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Excerpt from Blast Off! The Surefire Success Plan To Launch Your Dreams Into Reality

by Allison Maslan

(Morgan James Publishing, 2010)

Find out who you are and live from that place.

Speak your truth, live your truth. ~ Allison Maslan

The Door to the Big Unknown

After years of feeling stuck and unfulfilled, I officially hit a major impasse in my life path. I had no financial support, no inheritance looming, and zero in my savings account. The way I saw it, I had three choices:

1. Cave into the pressure, stay stuck, and allow life

to continually overwhelm me.

2. Resort to the same habitual ways of doing a

job (or making money) that continually left me

feeling emotionally flat and worn out.

3. Step out into the big unknown world, face my

fears, and aim for a life with purpose.

To this day, I’m so thankful that I dug deep, gathered my courage, and opted for Door Number Three. Many people stay immobile and stick with Door Number One or Door Number Two because they feel that nothing is worth risking the security and stability of a lifestyle that they feel familiar and safe with, even if they’re unhappy. I’m not criticizing this choice. Only you can determine the right path for you. There are realistic issues of responsibilities, the cost of living, education and retirement. I get it. I’ve been there. What I can say to help quell your fears is that when you’re following your passion, the excitement and momentum you expel can create a financially rewarding outcome far above and beyond your survival consciousness.

The key is to move from survival thinking to abundance living.

It’s not about the Money, It’s about Freedom

Money alone will not make you happy. It’s what the money can do for you that can bring joy. It can give you leverage to capture a life-long dream. It can go to a family in need. It has given me the ability to buy this computer, my writing tool in sharing my Blast Off! concepts.

Money is often given a negative connotation. You’ve heard the idea that having wealth will make you greedy or give you an attitude of being “better than.” How can this be true? Money is actually an avenue for freedom of choice. Just as a state of balanced health gives us freedom to move and be in the world, money gives us the freedom to do, or not to do, what we choose. When money is limited, your choices are limited. If you’re struggling to come up with cash, your choices of housing and food decrease. The more money you have access to, the less you worry about survival, which frees up your mind from unwanted thoughts. Therefore, money is an avenue of liberty because it gives you independence to

express your creative and individual voice.

What you want to spend your money on may not be what I want to spend my money on. Money is used to express your desires, whether you save it, invest it, or spend it. You may enjoy spending your cash on mystery novels and I enjoy spending mine on a vacation to Mexico. You may donate funds to the homeless and I choose to support a literacy campaign. Money gives us the freedom to express our passions. If you have money, you have more choices.

Money and Fear

Do you struggle with issues of fear around money? Have you ever thought that the fear and the action of holding onto your money or your safe job could actually be the very things that may be causing you to struggle in survival mode? This fear of losing or not making money will actually hold you back from creating more money.

If your attitude tends toward the pessimistic, skeptical vein of life,

you are energetically closing off any opportunity or space

for your abundance to arrive. The result?

An even more pessimistic, skeptical life experience.

Survival Consciousness

Survival, meanwhile, is doing what you have to do just to get by. It’s more about existing or staying alive. It’s similar to a predator/prey situation where an animal does what’s necessary to survive or protect its pack. When you’re struggling each day just to survive, there may also be a huge element of fear present that says, “If I don’t do this job, even though I hate it, the rug will be pulled out from under me. Or even worse, the walls will all cave in.”

Survival is “disaster prevention” rather than the creation of a new magnetizing prosperity. When you live to survive, you miss out on a whole host of opportunities waiting restlessly to be noticed and accessed. Survival thinking uses language like “stuck,” “struggle,” “effort,” “hard” and “victim.” Abundance thinking translates into language like “effortless,” “in the flow,” “passion,” “dream,” “is coming,” “is happening,” “fullness” and “feeling alive.”

The Results of Survival Consciousness

When you look at your bank balance and the bills each month, how do you react? Do you feel a sense of anxiety rising up from your stomach to your throat, or a heavy, weighted pressure in your chest? Do you express your anxiety to your partner or do you hold it in and obsess about it? Do you have a dream that you continue to put on hold because you’re waiting for your financial or personal situation to change?

As long as you continue to take the same survival actions that are based in fear, your results will not change. The reality in every aspect of your life is birthed from your belief about a particular situation, and the intention and actions you take regarding your situation. If you believe, for example, that you will not have enough money by the first of the month to pay the mortgage, and you project that pessimistic energy out into the Universe with thoughts like, “I just know I won’t have enough money,” or “No matter what I do, I am always struggling for money,” the Universe will grant you your wish. Or if, based on fear, you continue to take the same hindering steps of working in a dissatisfying job, you are limiting your possibilities for true fiscal and emotional wealth. Can you relate to either of these scenarios in some way? If so, you are supporting the probability that your financial circumstances will not change. And even if they do improve, a soul-deadening job will not bring fulfillment. In effect, by living through your survival thinking, you are literally blocking the arrival of abundance.

