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Excerpt from "God Within: The Day God’s Train Stopped"

What Is God?

by Patti Conklin

God Is not a being sitting on golden throne, saying, “Well, only twelve people prayed for you, and fifteen people prayed for someone else, so I’m going to let you die.” Nor is God waiting with fire and brimstone, ready to dole out punishment. God and the Other Side, like all things, carry only the meaning that we give them. It is what it is. Period.

God is nothing and He is everything.

Mankind has a tendency to separate this world, including the afterworld, into us and them. There is no separation, however. When we die, we are exactly the same. We are in different energy forms

when we lose our cellular structures, our bodies, but we remain right here.

Some people say they talk to the dead, and relay messages from dead people to their grieving relatives. They read the vibrational signature of the person who has transitioned, and do an awful lot of creative interpretation. They say what they think the person might be saying.

They might say, “It’s your cousin Bob, and he’s very angry,” or, “Your mother is happy.” Yet human emotion does The Other Side is a state of complete serenity. No anger, resentment, or jealousy resides there, nor does any joy, laughter, or pleasure. These are human emotions that have no bearing on the Other Side. How can a soul be angry, or happy? That is pure judgment.

The Other Side is here, but most of us don’t see the vibrations of souls who have transitioned. We use religion, the paranormal, and the phenomena as ways to make ourselves feel special. Serenity exists on the Other Side . . . a thousand times more profound than anything you’ll ever experience in human form.

Throughout my lifetime, during times of severe personal unrest, I’ve always taken a pillow and blanket and gone into the deepest, darkest closet in my home . . . not because I’m depressed, but because in absolute blackness, I can see my own light inside of me, and truly understand that God is within me.

The Creator is not some untouchable, unreachable object. He is a part of you, in you, existing inside of you!

I worked with a man in his mid-thirties named David. He had appendicitis, and his appendix had burst before it could be removed. It was also cancerous, and the cancer had spread throughout his abdomen.

David and his wife, Marie, were both executives, and had been married ten years. They’d put off having babies in order to travel the world extensively. Marie had become pregnant just months before David developed appendicitis.

His belly grew even as his wife’s belly grew with their baby, for as the cancer spread throughout his abdomen, it grew more and more swollen. In time, it split open.

Marie was frantic for a cure, and they went to Mexico and Germany for help. The baby was born, and David kept getting worse. That’s when he contacted me.

We did a Cellular Cleansing, and when we reached his age eight, it was clear that his soul had a contract, that it was to be released from the human form at age thirty-eight.

David decided to rewrite his contract, and I watched as he changed the age of his death to seventy-four. However, when I asked him to verbally read his contract back to me, he said the age of his transition would be thirty-eight.

At that point, I knew his soul was going to go. As gently as I could, I posed the question, “Why are you still around?”

“For Marie and the baby. She’ll be so devastated if I die.”

We discussed the pros and cons of being true to himself, and being true to his wife. We rationally looked at the trauma that she, and the rest of their families, would endure if he indeed spoke to them of how he truly felt.

Ultimately, after much discussion, he made a decision: he would tell her that he wanted to go.

We told her together. It devastated her, and she cried hysterically. I could only imagine the pain that conversation had caused as she left the room.

Marie returned a few hours later, having been able to accept David’s decision. She had been the one searching for and researching cures. She had made all the trip plans. She had initiated all the desperate measures they’d attempted.

Now, she truly understood that he was not participating in his own healing. He was going through the motions to pacify her.

One night near the end, Marie called and asked me to come be with David the next day. He got on the phone with me and was clearly delusional. When Marie got back on the phone, I said I would come down first thing.

The next morning, as I ate breakfast with my sons, Father quietly spoke to me. “You told my son David that you would be with him when he crossed. He is now ready to come home.”

I was a hundred miles away, so I said to me boys, “I have to leave my body for a little while. I’ll be back in fifteen minutes or so. Everything is okay. I just need to help this man transition.”

While I don’t speak a lot of my sons in this book, I’d like to note that they have been incredible young men. While living with me was indeed different than what their friends experienced, they never judged me, or questioned the length of time I was gone from them throughout the years, as I assisted other people. My leaving my body to go assist a soul crossing was just another normal day for them.

I left my body and went to David, and helped his soul leave his body and transition to the Other Side. David and Marie had just become Christians, and had little understanding of the belief, but they had a wonderful Minister who’d helped prepare them for this challenging transition.

As I arrived in soul form, I could see David’s grandparents had come for him, as had Jesus. I helped David by connecting

my vibrational essence to his soul, and assisted him with the final release of the physical form, and then I returned to my body, back in my house in Hartwell.

As soon as I popped back into my body, my telephone rang. Marie said, “It’s David. We’re trying to do CPR. Please do something!” The anguish in her voice was devastating.

“I already did,” I said quietly. “It was time for him to go home.”

I immediately got in my car and drove the 100 miles to their home, and spent the day with Marie. She wouldn’t eat unless I helped her, and wouldn’t sleep unless I held her hand. stayed with her  throughout the day, and we talked about her need to refocus. After all, she now had a beautiful six-month-old baby boy to raise.

Patti Conklin is a world-class energy healer, and a much sought-after facilitator who has shared her experiences and changed lives at hundreds of workshops, lectures, and conferences. Her work and gifts have been referenced in many books, such as Miracles of the Casa by Josie Ravenwing, a book about John of Godin Brazil; Soul Agreements by Dick Sutphen; and Radical Remissions by Dr. Kelly Turner. She is a frequent keynote speaker at alternative healing conventions, including the annual meeting of the American Board of Hypnotherapy. She is the creator of ColorWorks, a visualization process that uses active vibration within your body to release or heal specific symptoms, emotions, or physical challenges. Even an episode of the X-Files was partially based on her life and experience.

Her book God Within, ISBN 978-1-9737907-23-5, Rainbow Ridge Books is available anywhere books are sold.

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