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Excerpt from "Letters Across Time: A Journey of Enlightenment"

The Meaning of Love

by Stephen Chong M.Ed.

There were days when Monique felt that her grief would overwhelm her. There were other days when she knew that everything was as it should be and that the bond of love between her and her child, Verity, came unconditionally from her daughter’s place in Heaven.

Her life was also occupied fully with the new challenges of looking after her other child, Alfred, who had now developed to such an extent that he was able to be at home with his mother and father. He required regular check-ups at the hospital of course, but all in all, he was progressing much to the satisfaction of the doctors and his parents.

Once again, Monique had taken leave of absence from the library. Indeed, as it was a progressive organisation, the library’s board of management had instituted a policy of maternity and paternity leave a number of years earlier. So it was little trouble to arrange for an appropriate temporary replacement to fulfil Monique’s duties, allowing her in turn to comfortably take the time to rear her newborn child.

Gabriel, for his part, was already used to working unusual and flexible hours. It proved fairly easy for him to support his partner and roster relief times for Monique, particularly when her many motherhood tasks, not to mention sleep deprivation, threatened to overwhelm her. Nevertheless, it must be said that he too was often assailed by a profound grief for the loss of his beautiful daughter.

One evening, after young Alfred had been fed and bathed, then put down to sleep, Monique and Gabriel took some treasured time together to just sit by the warmth of the open fire.

‘Gabriel,’ said Monique, do you remember when we first met, after my father’s death? You said that the feelings of loss, sadness, anger and denial are all a part of the grieving process? And that all of these feelings are of great poignancy? Do you remember those words?

‘Yes my love, I do.

‘So then, after the loss of our daughter, how do you feel about what has happened?’

At this profound question, Gabriel closed his eyes for some time before responding.

‘Deep in my heart, I feel a great grief, a grief that I think will be with me for the rest of my days. Yet, I do not find this grief to be debilitating.’

‘Tell me more,’ said Monique.

‘What grows inside of me now is a great meaning of love.’

‘But what is that — a meaning of love?

‘Well, love is the only way to grasp another human being in the innermost core of our being. It is the only way to be fully present and totally aware of the other being. My love for Verity gives me a meaning to love – a love that knows no limits and no boundaries. Through this love, I am becoming more aware of what I can become, and what I should become – what is yet to be realized. Maybe, this was the purpose of her short life with us – for us to realize our own potentialities.’

‘Yes, I too feel a great void in the core of my being, but maybe void is not the right word … it is more like a, like a …’ as she struggled for the best word. ‘It is more like a ‘well’ … yes a well. But it is a well that is forever full of water, it can never be depleted and as I drink from the well, it is immediately replenished to the full again.’

‘Hmm, my love, you are beginning to sound more like a philosopher than the ever-practical soul that I know and love.’

‘Okay, so what now? Where do we go from here?

‘Hah, always back to the practical.’

‘Yes, well, we do need to plan our way forward. To make ends meet, as well as fulfil our potential.’

‘Alright,’ replied Gabriel, ‘I know that my pathway has three singular roads that must be travelled. I will traverse the road that supports the youth of our pond through the proper use of the Trust. This is a vital community undertaking, which I will fulfil. The second road is my commitment to our child. He deserves the very best efforts that a father can provide. This is a task I will undertake without wavering. The third is my devotion and love for you. I will never take you for granted, I will always respect you and together we will realize more than we ever could if we were alone.’

At these words, Monique went over to her life partner and embraced him – the profundity of the embrace spoke more to him than a thousand words ever could.

Stephen Chong M.Ed. is a highly sought after personal development coach, keynote speaker and author. Over the past 25 years he has provided guidance and motivation to countless people through his inspirational messages and ability to bring the best out in people. Stephen is a gifted ‘story-teller’ and his wise observations of modern work and personal life will give you insight how to realise your highest potential through a rich and fulfilling life.

“Stephen helps you see through the clutter to what’s real and important.”

Tony Black - Partner, Black & More

Trade ordering details: http://www.o-books.com/distributor-list.html?i=1

Via author website: www.stephenchong.com.au

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00D3WW4EW

£12.99/$22.95 $US

Paperback: 231pp

Spiritual/Body, Mind & Spirit/Philosophy/Inspiration

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