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Excerpt from "2012: The Year of the Changes"

Prophecies About the United States

by Fabio R. Araujo


“Do you remember the 1929 crisis? A century later, it will come again. And it will be much worse, because it won’t be only an economic crisis.”

German spiritualistic prophecy (1952)

Never before in the history of our planet have a U.S. President and a Russian leader, both living contemporaneously, been so much predicted in prophecies. Even more, no American man has been more predicted than Barack Obama. If there are prophecies about

Obama, are they authentic?

Although many people do not believe in prophecies, premonition (the ability to know of future events usually related to the life of the seer before they occur) is the most common of all parapsychological phenomena.

Chapter 1

The human mind sometimes works in mysterious ways. For example, when a writer seeks inspiration to write a story, his or her first thoughts usually focus on what to write about. These thoughts may often produce an idea and, from time to time, even a premonition, especially if the story concerns the future and the writer is trying to imagine what the future will be so that he may write about it. At the time of composition, nobody, not even the

writer, may realize that when the story is finished, it may someday leave the world of fancy and coincide with reality. Instead of high imagination, it may unknowingly expose the truth of years later, when a real-life experience unfolds that closely resembles the tale of the author’s imaginings. Thus, the story has in fact profoundly expanded into a special prophecy that has come to life from the mind of an author who put it on paper to be published. Morgan Robertson (1861-1915) was an author who wrote about the shipwreck of an ocean liner, the Titan, in a book called Futility, which was published in 1898, fourteen years before the Titanic tragedy. Although Robertson’s scenario was written long

before the Titanic was even launched, it bears many similarities that closely relate to the great ship’s catastrophe in 1912. Both ships, the Titan and the Titanic, collided with an

iceberg at night in April. Both ships, considered wonders of science, had too few lifeboats, and more than 1,000 people died in each. The Titan was 800 feet long and the Titanic 882.5 feet. The Titan had 40,000 horsepower and the Titanic 46,000. Speeds at impact were 25 knots in the fictional version and 22.5 knots in the real-life tragedy. Lifeboats totaled 24 in fiction and 20 in reality. Both ships had 3 propellers, 2 masts, and a capacity of 3,000 passengers, and both accidents occurred near midnight after na impact on the starboard side. Robertson brought us even nearer to his prophetic powers when he later published a book (1914) that included a short story called “Beyond the Spectrum,” which was about a future war between the United States and Japan and had some similarities

with the events that happened in the 1940s during World War II.

In Journey from the Earth to the Moon, published in 1863, Jules Verne wrote that the U.S. would launch the first moondestined vehicle from Earth, carrying three crewmembers on their historic flight from Florida. He wrote that the crew would return to Earth and splash down into the Pacific Ocean, just as Apollo 11 did in 1969. Other similarities are also found in the book. Verne also wrote a book in 1863 about Paris in 1960. But the publisher decided not to publish it because it was tôo unbelievable. The original manuscript was discovered by Verne’s great-grandson in 1989 and published in 1994 in French. Many of

Verne’s predictions have been proved accurate or similar to reality. He predicted fax machines, electronic calculators, automobiles and saw an elaborate subway system in Paris.

Another case involves a 1926 prophecy published in a Brazilian book (as far as I know never published in the U.S.) titled The Black President, also called The Clash of Races. The author of the book predicted a black U.S. president in a year containing twos and an eight when the U.S. population would total 300 million. Furthermore, the author wrote that “people will not go to the office everyday in a streetcar; they will work at home and will radiate the job done to the office.” This seems to be a fulfilled prophecy about telecommuting and use of the Internet. Today, Internet information can be sent remotely through radio waves (i.e.

radiated.) The Black President, subtitled The American Roman, was written in Portuguese by a Brazilian author named Monteiro Lobato, a well-known contemporary writer in Brazil who unsuccessfully tried to publish this work in the U.S. It was published in Brazil and republished there many times, most recently by a large publishing house in March 2008 when Barack Obama was running for election.

