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Excerpt from "Beyond Angels"

Grace Cascading

by Gaile Walker

There is a steadfast satellite of love in the universe. From an

impulse to experience itself, Transcendence brought into

existence a hierarchical structure which would light the pathway

towards it for everyone. In the outward breath of the

Transcendent Creator were the impulses needed to realize a

wonderful dream, the seeds for a hierarchical structure that has

come and gone, as an element of previous creations, and will

come and go again. Between creation – activity and expansion,

and dissolution, inactivity and contraction – the memory of the

structure is retained waiting to be reinvigorated. The creation of

diversity fuelled by wisdom, love, compassion and a conscious

desire for joyful experience. All the Avatars, teachers and

celestial helpers were visible to humanity at the beginning of

creation and could be again at the end of this cycle of experience.

In the form of light I see this created hierarchy surrounded by a

river with a bridge linking them to the rest of humanity. In this

lifetime an Avatar, incarnated into the physical form of Mother

Divine, told me that the bridge I have seen is “the bridge of

love”. The purpose is for all individuals to have an opportunity

to grow in awareness and merge their individual consciousness

with Transcendence. In achieving this they will consciously

inhabit their finest physical body of pure light and enjoy

and express their own special talents. It is thanks to the

Avatars, teachers and helpers that Grace cascades into the

world. Without this there would be stagnation and little

spiritual progress. Grace and wisdom cascade down the

structure via two routes: systematic Transcendent teachings, and

the compassionate response to suffering bestowed on humanity

by the Avatar.

Woven into the individuality of the spiritual hierarchy are

their roles and spiritual wisdom. Between the Avatars and the

bridge are the teachers: recluse and householder. Next come the

celestial helpers whose position between the teachers and

proximity to the rest of the population is significant. They stand

by the bridge as a link, encouraging the rest of humanity to move

towards Transcendence and salvation. This is a paradise that

none had to leave. We, every one of us, are Transcendence in our

quintessential nature. At the beginning of creation all humanity

had to do was to take a short walk across the bridge, towards the

integration of Transcendence which is enlightenment. They could

have enjoyed its fulfillment and from there merged totally into

the goal of Nirvikalpa Samadhi, life in its totality of endless

ecstasy: a life so complete that none would wish to leave other

than to help others also realize their own infinite nature.

Living in the first light-body humanity was graced with

the capability of bringing into being physical form from

thought. Life was lived in an arena of instant gratification,

created from desire through the mind. In this way the world

was formed. But individuals were enticed by it. Instead of

walking towards enlightenment humankind turned away,

entranced and immersed in density. So good was everything at

the beginning of creation it was difficult to believe that greater

peace and happiness was possible and there was little impetus to

become Self-realized. As Buddha1 in Thomas Byrom’s translation


Few cross over the river.

Most are stranded on this side.

On the riverbank they run up and down.

But the wise man, following the way,

Crosses over, beyond the reach of death.

Humanity became attracted to its creations and eventually

distracted by them. Distraction became clutching, then

attachment and identification. It was overshadowed by its

fascination with the world, to the point where awareness

of its Transcendence was lost. Humankind became identified

instead with the form it had created. Into this arena of

physical reactive light, emanating from Divine Transcendence

but jointly formed, it sank. The possibility of Transcendence

was forgotten. So dense was the creation that individual

human existence could only appear in the world through a

material evolution from mineral to vegetable to animal towards

the raised evolutionary form of human. Becoming human was

due to the special God-given individual spark, finally finding

through the evolution of matter its physical expression in the

world. Choice and being conscious of making choices reflects

evolution. It came from the development of mind, but with

choice came the abandonment of instinct and the gaining of


Gaile Walker: The author’s inner search for a relationship with the Divine began at the age of 14 and took flight when she was 18. With 40 years' practice of transcendental healing and meditating she has been experiencing enlightened states of awareness since the age of 23. She has knowledge of many different spiritual healing and meditation methods. Her greatest pleasure is to teach others about enlightenment, effective meditation techniques and spiritually helpful healing.The author has been aware of her healing ability – healing in the sense of helping others feel inwardly fulfilled and complete - since 1993. She is an Authorized Instructor of The First Degree and The Second Degree of The Radiance Technique®, Authentic Reiki®. www.radiance4realreiki.co.uk / Twitter:@GaileWalker

New title from O Books (www.o-books.net) an imprint of John Hunt Publishing Ltd

To purchase: http://www.o-books.com/books/beyond-angels

ISBN: 978-1-84694-839-8, Price: $22.95 / £12.99

EISBN: 978-1-84694-840-4, $9.99 / £6.99 ebook

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