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by David Elliott

What if you could heal yourself of any illness, addiction, or chronic condition? How much freedom would you experience if you were not dependant on health care? How empowered would you feel if you had the keys to healing, not only on the physical level, but on emotional, mental and spiritual levels as well?

If you need healing in your life, this book is for you. However you came to this book, whether by accident, curiosity, or as a gift from a friend, no matter. I am happy to meet you!

For more than twenty years, I have been working to help people heal. My philosophy is simple. I accept a higher power; whatever name you give it—God, Creator, Spirit, Grace—I acknowledge this higher power as the greatest force in the Universe and recognize it as the unifying Power of Love; I accept that we are all connected through this source of energy to heal our lives!

In this book, I will describe how you can connect to the Universal Energy Flow that is at the heart of creation. Learning to tap into this stream of consciousness can transform your health and bring you the love you desire.

My first book, The Reluctant Healer, is about my early journey in life and how all the pieces of healing came together for me. That book provides a detailed explanation of the process and tools I use as a healer when working with people in my practice. The several topics that I introduced about healing, I take much deeper. As you will discover, healing and love are at the heart of what I share with you now.

What is Healing?

Healing is the journey back to our natural state of balance and harmony that is called love. Healing becomes necessary when you lose contact with that natural state, when there is a disturbance in the Universal Flow. Healing can take place in many ways, each as uniquely individual as you. The one constant is for you to be connected to you. As Socrates said, Know thyself.” When you are willing to accept responsibility for everything you create in your life, you can heal yourself.

The power to heal lies within you. If you got yourself into this mess, you innately know what you need to do to get out. My role is to remind you of that, to be witness and hold space for you to make the necessary changes in your life without judgment in a safe, supportive and loving way.

What is Love?

This most desired human emotion, love, is the energy of the heart and soul that brings balance, harmony, and healing. Love expands and uplifts you when felt and expressed. When you feel love you feel connected to all things through your heart. As you read on, you’ll discover that self-love is the key to healing. I will show you how the absence of self-love creates disease through negativity, while the positive energy of self-love creates health and well-being.

I have noticed that the right amount of love will heal any affliction. It is not the love you can get from me or from another, it is the love you generate inside of yourself. As simple as it sounds, the antidote for anything is to love you.

How Can This Book Help You Heal?

This book will take you deep into what is keeping you from thriving in all aspects of your life. To achieve healing this book requires commitment and a willingness to do the work. The best way to do this is to sit down and take your time with it. If you roll up your sleeves and do the inner work, you will heal.

As in The Reluctant Healer, each section has a series of practical exercises designed to build one upon the other, each facilitating the next. I will bring you face-to-face with the self-created blocks inside that are stopping you. I will guide you every step of the way and provide you with a work section in the back of the book. The deeper you dig, the more gold you will discover. Each discovery will lead you further down the path to self-love and healing. If you choose to embark on this journey expect your life to blossom.

The Roadmap To Healing

I call Section One The Crucible because it lays out the material with which you can truly engage and deal with yourself. Do you love yourself or not? That is the question. I am being very black and white about this because of the importance of self-love. By working diligently with this material you will move out of any gray areas of low self-love. In the experience of self-love versus no self-love, we look at the positive ways you can connect to the Universal Energy Flow through love and exchange. Exchange is the word I use to describe the flow of energy from the Universe when we choose to love. We also look at some of the traits that can develop when self-love is lacking. If you recognize any of these traits in yourself they will identify the places where you are stuck. The exercises pinpoint these areas so you can illuminate and heal them.

Throughout the book, I reference the Love Exchange Diagram, which shows the different paths of life based on the choice we each make to love ourselves or not. The graphic illustrates how self-love spirals out of the heart leading to an exchange of love with all things. As this exchange happens it connects you to the larger Universal Energy Flow and the Grace that flows back to you from it. In the ‘no self-love’ portion of the diagram rooted in the second chakra with no connection to Universal Energy Flow you will see many of the negative afflictions affecting people; these are based on the negative emotions anger, fear and sadness.

In the process of healing you can always make the choice to return to love. This decision is the cornerstone of spiritual relationship with oneself. In my philosophy of us all being one, I seek to bring healing to you, and to the planet, by teaching you the importance of self-love.

