go around and lines of people waiting hours for a vaccine that has not been tested enough.

Since the Sun and Mercury are conjunct in Scorpio on this full Moon, communication about financial doings (Moon in Taurus) will be given to the public. You know the same old issues surrounding top CEO’s who have ripped people off. Look for more news as judicial law is enforced on those who feel justified to rip Americas off.


As Neptune starts to move direct on November 4th at 1:10PM and moves towards a triple conjunction with Jupiter and Chiron, a much more spiritual energy with less tension manifest around the new Moon on November 16th.

Venus will move into the passionate sign of Scorpio on November 7th giving Scorpio a boost of extra romantic energy. Channeled appropriately Scorpio can find themselves immersed in their work for better productivity for the rest of this month with benefits showing up in December for all of the hard work.

Those born under the sign of Scorpio or having Scorpio rising or Moon placed in this sign could fall in love. In fact the new Moon on November 16th around 2:14PM at 24 degrees is in the sign of Scorpio bringing together the Moon and Sun representing female and male energies. Numerologist should pay attention to the numbers 214 as both the full and new Moon’s of November are at 2:14PM.

An awakening or healing of some sort is happening for Aquarius and Scorpio that clear’s out any cloudy perceptions coming from Neptune. On this new Moon day we have a tighter Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron conjunction than we had on the full Moon of this month.

Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron are squaring this new Moon in Scorpio putting into action needed healing energies (Chiron) of deep seeded psychological issues (Scorpio) that have clouded ones perception (Neptune) regarding humanitarian organizations or any organizations doing some good for humanity. Issues such as sexuality, taxes, birth and death, reproductive organs, surgery, kidnapping, dictators and other people’s money such as inheritances will be the areas being transformed and healed.

Those born under the sign of Pisces are experiencing a spiritual transformation. A healing long overdue. Tears of joy and a new wonderful horizon lies ahead for Pisces not only during this new Moon but for the year 2010 as Jupiter enters Pisces in January of 2010 for a one year stay of good luck.

Spiritual groups may receive more attention such as holistic healthcare and stress management programs like Yoga and meditation. Some major breakthrough in the health field could happen with new technologies or something simple like taking more Vitamin D which is being talked about more and more on major news stations like CNN for helping with absorption of Calcium which has been shown to reverse cancer cells.

When the VDR receptors are filled with enough Vitamin D, which is 5,000 I.U., you absorb 200% percent more nutrition and the king mineral Calcium is more absorbable. There is a link between Vitamin D and Calcium for the prevention and cure of cancer cells.

Mercury moves into Sagittarius on November 15th. The Sun moves into Sagittarius on November 21st at 11:22PM. It’s time for a higher vision. Those born under this sign may find themselves going back to school for a higher degree or just to keep up with new training to expand in their chosen field.

Publishing companies may find an expansion of business as Christmas shoppers look for gifts such as books as a way of keeping the cost of shopping this season down and providing a gift that increases intelligence and at the same time gives value to someone that lasts a long time.

The affirmation for the second half of November is: I AM HEALED. I AM WHOLE.

Thanksgiving is on November 26th. Wishing everyone and their families a Happy Thanksgiving as we look forward to a full Moon lunar eclipse in the sign of Cancer on New Year’s Eve.

Next month I will talk about Uranus in direct motion, Venus in Sagittarius, full Moon in Gemini, Mercury in Capricorn, new Moon in Sagittarius, Mars turns retrograde, Sun in Capricorn and Winter Solstice, Christmas Day, Venus in Capricorn, Mercury turns retrograde and a full Moon Lunar Eclipse on New Year’s Eve. Until next time may your choices be wise and your life be healed of all problems. Namaste.

You can contact Lou at lsoma@aol.com

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