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Astrological Forecast For September 2010

by Lou Valentino

As I write this article on September 1st it is 90 degrees out. It is hard to believe in New England that the Fall equinox is just around the corner.

This month Scorpio has passion, Virgo gets a break from deep reflection, Pisces reflects on some good luck moments, Capricorn has had it and wants to move on, Aries is getting ready to explode and Libra wants peace and quiet.

The new Moon in Virgo at 15 degrees peaks at 6:30AM. 15 degrees is in the middle and feels balanced. Venus moves into Virgo at 11:44AM so Venus is very close in conjunction to this new Moon.

This new Moon signature has 4 planets in earth and 5 are of cardinal quality. Virgo’s are ready to take action and just when you think they are virgins watch out. Venus wants romance for those born under this misunderstood sign when it comes to sexuality. Not all Virgo’s live a life as Mother Teresa did. God bless her soul on what would have been her 100 birthday if she was alive today.

Virgo can be dedicated to service to others and is not interested in recognition for there work. They love being more in the supportive role. However, if the chart reflects other outgoing qualities they can take center stage.

This new Moon has Venus and Mars close enough to influence the romantic energies of those born under the sign of Virgo. Virgo’s could fall in love with one or more people at the same time from September 8th to September 23rd. They may be caught in between more than one relationship. Check with an astrologer to see where Virgo found in your chart. Even if you are not a Virgo Venus and Mars will activate certain areas of your life depending on where they are on this New Moon.

Remember, Mercury is retrograde till September 12th in the sign of Virgo. They may make an important choice in regards to their personal life around September 14th. Mercury will turn direct on September 12th and Pluto turns direct on September 14th which deals with sexuality.

And if that’s not enough, Mars moves into Scorpio on September 14th also. Wow…………………
Those born under the sign of Scorpio are in for some huge transformational energy around this time leading up to the full Moon on the 23rd.

Think about it. Scorpio used to be ruled by Mars until Pluto was discovered. We have both planets conjuncting each other on the 14th and Pluto is stationing direct. Pluto is currently in Capricorn so part of this intense transformation for those born under the sign of Scorpio is with their vocation. The work that they are doing is now going to take a physical (Mars) turn towards something new as a huge transformation (Pluto) of the old falls away and a better outcome is in store for Scorpio.

As the Moon waxes towards a full Moon in Aries on the 23rd we need to take into consideration that Aries is ruled by Mars which used to rule Scorpio. So, whatever is in motion for those born under the signs of Scorpio starts to show itself on the 14th but could reach a massive volcano eruption by the 23rd if the issues surrounding this new energy are not dealt with by then.

Earthquake, volcano, hurricanes and other imbalances in nature could take center stage from September 14th to 23rd. With a Neptune/Chiron conjunction taking place in the sign of Aquarius we could have in increase in UFO activity from the 14th to the 23rd and a spiritual awakening of some massive proportion in humanity with large numbers of people. This involves technology. I’m feeling it could be UFO related or a huge endeavor by artists such as musicians to benefit others. Maybe a combination of both.

The affirmation for the first half of this mother is: I BELIEVE IN THE ROMANCE OF THE UNIVERSE. THE MORE INTIMATE I AM THE MORE IMPOWERD I FEEL.

The Sun moves into the peaceful sign of Libra on September 22nd at 11:09PM and the Fall Equinox begins. UN International Day is on the 21st. Libra is related to the seventh house which deals with one to one relationships including marriage. It also deals with legal issues and is the house of open enemies. Think about marriages these days and you can see how some relationships end up being filled with anger and resentments. Your best friend could turn into your worst enemy if the energies of Libra are not channeled responsibly.

Those born under the sing of Libra are learning some hard lessons regarding relationships as Saturn is in Libra in the beginning degrees and will remain in Libra for the next 2 years or so. Saturn is asking Libra to face up to its responsibilities. Libra is the worst sign for taking sides and making up its mind about who they want to please. They think they can please everyone and this is impossible since their are only so many hours in a day.

The full Moon falls in the sign of Aries at zero degrees at 5:17AM. Aries is the opposite sign of Libra and the Sun conjunct Saturn is opposing this full Moon. Pluto is at the center of this full Moon squaring Sun, Saturn, Moon, Uranus and Jupiter. Talk about trying to get along with each other. My God.

Issues surrounding relationships was for those born under the sign of Virgo for the first half of this month now its Libra. Also, those born under the sign of Cancer are caught in a stress crab net since this full Moon chart has a Cancer signature.

This is a time for the signs of Libra, Cancer, Aries and Capricorn to take it easy. Acceptance of what is happening around you is vital. Don’t let others thoughts and feelings influence you to the point where you are not balanced. Let go and live your life with confidence. Don’t let your partner tear you down.

Tensions in world events such as war (Aries) will be evident during this full Moon t-square but a spiritual awakening could delay or offset this stressful event from the exact conjunction with Chiron/Neptune. It could be UFO activity or some religious miracle that no one can explain.

So two energies end this month with a lot of whistles and bells. Intense tension in relationships. How the laws of the land interpret or define them and a huge spiritual event that takes everyone by surprise.


Next month I will talk about Mercury in Libra, new Moon in Libra, Venus turns retrograde, Mercury in Scorpio, full Moon in Aries and Mars moves into Sagittarius. Until then may you find peace in your relationships and may the miracles of God manifest to turn everyone inward where there is peace and grace. Namaste.

Lou Valentino has been giving astrological consultations for over 20 years. He has read 100’s of charts. For a consultation appointment call Lou at 860-664-9247. Also, visit yogavisionaris.com for FREE monthly updates.

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