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Excerpt from "Chakra Awakening: Transform Your Reality Using Crystals, Color..."

Gem Spot Affirmations: Chakra Awakening

by Margaret Ann Lembo

The use of color, crystals and positive affirmations are powerful tools for bringing balance into our lives. We have the 7 colors of the rainbow and the many shades and variations in between to work with. Color is a vital part of our body, mind and spirit. According to eastern philosophies, we have chakras within our energy field which are spinning wheels of light. These energy centers are responsible for regulating the functions of many levels of our being. Each chakra has a color associated with it. There are seven main chakras.

It’s empowering to use colors and gemstones with a positive affirmation. Here is list of affirmations for each color, chakra and gemstone for your use in daily life.

The first chakra is the Root Chakra. Its basic color is red. A gemstone for the root is garnet. The Gem Spot Affirmation is: “I live life fully and completely. My passion for life fills me with joy and enthusiasm. I am strong and healthy. I take action and move forward. I am safe, secure and grounded.”

The second chakra is the Navel or Sacral Chakra. A gemstone for the navel is carnelian. The Gem Spot Affirmation is “My imagination is active conjuring up creative ideas as I play and relax. I embrace fun times and trust in the relaxed flow of the day. When I relax great ideas jump into my consciousness!”

The third chakra is the Solar Plexus. A gemstone for the solar plexus is citrine. The Gem Spot Affirmation is "I am powerful beyond belief. My magnificence shines through for all to see. It is safe for me to be powerful in loving ways! I have the courage to be all that I can be."

The fourth chakra is the Heart Center. Gemstones for the heart are green aventurine or rose quartz. The Gem Spot Affirmation is “Compassion, kindness and love are mine. I am tolerant of the differences between my beliefs and the beliefs of others. I am nurturing and accept nurturing from others.”

The fifth chakra is the Throat Center. A stone for the throat center is aquamarine The Gem Spot Affirmation is “I am impeccable with my word. My words are spoken with love and kindness."

The sixth chakra is the Third Eye Center. A stone for the third eye is lapis lazuli. The Gem Spot Affirmation is “I am focused. I follow my intuition. It is easy for me to meditate. I receive messages all the time and follow my internal guidance system.”

The seventh chakra is the Crown Chakra. Some gemstones for the crown chakra are selenite, amethyst, and clear quartz. The Gem Spot Affirmation is "My intuition is strong. I trust the signs and messages the Universe sends me to guide me easily through life.”

Making conscious connection with the chakras with the intention of balancing and aligning them with each other provides an avenue for balancing various aspects of your life. It is beneficial to meditate on each of the chakras using visualization to spin off what you no longer need and replace that with goodness, love and well-being. Using guided meditation CDs and place gemstones on each of these chakras will bring peace and balance to your life.

Margaret Ann Lembo is the author of Chakra Awakening: Transform Your Reality Using Crystals, Color, Aromatherapy and the Power of Positive Thought. Llewellyn Worldwide. She is also the owner anad founder of The Crystal Garden in Boynton Beach, FL Connect with Margaret Ann on her blog on www.MargaretAnnLembo.com , her radio show on www.blogtalkradio.com/artoflivingwell or on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/MargaretAnnLemboPage

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