Part of the book reveals a future U.S. election through a science-fiction machine. A character in the book named Jane looks into this machine, which we will translate as the “futuroscope,” where she can see the future. What did Jane see in the futuroscope? She saw Jim Roy, a black man, attempting to become the U.S. president in a distant year, 2228, when medicine would be highly advanced, doubles of human beings created as clones was becoming possible, and people could have their naturally curly hair straightened. According to the book, Jim Roy would be running for election against a white woman and a white man. The winner would be Jim Roy. At the time of Roy’s victory, the U.S. population had reached 314 million. The U.S. population will probably reach 314 million with Obama in office before or around 2012.

Chapter 2

Since the second half of 2008 and especially after Barack Obama became president, the top newspapers in the United States have almost daily published articles comparing him to former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Newspapers and magazines worldwide

have also published articles comparing these two American presidents.

MSnbc (a news website). “How Does Obama compare to FDR? Just Ask Kitty” by Kitty Schindler, January 30, 2009. The author was 9 years old when Franklin Delano Roosevelt took office in March 1933. She even says “some accused Roosevelt of bringing socialism, just as some are saying the same about Obama today”.

The prophecy comparing Barack Obama with Roosevelt follows below. The medium P. Veragli was trying to communicate to the spirit of B. Mussolini and, according to him, he managed to contact him in 1946.

The prophecy:

Question. Is Italy going into a time of well-being or crisis?

Answer. You will have a period of well-being. But it will be a fatuous fire.15 The rhythms repeat themselves. The autarky system will become a system of mass consumption, and from mass

consumption, you will return to autarky… The consumption economy will end miserably. A serious economic crisis will reach Italy shortly before the conflict.

Question. Is a Russian–American war inevitable?

Answer. It is a mandatory passage to reach the times of tranquility. After this tremendous catastrophe, the times will be purified. Few men will survive. And these men will establish

the basis of a new life. Everything will become as it was in the beginning.

Question. When will this event happen?

Answer. Be ready for the big test the moment a man who recalls President [Franklin Delano] Roosevelt will enter the White House…There will be a crisis that will affect the whole


Chapter 8

A translation of the almanac for 1559 (originally published in Lyon, France, in 1558)

printed in London on the 20th of February 1559... In this book, we will also find an authentic quatrain by Nostradamus about a famous young black man. Could this

prophecy be about Barack Obama? I don’t feel I’m able to provide a satisfactory interpretation in the following text, so I will leave this task for you, who certainly understand English better than me. I hope you enjoy this short Nostradamian puzzle:


By the despite, mariages34, weddynge songes

By the thre, by redde partly razed.

To the yong black, the soule put agayne by the ffame

Ogminus converted to the great Neptunus.

Please note that the “young black, the soul put against by the fame by the three, by the reds partially destroyed” predicted by Nostradamus probably isn’t a pop star or a sport player. He is probably a leader. The “reds” could be North Korea or China, where the Communist Party still rules or even Russia. Unfortunately, no original version in French of the 1559

almanac was kept.


“Fabio de Araujo’s books are interesting to read, especially for researchers who have studied prophecies for many years. His books are always considered a valuable gain in prophecy circles. This is also true for his new book, 2012: The Year of the Changes. He not only presents the prophecies but he discusses their authenticity and credibility in a fair and professional

manner. In my opinion, this book is well worth reading and I highly recommend it.”

- Leo DeGard, German top expert in prophecies and author of Armageddon and Wer plant den 3. Weltkrieg? He is currently writing his third book on prophecies.

“While many prophecy books tend to be vague and ramble on about what the future holds without any solid evidence to back up claims, this book stands apart. Why? Because the author is a historian and wraps all the discussed prophecies tightly into historical events.”

- Holly Connors, Feathered Quill Review

"This is an exciting book. The author discusses propheciers with details of Barack Obama's rise and Vladimir Putin’s rise to power and his presidency. He discusses many other prophecies, some known, many unknown, that bear on the coming of the Messiah, global warming, World War III--and much more. A startling, absorbing, even an important, read."

- John Chambers, author, Victor Hugo's Conversations with the Spirit World, The Secret Life of Genius.

Fabio, R. Araujo, Historian, the author has been researching prophecies for 20 years. He has books published in the US, Germany and Brazil. Purchase Info: $14.90 (paperback), found in Amazon, Barnes & Noble and a few bookstores

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