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The Bliss Mistress Guide: Ushering in the New Year

by Edie Weinstein

As the calendar is flipping from 2014 to 2015, I am turning an important page in my own life.  Each year around this time, I engage in a fun exercise. I consider the experiences that have occurred, the people I have welcomed into my circles, as well as the places I have visited. All of these were pure potential last year, if not yet on my radar screen. I recognize them as the results of seeds I had planted, whether consciously or unconsciously. Perhaps Iimmersed them in the soil as recently as a moment ago with a spontaneous thought, or maybe they were decades in the making. Either way, I value them immensely and carry their gifts with me each day.

Last year at this time, I spoke at a  Church in Philadelphia on the topic of Pivotal Moments. During the presentation for a group of folks who know that our thoughts are creative, I shared some experiences that in retrospect, laid the foundation for my current life. One was the appearance of shingles that showed up at Thanksgiving, 2013 and lasted in earnest for a few weeks. A year later, I am well past them, with the occasional ‘shingles tingles’ on my left forehead. Back then, I referred to them as a wakeup call that I was certain would have me making a clean sweep of beliefs and actions. Clearly, I was still sleepwalking because halfway through 2014, I would find myself in the hospital a few times for a heart attack and kidney stones. A ‘blesson,’ which is a convergence of the words blessing and lesson, is how I think of it now.In a million years, I would not have imagined my life as it these days.

In this year, I have:

Created time for rest, work and play, rather than primarily focusing on work.

Realized that I had been working myself into oblivion, with no end in sight.

Been more fully present with a full range of human emotions; not just the pretty, fluffy, rainbow lollipop version that Ithought people wanted to see.

Had a wonderful insight today when someone thanked me for something I did. I have come to realize that I rarely do anything out of obligation any more. I do things because I want to and because I can - I have the ability and resources to do it. The heart attack gave me the freedom to live whole-heartedly.

Acknowledged that in order for life to catch up to me, I needed to slow down.

Received the confirmation from a friend that I am a “Divine Distribution Center fo rBlessings.”

Reconciled myself to the reality that some relationships needed releasing with love so that I could move on.

Surrendered to what is, rather than only as I would have them be.

Opened the door to opportunities to do what I love and be well compensated for it.

Claimed my identity as an Opti-Mystic who sees the world through the eyes of possibility.

Said goodbye to workaholism.

Done forgiveness work.

Learned to say no without feeling guilty.

Accepted that some people will do what they will without any ‘by your leave’ from me.

Embraced the possibility of death in the midst of life.

Played hide and seek with my shadow, knowing that it wants to be acknowledged as well.

Stretched waaaay beyond my comfort zone in so many areas.

Kept commitments to myself that I had broken in the past.

Turned trash into treasure.

Grieved who I thought I was and embraced who I truly am.


Since the words “Iam,” are considered of ultimate importance and everything that follows them, helps shape our reality….

In the coming year, I am:

Welcoming all manner of miracles.

Calling in my Life Partner.

Traveling to Ireland.

Living vibrantly.

Healthier and stronger, slimmer and trimmer every day.

Teaching wherever I choose.

Overcoming fear of‘not enough-ness.’

Writing and successfully publishing my next book.

Interviewing Oprah and Ellen.

Celebrating life to the fullest as I open the door, cross the threshold, and usher in this shiny New Year.

Edie Weinstein, LSW is a colorfully creative journalist, inspiring speaker, interviewer, interfaith minister, licensed social worker, radio host and the author of The Bliss Mistress Guide To Transforming The Ordinary Into The Extraordinary. She refers to herself as an Opti-Mystic who sees the world through the eyes of possibility.  www.liveinjoy.org

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