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The Bliss Mistress Guide: My Favorite Things!

by Edie Weinstein

Not about to break into song at the moment, reminiscent of Julie Andrews and theatrical step children in pj’s warding off a thunderstorm. Rather, I want to share with you a story I heard recently at an interfaith community with which I have been involved since 2001. It’s called Circle of Miracles and is based in bucolic Bucks County, PA. Each week, at the Sunday service, someone reads what we call Spiritual Seeds. This one was written by the daughter of our minister Rev. Hannelore Goodwin and is a tribute to a four legged family member who recently crossed The Rainbow Bridge. I reprint it with Teri’s permission. Catch you on the other side of it….

Hunny the Pit-Bunny

By Teri Goggin-Roberts

“For the past 12 years, we’ve had the pleasure of a “Pit-Bunny” living in our house. Technically, this Pit-Bunny was a Boxer/Pit-bull mix dog but since Hunny was such a gentle soul, we dubbed her a “Pit-Bunny”. Hunny’s sweet nature mixed with deep loyalty and a touch of goofiness made for a remarkable dog.

One of the most precious gifts Hunny gave us was her ability to rejoice in the moment. She was practically a Zen-Master, living in the now, and now, and now. Whether it was sleeping, playing, pulling kids on rollerblades or lying in the sun – Hunny radiated contentment.

“Go for a walk?” That’s my favorite thing!

“Go for a ride?” That’s my favorite thing!

“Time to eat?” That’s my favorite thing!

“Giving kisses?” That’s my favorite thing!

“Time for bed?” That’s my favorite thing!

Whatever came Hunny’s way, she celebrated, accepted and was content.

What would life look like if we took on that point of view?

“Time for work?” That’s my favorite thing!

“Time to eat lunch?” That’s my favorite thing!

“Time to run errands?” That’s my favorite thing!

Now, you could argue that Hunny’s life was something to be excited about. After all, Hunny was a “R.L.D.” (Ridiculously Loved Dog) – who wouldn’t be happy?

But when you look closer, Hunny chose happiness. If we were gone for long periods – she didn’t get angry. She wagged her tail and did antelope jumps around the room when we came home.

When Neil, our mailman, decided to make friends with Hunny (despite her love of barking at him), Hunny allowed Neil to pet her – then barked when he walked away. Everyone was happy.

When it was time to go to the vets – Hunny didn’t snap, she bowed her head in acceptance and endured even IV fluids at home toward the end. She allowed life to flow unquestioned.

There is a beautiful quote from A Course in Miracles;

“Seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world. What you see reflects your thinking.”

Last week, we lost our beloved Hunny. To honor her memory, I will remember her teachings and take on looking at the world through the eyes of a Pit-Bunny. After all, it’s my favorite thing!!”

In my life, I few ‘have to’s’ and many ‘get to’s’. I guess those would fall into the category of my favorite things. Why limit yourself to one?

Paying bills? That’s my favorite thing! (that means that my creditors trust me with using the services they offer before I send them money)

Doing laundry? That’s my favorite thing! (that means that I have beautiful clothes and linens that need washing)

Engaging in a new cardiac med regimen and eating a low sodium and low cholesterol diet? That’s my favorite thing! (that means I will be sticking around this side of the veil a bit longer)

Oh and the naturals such as time with family and friends, being in nature, dancing, drumming, dreaming, writing, hugging, laughing, singing, reading, meditating, talking to God….THOSE are each my favorite things!

Meeting article deadlines? That’s my favorite thing! (that means that you will have the opportunity to read this and decide what your favorite things are)

Ok, now it’s time to sing “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…”

Edie Weinstein, MSW, LSW is a Renaissance Woman who delights in writing, speaking, sharing ideas in the form of articles, presentations, workshops, ministry, and hosting a radio show called It’s All About Relationships. Recently, she had a heart opening experience that has her re-defining her life and slowing down to smell the roses and other assorted flora. www.liveinjoy.org www.vividlife.me

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