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Choice to Awaken - Excerpt from "Messages of Universal Wisdom"

by Barbara Evans

There is a Magic to this process that we call Awakening. It is Magic in the purest sense of the word… It is a Wonder… an opening to the Beauty of our Earth. The Wonder and the Magic is the Choice to live, to see and to experience Love, Beauty, Joy and Friendship.

We can all make this Choice to AWAKEN for it is a Conscious Choice. It is a Choice to release our fears, to jettison the accumulated dross and to live the life of our dreams. It is a Choice that is opening to all who wish to walk this path... a Choice to be made by Free Will as that is the law of our planet.

Many have come into this lifetime upon the Earth to experience Awakening. Many are indeed needed if sufficient numbers are to be gained to reach critical mass… the point at which the Collective Consciousness truly and permanently begins to swing from Fear, Greed and Lack… to Beauty, Joy and Abundance. The shift to the Beauty and Joy of an abundant Universe in which there is more than enough for everyone to have all needs fully and gloriously met is within possibility.

There are no limits to LOVE as LOVE is the power behind all that exists.

When we say, “Yes” and choose to AWAKEN… when we choose Love and Abundance for ALL… we begin a process whereby the right tools and teachers will be presented before us. We open to the natural synchronicities and miracles that exist in everyday life… though sometimes close attention is required in order to notice and fully appreciate these Wonders as they occur.

The Image Keys are one of these tools. They assist us to AWAKEN once we have said, “Yes”. They will not and cannot force anyone against their will to evolve… They present an invitation. It is up to each individual, to say, “Yes”.

At first this “Yes” may be quietly prompted by your SOUL. It may be a “Yes” that places you in a particular place at a particular time, a “Yes” that peaks your interest and curiosity allowing you to begin the exploration while your conscious mind is full of questions and perhaps uncertainty… for this is something NEW. This “Yes” will take you a certain distance into the spiritual relationship. Then there comes a point where the “Yes” needs to be from a very Conscious place in order for you to deepen your exploration and experience. You will know when this point is reached. It is the point where you truly begin to know from inside of yourself that the Image Keys do make a difference in your life. At this point, you may begin to work with the Affirmations, Poems and Decrees to a deeper and very intentional level OR you may begin to work with the Image Keys in your own very intuitive way…

From this point on, you have set a process in motion and there is no turning back. You have made a Conscious Choice to evolve in this lifetime. This is a Choice to connect with the Being that you truly are, bringing all that you are into this physical world so that you can experience life through your LOVE and MAGNIFICENCE, rather than through Lack and Fear.

This is the most wonderful time to be alive on this planet, as together we birth the NEW GOLDEN AGE. I place this co-creative work before you. It is your choice to proceed.

My intentions are for Messages Of Universal WisdomA Journey of Connection through the Heart to be a living experience with the Image Keys. The intent is to Support, Inspire and Assist those who choose to AWAKEN.

The expanded intent is to assist the evolution of Humanity both individually and collectively to come to a place of Beauty and Joy, Unconditional Love and Abundance.

This book offers a new beginning in the journey of many who choose to find a New Way of Living and Being within this World… a new way based on the vibrations of LOVE.

The Image Keys are unique to this lifetime. They are an interaction between all that I am, the skills I have accrued in this and other lifetimes, and the Wisdom, Knowledge and Experience of the Spirit Beings who work with and through me. To this is added the New Energies reaching the Earth at this moment in time, which are captured and anchored into the fabric of the Image Keys, together with contributions from the Mineral Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Plant Kingdom.

The Image Keys are therefore new tools for this time, capturing and anchoring the energies involved NOW, assisting us to integrate them into the core of our Being.

As new tools for this time, the Image Keys encourage us to take the next steps… to use the New Energies combined with ancient Wisdom and Knowledge to move into the next phase of Human Evolution by creating a new age of LOVE and LIGHT… a New Golden Age.

This NEW GOLDEN AGE is something new that has never before existed in the form that we, as a collective, will truly Choose to Create.

We have the opportunity to draw on the best of all of our ancient experience, that we hold as memories within our full 12 stranded DNA. We have the opportunity to use this Wisdom to Create a new paradigm on Earth, a new expression of the full Divine Blueprint for Humanity.

This potential is being supported with these New Energies in ways that are unprecedented on our planet. All is possible NOW.

The plan is magnificent; the opportunities are unlimited.

We are not alone… We are being offered great assistance from many Beings of LOVE and LIGHT who reside within the world of Spirit. There is a Divine Plan for Earth… though many details of this plan are for us, those in physical bodies, to choose and manifest.

Many groups of Spirit Beings have been named as contributors and overseers of this Divine Plan. Here I will name a few of those who have worked with me, though there are many others: the Great White Brotherhood, the Brotherhood of Enoch, the Council of Light, the Inner Plane Ascended Masters, the Sisterhood of the Rays and Roses and the ArchAngels of Love and Light.

This is a Call to AWAKEN.

The Choice to AWAKEN is a Conscious Choice for each individual to make.

This is a Call to AWAKEN to our full and true potential as Co-Creators of our world.

About the Author

Barbara Evans had a deep environmental passion when she became a Biology Teacher in England after studying at the Universities of Liverpool and Cambridge. Over three decades, her first steps into Conscious Awakening have transformed her. She still has her deep LOVE for the Earth, but now she’s become a Visionary Healing Artist and Author of sacred geometry living in the United States. Messages Of Universal Wisdom is a spiritual autobiography. Barbara shares many stages of her journey of awakening, which has been intense. These stages include how the passion within her Heart became her trusted guide and how her life became inextricably interwoven with the Image Keys, sacred geometry and angels. Barbara invites readers to look for the patterns within their own lives and the passions within their own hearts. Her story is one of connecting to higher consciousness and self empowerment. She invites the reader to join her.

New York Times in the region, Westchester. "From Nature's Geometry, 'Healing' Art" by Susan Hodara. March 4, 2007.

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