Is it really so simple? Is self-love really the answer? I have asked myself this question for many years and I know that it is. Do you already know this? Do you know the areas you are stuck in life, and why? And even if you do, are you able to move past them? If not, travel along with me. I see this book as a tattered bedside companion, which has been thrown across the room more than once. Keep it with you. Work with it, study it, do the exercises and learn to love yourself. Set yourself free!

In Section Two, The Work, I introduce the ways I have developed to bring self-love, consciousness and awareness to all aspects of one’s life. The information the Universe has given me to heal myself has become the technique that I use to teach and help others heal. I take the key concept of self-love from Section One and show you how to develop it into your own navigation system through the use of intuition and creativity. If you have the desire to access and trust your intuition and to risk expressing your creativity, this process is the journey and the reward!

In Section Three, we delve deeper into Personal Healing. Here we learn how to bring healing to key experiences in life where many people need it. We examine sexual abuse, cancer, marriage and divorce, intimate relationships, leadership roles, and money because these areas are consistently what bring people into my healing room. If you can receive and accept the healing message in these examples and exercises, the information will connect through your own experience and you will regain balance and harmony in your life.

Section Four, The Healing Tools, is a summation of the tools I use in the healing work, as well as some background on how I came to them. I make these as accessible as I can with lots of description and a free offering to help get you on your way. Find the nuggets!

Finally, in Section Five, we look at the transformative power of Gratitude. I talk about the people and all the various plants, animals and Beings of Light that I work with and for which I am grateful. It is a daily, moment-to-moment practice with me and it is life changing—I hope it will inspire you to find the gratitude in your life.

To summarize, I invite you one more time to do the work. Do what you can. Allow this book to penetrate your scar tissue, let it into your vulnerabilities, and into your heart. I have so much respect for those willing to work on themselves. If you are one of them, I will do my best to lend you a hand.

More About Me

Born and raised on a farm in Kentucky, I spent my childhood immersed in nature. By the time I was eighteen I was restless and ready to experience wider aspects of life. I knew deep inside that I had a purpose and I needed to be off the farm to find it.

Eventually, my journey brought me to Los Angeles where I decided to be an actor. At the time it was a strange choice, and I ended up realizing I wanted acting more than it wanted me. What it did teach me has proven to be priceless. I learned about myself—my energy, creativity, shyness, and spirit. I was dedicated and I focused on acting with all my being. I worked some, joined the union and called myself an actor for several years. Then even stranger things began to happen. People started to grab me on the streets telling me I was a healer. I thought they were those ‘New Age crazies’ from Southern California. It kept happening and finally I had to deal with what this was about.

I talk in detail about this experience in The Reluctant Healer, as well as in Section Four of this book. My farm upbringing growing corn and soybeans was very practical, and even though I left the farm, it took a lot for me to consider myself a healer. I was more than reluctant about it for several years, yet just as acting taught me about myself, healing took my self-awareness much deeper into the core of who I am.

What I reluctantly learned about healing began to bring answers to the questions I had been living with my whole life. Healing fulfilled my desperate appetite to know my spirit, to find resolution inside myself about my purpose in life and the reason why I am here. When I quit resisting the call of my spirit, everything opened up. Answers to my questions came flooding in. Consequently, the purpose of this book is to share them with you. This is my job.

I was raised Catholic and I always had more questions than the Church had answers. I needed to find the truth for myself. Love is the truth for me. As I mentioned before, when I speak of Universal Energy Flow, I include all the ways to which ‘God’ is referred. I do this to be inclusive of all religions and spiritual teachings. I see the similarities within all those that are based in love, and I support any spiritual practice that works for you. I engage with many cultures, nations and people from around the world and I choose to relate to everyone in the same way, with an open heart.

What is teaching really? I think it comes down to speaking in a way that can be heard. The art form of healing, and writing for that matter, is to be straight with people and to enable them to hear you at the same time. I do my best to do that in this book.

Some of the information you will encounter will hit you where you need it most, where you are stuck! It may seem forceful and confronting and it may irritate you. Some sections may even sound negative—the cold hard facts are not always pretty. Nevertheless, I come from a place of love at all times. Try to open your heart and let it in.

I do care about you. I encourage you to do the exercises and spend the time to get the healing you deserve. I am not writing this book for fame or money as I already attract more attention than I am comfortable with. Where I focus most of my consciousness is in my relationship with the Universe. I am writing this book because it is my purpose and commitment to share what I have learned and to help as many people as I possibly can in this lifetime. Are you ready? Let’s go!

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