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Excerpt from "Change Your Conversation, Change Your Life"

Who You Really Are

by Malinda Dowsett and Lani Barna

We all have a story. Some of us tell the same story over and over again, and some of us continually evolve our story of what is to come. These stories, crafted over many years, make up every conversation we have.

Changing your conversation is the fastest and most effective way to create the life you want, because every story you tell about your life is the law of attraction at work. Deliberately changing your conversation – the way you talk about your life – from the big, big things to the little, little things -- changes the vibration you hold yourself to and every experience you attract into your life. Change Your Conversation, change your vibration, and you change your life.

It begins by knowing who you are.

All of us have heard of the law of attraction throughout our lives. This concept, we assure you, is nothing new. All the great wisdom traditions speak of it. Here are a few of the ways you describe it:

"What goes around comes around."

"Birds of a feather flock together."

"What you put out you get back."

"What you sow you shall reap."

"Misery loves company."

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

The law of attraction is a fundamental nature of reality. It is observable and predictable and, as you can see from the quotes above, we actually talk about it all the time. You can very quickly tell how the law of attraction is working in your life by listening in on the conversations you have with yourself and others. Notice the words you use. Visualize the ideas you share. How do they feel? Your conversations are physical manifestation of the thoughts you allow your attention to rest on. And the vibration you hold yourself to is how those thoughts make you feel.

Conversations that are full of angry, jealous, indignant, righteous, or hurtful thoughts have a distinct feeling -- they feel heavy and burdensome: a low, dull vibration. Conversations filled with inspired, loving, grateful, kind, and compassionate thoughts feel lighter: they have an expansive feeling, a higher vibration. The way your conversations make you feel is an authentic indicator of what you are creating, and allowing, to flow your way.

Your attention (what you think about) and your intention (what you believe) are what bring the law of attraction to life. But before you can understand how it works, you have to know who you are. To truly understand how we create our lives, we need to go back to school and take a look at four parts of us we cannot see.

Where do they come from? What do they do?

Every thought has a feeling.

Inner Guidance
The other person you talk to when no one else is in the room.

How to know which choice best serves you.

Thoughts, Feelings, Inner Guidance, and Choice are the ground floor of every decision, event, experience, situation, circumstance, and person in your life. They are an internal framework so subtle that unless given good information, we cannot possibly know they exist.

Thoughts, Feelings, Inner Guidance, and Choice are the innate potential that lies dormant within each of us to manage thought. They are a subprogram, so to speak, in the background of your mind that connects you with you. They are how of the law of attraction works -- how to move any aspect of your life past what is and toward what you want it to be.

Every time you are able to step back and observe your thoughts, every time you pause, look at, and decide to direct your thoughts, you are in control of that aspect of your life. Every time you choose because of you, you build you up, and when you build you up, that feeling feels SO GOOD that you will never, ever give away that feeling – the feeling of YOU -- again. Rumi calls it “a river of joy.”

YOU, who is underneath all the drama and major issues in your life. YOU, who is underneath the old beliefs and mistaken ideas that you have about yourself and others. YOU, who is a treasure of enormous strength and gratitude for all the life experiences that once caused you pain. YOU, who can open up a huge amount of space in your life for the things you truly want and believe in. This is the beginning of every path of true peace, joy, and happiness -- self-knowledge – knowing who YOU really are.

You are physical and non-physical at the same time.

Science tells us something very different today about what it means to be human. There is more to us than we have been led to believe. It is time to openly talk about the huge disparity between how we appear and how we really are.

Quantum physics tells us that all matter -- you, me, everything -- exists on two planes simultaneously. We are physical and non-physical at the same time. The physical plane is everything we perceive with our five senses: hearing, taste, touch, smell and sight. The non-physical is a field of energy and the basic building block of everything we observe and call physical. EVERYTHING is energy.

This non-physical side of you has been called many things throughout the ages:








Inner Wisdom

Inner Guide

Each of these words is talking about the same thing – intelligent energy, pure positive energy, the non-physical side of you.

Did you know that every cell in your body emits 1.14 volts of electricity? Multiply that by 52 trillion cells, and you can easily see we are walking, talking, energy beings and our thoughts are how we focus our non-physical energy – the power behind our thoughts -- into the physical world.

Think of a thought as a magnifying glass, or an interface between the seen and unseen. Quantum physics tells us that whatever we give our attention to, whatever we observe, whatever we focus on snaps into existence and becomes our reality, or experience. It is called the Copenhagen interpretation, or collapse of the wave function -- the concept that everything in the subatomic world exists as a probability, and that measurement (our attention) plays an ineradicable role (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copenhagen_interpretation).

What this means is that there is a dynamic connection between our thoughts and life around us, which is always in play. It doesn’t matter whether we are thinking negative thoughts or positive thoughts, limiting thoughts or unlimited thoughts, degrading thoughts or uplifting thoughts; we are always crafting our world around us. Our attention is what brings thought to life.

Think of the non-physical you as part of an immense field of energy, which everything rises from. Not only do we arise from it, but we are directly connected to it. This field of energy is like a huge copying machine and your thoughts are the switch. The more intense a thought, the more energy you put into the field to connect with. No matter what you think about – from the big, big things to the little, little things – what you are always thinking about will manifest over time. What we think about always becomes our reality. Becoming aware of what you think about is the first step in knowing why you function as you do.

Title: “Change Your Conversation, Change Your Life”


Meet two inspiring women, Malinda Dowsett and Lani Barna, creators of Change Your Conversation. These two women have risen from humble beginnings to teaching people all over the world how to move their lives in the direction they really want to go, using a tool we already use every day … our conversation. Today, they guide and inspire thousands to enrich and empower their lives, as they will inspire you.

Change Your Conversation, Change Your Life can be purchased through the following venues:





Format: 6 x 9 paperback cream

ISBN: 978-0-578-08684-2

Cover Price: $12.95

Trade Discount: 25%

Also available: 6 x 9 hardback w/ jacket

ISBN: 978-0-578-08700-9

Cover Price: $24.95

Trade Discount: 25%

Also Available: Ebook Edition

Pages: 132

Category: SELF-HELP / Motivational & Inspirational

Available at: www.changeyourconversation.com

Distributed via: Ingram, Baker & Taylor

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