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Excerpt from "Synchronicity and the Other Side"

From Chapter 1: Synchronicity and Beyond

by Trish MacGregor and Rob MacGregor

Contact with the other side, the afterlife—imagined or real—often catches you by surprise. It occurs in many different ways, and frequently involves a synchronicity or meaningful coincidence. It can manifest as a voice, a scent, a type of food, a song, a name heard over and over, art, books, animals, clusters of objects or numbers. It can come through a dream, meditation, vision, through a person with mediumistic abilities, or in your everyday life. It occurs during times of crisis and transition, but also during times when your life is humming along at a perfect pitch. Luminaries have experienced it—Carl Jung, Charles Lindberg, Abraham Lincoln, Mark Twain—as well as people from other walks of life. The essence of spirit contact is overwhelmingly one of benevolence that provides comfort and warning, confirmation, hope, and healing.

Contact occurs most frequently with loved ones who have recently passed on. Sometimes, you may actually glimpse the person you remember or you may hear the individual’s voice. But more often than not, the contact is symbolic. Let’s say you’ve been thinking about your mother, who passed away several years ago. You’re wondering where she is, what she’s doing, who she’s with. Or did she simply disappear into oblivion when she died? As if in response to your musings, you suddenly discover one of her best recipes scribbled in her handwriting in a cookbook. Or you smell the scent of her perfume around your home.

Skeptics would dismiss such experiences as mere coincidence, random, meaningless. This kind of experience, however, is a perfect example of how synchronicity and spirit contact work in conjunction with each other. In fact, the most powerful instances of spirit contact usually involve synchronicity.

If you’re skeptical about life after death, about spirit contact through dreams or any other means, or even about the importance of dreams generally, it’s smart to begin this journey by taking inventory of your own beliefs. Check the statements that apply to you:

· I believe in life after death.

· I believe that dreams convey all kinds of information.

· I have experienced after-death communication through dreams and/or other methods.

· I had a near-death experience.

· I believe in meaningful coincidence—synchronicity.

· I read the signs and symbols in my environment for guidance, direction, insights.

· My spiritual beliefs don’t follow any traditional religion.

· I am intuitive or psychic.

· I have had precognitive dreams or premonitions.

· I have received verifiable information through a dream visitation.

· I keep a dream journal and have good recall of my dreams.

· I remember some of my past lives.

· I have undergone a past-life regression.

· I have had a reading with a medium or psychic.

· I believe that we are more than our physical bodies.

· I feel comfortable talking about my beliefs with others.

· I’ve had an experience with a haunted house.

· I meditate regularly.

· I am open to all kinds of paranormal experiences.

· I consider myself to be a seeker.

If you checked:

15–20: You’re a natural for spirit communication. You probably have your own techniques for communicating with spirits and accurately interpret the synchronicities you experience. Your intuition is powerful.

10–15: Your experiences with spirit communication occur when you need confirmation or verification. By nurturing your intuition, developing it, your experiences will become more frequent.

5–10: You experience synchronicity and spirit communication from time to time. You may be held back by fear. But fear of what? Look under the section of this chapter called “The Modus Operandi of Spirit Contact” for thoughts on dealing with fears related to spirit contact.

0–5: You rarely experience synchronicity. Possibly, you’ve had little or no interest in the subject. But you’ve picked up the book. Something within you has changed. Start researching synchronicity. The more you become aware of it, the more frequently you’ll experience it. Start meditating. The practice primes you for spirit communication.

Trish MacGregor and Rob MacGregor (Wellington, FL) have been professional writers for twenty-five years. One synchronicity after another led to their many nonfiction books on dreams, psychic development, astrology, yoga, the tarot, divination, and animal symbolism. In 2003, they took over the writing of the popular Sydney Omarr astrology series. The acclaimed, award-winning author team has appeared on the Learning Channel, the History Channel, and SyFy: in April 2009, Rob was filmed for The History Channel’s UFO series.

Rob also wrote Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and six other original Indiana Jones novels, which have sold millions of copies. He won the coveted Edgar Award for Prophecy Rock, a YA mystery, and its sequel, Hawk Moon, was an Edgar finalist. Trish, writing as T.J. MacGregor, won the Edgar in 2003 for best original paperback, for Out of Sight. Her books have been translated into thirteen languages.

For more information, please contact Bethany Carland-Adams at 508/427-6726 or


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