PRACTICE 1: The Energy of Your Survival Words

Your words are an unconscious expression of your life force. This is an inner game. You may be saying or thinking negative language that you’re not even aware of. If you are thinking these thoughts, you are creating an energy frequency, and therefore, a negative reality around them. Let’s take a look at all the ways you are experiencing and expressing survival thinking, which consists of repetitive thoughts and language concerning money that limits your financial growth.

Do any of these statements resonate with you?

· “Money never comes easily to me.”

· “I never have enough.”

· “I don’t deserve to have money.”

· “People will think I’m greedy if I have money.”

· “Wanting money is a bad thing.”

· “Money comes to others, but not to me.”

· “I would love to travel, but I will never have that kind of money.

· “Money is dirty.”

· “Whenever I try to make more money, I hit a dead-end.”

· “Wealth only comes to rich people.”

· “The economy is really terrible right now. It is a time of struggle.”

· “I have a ton of bills coming up and no way to pay them.”

· “I have to sacrifice important relationships and

things in my life in order to receive money.”

In your journal, The Blast Off! Book, or the Blastation success software, make note of any of the above beliefs that you resonate with, and/or record your own additional negative beliefs and thoughts about money. Label this your “Survival Thinking List.”

Shift and Lift — Create Your Abundant

Living Statements

By simply changing your thoughts and action from a negative to a positive—as you did with the flip-switching exercises in earlier chapters— the energy frequency in your body will shift upwards. This will help you to feel more confident and empowered.

Try this experiment. Say the words, “I am stuck, broke and frustrated.”

Repeat this statement five times.

· How do you feel in your body as you repeat this phrase?

· Do you feel your shoulders slump forward?

· Do you feel heavier, as if there is a weight on your chest, shoulders or back?

· Do you feel tired or anxious?

Now repeat this sentence five times, “Money is flowing effortlessly and

easily to me, and the Universe is taking care of all of my financial needs.”

Do you notice an energetic shift in your body? Do you feel lighter and more uplifted with a sense that change is on the horizon?

Next, take the Survival Thinking List that you just compiled and flip-switch

the sentences to positive Abundant Living Statements that have

the polar opposite message and feel. The more specific you are about your

needs and desires, the better. For example:

· “Wanting money is a bad thing.”

Flip-switch it to:

· “Money is a wonderful expression of energy.”

· “Money gives me a sense of freedom and choice.”

· “Money is a very positive asset because it gives me freedom.”

· “Money helps me to help others.”

· “ The money I am receiving now will cover the cost of my tuition to

culinary school.”

Once you’ve completed your new list, start reading your Abundant Living Statements out loud each day. They’ll be especially helpful when you feel any of the manipulative survival thinking energy beginning to play tricks with your brain again. Keep repeating your abundance phrases throughout the day, and you will begin to feel a shift in your energy, mood, spirit and motivation. Memorize the ones that seem to give you the biggest shift and lift, then incorporate them into your everyday language.

Abundance Consciousness

The definition of abundance is a high degree of fullness and prosperity that transcends through each area of life. It is a word that mirrors an energy of growth and limitless living. Abundance is displayed in our world on every level. You witness an abundance of spirit as you observe children playing together, running and laughing; an abundance of joy as you share a tender moment with your loved ones; an abundance of giving as you help an individual, family or a community in need; an abundance of passion as you actualize your true calling; an abundance of health as you move your body freely; and an abundance of wealth as you create opportunity and space for money to flow to you and through you. Abundant thinking is a language of consciousness that translates into the

following statement:

“I believe and see that we create our own limited world,

therefore we have the ability to create an infinite reality.

All we desire is possible.”

If you believe that all is possible and make room for these possibilities to appear, abundance will arise in many levels of your life.

Allison Maslan, HHP, CCH has built 9 of her own successful companies. She is president of Blast Off! Life and Business Coaching, and Homeopathic Wellness Center. She is also an international speaker, trapeze artist, and author of the #1 bestselling book, Blast Off! The Surefire Success Plan to Launch Your Dreams Into Reality. Allison was recently nominated for the San Diego Business Journal’s Women Who Mean Business Award. www.myblastoff.com 888-844-3550

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